Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Can you list out the Tamil movie titles that have a 'game' feel?

1. Aadu Puli Aatam
2. Sathurangam
3. Kabadi Kabadi
4. Kaadhal Sadu Gudu

Please feel free to add to this list.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Poove Poo Choodava was not Padmini's last movie. What was it then?

G. Aravindan's Vasthuhara.

Under what name is "asterix & cleopatra " being released in tamil?

Imsai Arasi Cleopatra

Monday, September 25, 2006

Which English film is being released in Tamil as 'Vidhiyin Vilaiyattu'?

Final Destination 2

X and Y are close relatives of padmini. They are popular actors too. Identify X and Y.

Shobana & Vineeth

After having paired with MGR in many films, Padmini acted as his elder sister in a film. Name the film.


Which was padmini's last film with Sivaji Ganesan

thaaikku oru thalaattu

Which was padmini's first film with Sivaji Ganesan


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Connect the lyrics of the song "jism dhamatka" sung by nusrat fateh ali khan to 'Yaakai thiri' from 'ayutha ezhuthu'.

Jism dhamatka from the album Sangam (lyricist - Javed akhtar) is unique in the fact that doesn't use any verb throughout the song. It is set in the pattern of a list pairing the 'Uvamai' and 'Uvameyam'

Vairamuthu came the closest to this in "Yaakai Thiri" - which also is set in the same pattern - Uvamai and Uvameyam. I am saying closest because the main song doesnot contain verbs, the interluding hummings has verbs. I dont know why vairamuthu let this slip through. May be he didn't realise that the pallavi and the saranam were unique.

This is my own observation: If you know of some other songs that doesnot use verbs at all, please let me know.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Why is the film 'E' called 'E'?

E is the short form for Eswaran, the lead character in the film, played by Jeeva.

Shiva was not the first Hindi film for which Ilaiyaraaja rehashed some of his 80s hits from different films. Name another such film.

Aur Ek Prem Kahani.

It had rehashed versions of "Kaatril Enthan Geetham" (Johnny), "Thumbi Vaa" (Olangal) & "Pothi Vecha Malliga Mottu" (Mann Vaasanai).

The film was Balu Mahendra's remake of his debut film Kokila (Kannada). It starred Heera (in Shobha's role), Ramesh Aravind (in Kamal Haasan's role) and Revathi.

"Thumbi Vaa" itself was a beautifully reworked version of "Sangathil Paadatha Kavidhai" (Auto Raja) for Balu Mahendra's Olangal.

I caught some glimpses of the film on TV, and it's said that it didn't have a theatrical release.

Podhumadaa sami from Majaa is the first tamil song sung by...?

Kailash Kher, whom AR Rehman calls the true indian rural voice.

His second song is in the forthcoming movie Veyyil. Wonder if he has sung any other song in tamil?

who sang "ennai enna seidhaai" from Ivan?

Sudha Raghunathan

connect - Narumugaiyae from Iruvar to the following book

narumugaiyae features various phrases from sangam literature. One of it is " Sembulam peitha neerthuli pol anbudai nenjam kalandhadhuvae"

this is a song from kurunthogai written by Sempulapeyaneerar. Vikram Chandra got the title of his novel from the english translation of the very same song.

bonus fundaes: 1.Vikram chandra also wrote th script for Mission:Kashmir
2. I think, 'Naetru vari nee yaro naan yaro' from vaazhkai padagu is also derived from the very same kurunthogai song albeit without using the same words.

This bilingual is called Jadoo in telegu. What is it in Tamil?


wonder if it qualifies for tax rebate?

The scriptwriter of Vandi Chakram made his acting debut in Rosappu Ravikaikari. Who's this?

Vinu Chakravarthy

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Connect Pothys & Dishyum.

Pothys' latest tv commercial for parambariya pattu features carnatic vocalist Sudha Raghunathan crooning the 'Nenjankootil Neeye Nirkirai' song from Dishyoom.

Mani Rathnam produced the Sarath Kumar starrer Dasarathan. Who directed the film?

Kitty, alias Raja Krishnamoorthy, the popular actor who acted in Sathya, Bombay etc.

Information courtesy: Raja Krishnamoorthy's Profile (pdf link).

The film was produced by Aalayam, a collaboration of Mani Rathnam and S. Sriram. While digging more information on the film, I stumbled upon this piece of info.

He has also directed Kattappanchayathu and Krishna. The above link doesn't mention about Katta panjayathu though, while Indian Cinema Database is mistaken about Dasarathan.

He also seems to have directed Krishna, as the profile mentions.

I was, of course, misled by Indian Cinema Database about Katta Panjayathu, which was actually directed by M. R. R. Raghu (courtesy: Prakash).

Updated on Sept. 21, 12:20 p.m.

Name the films for which Mani Rathnam donned the writer's cap for other directors.

1. Chathriyan (1990), directed by his assistant K. Subhash; was scripted by Mani Rathnam.

2. Gaayam (Telugu; 1993), directed by Ram Gopal Varma; the screenplay was by Mani Rathnam; yet another of those films that had shades of Godfather; was dubbed in Tamil as Desam.

3. Indira (1996), directed by his wife Suhasini, with whom he co-wrote the screenplay of the film.

4. Taj Mahal (1999), directed by Bharathiraja; the dialogue was by Mani Rathnam.

Name the only teleserial for which YSR has composed the music?

Panjavarnak kili produced by Vikatan televistas.

Parattai Engira Azhagu Sundaram, Raju Sundaram's directorial venture, is a remake of which Kannada flick?

Jogi...Incidentally has a song mentioning Osama in it. The song "Bin ladenu" featured model Yana Gupta for the first time in a Kannada movie

What's unique about the soon-to-be-made movie Sadhanai?

Its director is a 9-year old! The boy genius is Kishan Srikant. The Hindi version of this film has been titled C/O Footpath.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Divya Films has the exclusive rights to release ______ films.

MGR. They are the folks who've re-released Nadodi Mannan.

Which present day phenomenon's name is derived from two languages and means 'Pure'?

Asin (The name Asin is the combination of the prefix "A" from the Sanskrit language and the word "Sin" from the English language.It means - "Without blemish - pure".) Incidentally such words made from components of two or more languages are called macaronic words. Triviapettai is a classic case of a macaronic word. So is television (tele from greek & vision from latin).

In Ocean's Twelve, actress-star Julia Roberts is referred to, though she herself plays a role in it. Point out such instances in Tamil films.

Dharmathin Thalaivan. (Actor-star Rajinikanth is referred to a couple of times in the film.)

Note: I am quite sure I have seen at least a couple of more such references in films starring Rajinikanth or Kamal Haasan. Please add if you remember any.

Who was the guitarist for Rahman's score in Iruvar & Thiruda Thiruda?

Vishwa Mohan Bhat

Connect Bhagyaraj and Bill Murray

The sequence where a clown robs a bank in Rudra is a direct lift from Bill Murray's Quick Change

Name the Tamil films with titles that sound like names of directors.

1. Perarasu (A flick directed by Udayan. Sounds like the maker of Tirupachi)
2. Mani Ratnam (A film directed by Jayabalan. Sounds like the maker of Iruvar)
3. Bala (A film by director Deepak. Sounds like the maker of Pithamagan)
4. Shah Jahan (A film by director Ravi. Sounds like the maker of Punngai Desam)
5. Priya (A film by SP Muthuraman. Sounds like the maker of Kanda Naal Mudhal)
6. Indhiyan (A film by Shankar. Sounds like the maker of Magalirkkaga)
7. Jeeva (A film by Prathap Pothen. Sounds like the maker of 12B)
8. Rajakumaran (A film by RV Udayakumar. Sounds like the maker of Nee Varuvai Ena)
9. Samy (A film by Hari. Sounds like the maker of Uyir)
10. Madhu (A film by Thennarasu. Sounds like the maker of Mounam Sammadham)
11. Jerry (A film by Crazy Mohan Sounds like the maker of Whistle)
12. Anand (A film by CV Rajendran. Sounds like the maker of Kanaa Kanden)
13. Lakshmi (A film by TK Mohan. Sounds like the maker of Mazhalai Pattalangal)

Information courtesy: Shrini & Zero.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Connect today's date and a Tamil film.

September pathinettu. Anjali paapa poRandha naaL!

Though he sings in his own movies, it was the first instance , kamal turned into a playback singer for another actor. Name the film

O maane maane for mike mohan

( the song is pon maanai theduthe )

Sulakshana married the son of a famous music director. The marriage did not last long. Name the MD.


Actress sangeetha ( erstwhile known as rasika ) is the grand daughter of a veteran tamil film producer. Who?


The voice behind Bhoomika in sillunnu oru kathal belongs to

singer chinmayi ( information courtesy )

Neelkamal Furniture, Parachute hair oil, Fair and Lovely and Ayush hair shampoo. What connects?

Kamalinee Mukherjee modelled for all of them

What connects Metti Oli and a 105-millimeter gun from a ship which was installed as a monument in Sydney's Hyde Park?

The film Em Magan: Director - Murugan did Metti Oli. 'Em Mahan (earlier titled 'Emden Mahan')On September 22, 1914,The ship Emden quietly approached the city of Madras on the east side of the Indian peninsula and bombed it and to this day a particularly obnoxious person is referred to as an Emden.The Australian light cruiser HMAS Sydney bombed Emden.Captain von Müller and the rest of his surviving crew were captured by the British, and Emden was destroyed. The monument celebrated the capture of Emden.

Which flick is going to hit the screen as Varalaaru?

Ajit’s Godfather has been changed to “Varalaaru-The story of Godfather"

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Hindi version is being called Cinema. What is the Tamil adaptation's title?


Saturday, September 16, 2006

which actress was introduced by revathi in the movie phir milenge ?

Kamalini 'kayalvizhi' mukherjee

which tamilsong's first line is from a purananooru song by Kanian poongunranar?

Yaadhum Oore Yavarum Kaelir

which was vikram's first movie?

En Kaadhal Kanmani.

'Thanthuvittaen ennai' was his second and 'Meera' third.

what are the names of the 3 heroines in the movie Kandha Kadambaa kadhirvaela?

Rohini, Raahini and Rukmani

the 3 theatres in Koyambedu ( that time there were 3. Now there are more in that complex)

I remember anantha posting a similar funda on lalitha, padmini and rahini. Not able to the post.

How many brand names are mentioned in the Anniyan song, 'Kannum Kannum Nokia'?

Three. Nokia, Aiwa & Apple Laptop.

Friday, September 15, 2006

The central idea of Satyaraj starrer 'Airport' was borrowed from a famous novel written by Sujatha. Name it


Noted kannada film maker T.S.Nagabharana flicked a novel written by Sujatha and made 'Onti Dhwani' with Ambarish and jayamala. Name the novel

24 roobai theevu

Cho has not been conferred 'kalaimamani' award till date. Do you know why ?

in late sixties ( dont remember the exact year ), when he was named for 'kalaimamani' he refused to accept it.

Devar remade his aattukara alamelu in telugu and hindi. Name them

mere rakshak ( hindi)
potelu punnamma (telugu)

Radha Ravi made his debut in

manmadha leelai

Rajini kanth was the Hero. The film was directed by the veteran director T.R.Ramanna. Name the film.

kuppathu raja

Bhagyaraj borrowed few scenes from MGR's unreleased film X directed by Y and made 'avasara police 100'. Identify X & Y

X = Anna nee en deivam
Y = Sridhar

Ranjan ( of mangamma sabatham fame ) died while acting in this film. Name the film.

Captain Ranjan ( the film was released in 1969)

Name the only tamil film in which kamal and saarika acts together?

tik tik tik

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Which former actress won the mixed doubles title at the recently held state level badminton tournament at Namakkal?

Actress Shalini

Kalaignar Karunanidhi has penned a play called "Udhaya suriyan". Who acted as the hero ?

Kalaignar Karunanidhi himself.

Manorama was the female lead.

These two trivia are from the latest issue of Kumudam.

Incidentally I also learn that Manorama's debut is Kannadasan's Maalaiyitta mangai and Not Konjum Kumari as we had posted earlier. Prakash. please verify and correct.

we know anna's "shivaji kanda hindu samrajyam" was the play, that made V.C.Ganesan into Shivaji Ganesan. Who played the female lead in the play?


Blogeshwari's Avvaiyar Query:

Was watching Avvaiyar today and would like to know who played the role of Lord muruga in the film (in the scene 'Sutta pazham venduma, sudaada pazham venduma?). I know that the lad became a big actor later but dont know who it is. Can triviapettai help me out with the answer?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Name the Olympic gold medallist to act in a Tamil film.

V. Baskaran, the captain of the hockey team at the 1980 Moscow Olympics. He played a prominent role in 'Paalam'

In 'Roja', who played Rishi's boss in the Intelligence Dept and who is his famous son?

S.V. Venkatraman, the father of the current Mylapore MLA, S.Ve. Sekar

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Which tamil movie gets its title from a medieval literary work by Devaraya Swamigal?

Kaaka Kaaka

the title comes from Kanda sashti Kavasam which was composed by Devaraya Swamigal

(anyone knows when was this written?)

Which city was the song sequence "Newyok nagaram" from 'Sillinnu oru kaadhal' shot?

Pretty obvious isn't it?


They only show a stock shot of NY before the song starts. The whole song is shot at Lucerne, Switzerland. ( remember the bridge from Kattai kattai naatu kattai from gemini?)

Monday, September 11, 2006

What's common to Suhasini, Archana, Yuhi Sethu, RV Udaya Kumar, Nasser, PC Sreeram & RK Selvamani?

All alumni of the Adyar Film Institute.

In his score for Baatsha, Deva lifted heavily from two soundtracks. Name them.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and Terminator II. Of course, there were many other sources, but these two were heavily reused.

who scored the music for "Machi" starring dushyant ?

Rehana, A.R.Rehman's sister

Earlier we heard her sing along with Anuradha Sriram in "Malae malae marudhamala"

"Vannam. Indha vanjiyin Vannam" from premapasam - starring sivakumar - was inspired by the theme music of a spagetti western. Name it.

For a few dollars more

The lead role of Cryptologist Rishi in Roja was originally offered to ...?

Rajeeve Menon.

He subsequently worked with Mani as the cinematographer for Bombay

Sunday, September 10, 2006

X's first film was a Kannada flick titled Santosha. X's second film is making waves in Bangalore and is soon to be dubbed in Tamil & Hindi. Who's X?

AMR Ramesh. The second film is 'Cyanide', a flick about the last days of Sivarasan & company in Bangalore. Incidentally, Malavika has played the role of Subha in this film.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Which Hindi film starring Aishwarya Rai is going to be dubbed as 'Damini Teacher' in Tamil?

Shabd. All those who lapped up 'Aishwarya Oru Perazhagi' for the wrong reasons, should find this movie interesting.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The beautiful song "Kakkai Chiraginile" sung by KJY was composed by ____________

L. Vaidyanathan. This song is from the film Ezhavathu Manidhan, which featured songs all of which were written by Bharathiyaar. The film was directed by K. Hariharan, who is now a noted film academician. Raghuvaran played the lead role and, I believe, this was his debut.

L. Vaidyanathan also worked for a few other offbeat films like Pesum Padam (Pushpak) [1], Sandhya Raagam and Marupakkam.

[1] - L. Subramaniam, his younger brother, worked with Kamal Haasan in Hey! Ram, before he dropped out of it in the middle.

Last modified the post at 08:43 p.m, adding more information.

In Saran's Amarkkalam, the lead character's name is Vasu. This is possibly a nod to ___________

K. Balachander's Ek Duuje Ke Liye, in which also the male protagonist was called Vasu.

P.S.:- This is an observation on my own (or internalized from some interview of Saran that I had seen). If I am wrong, please keep the brickbats low. :)

which was the first tamil movie to be shot abroad?

Sivandha mann

who acts as shivaji's grand daughter in thevar magan?

Akshara Hassan

For which movie did Kamalhasan win his first national award?

Moonram pirai


I had earlier mentioned 'Kalathur Kannamma'. I was obviously misled by an article from chennaionline, which was corraborated by an entry in wikipedia as well.

After the error was pointed out by Zero, I did some background checking and realized that the category for best child artist was introduced only in 1968 (Kalathur was released in 1960) here is an article which mentions the introduction of the award. This sounds like authentic source as it is from the press information.

Thank you Zero for the correction

In which movie did Kalaignar Karunanidhi debut as a dialogue writer?


what was the production house of TKS brothers called? (clue: think which role the elder brother was known for)

Avvai Productions

Who scored the everlasting music for "Meera" ( the one with M.S not the one with Aishwarya)


Who made his debut in the movie "Rathapasam" (1954 version, not the one with sivaji) as the story/dialogue writer?


which popular dialogue from "Velaikari" later became a title of a Vijaykant movie?

Sattam Oru Iruttarai ( Adhil vakkeelin vaadham Oru vilakku)

What was neptune studios renamed, after its ownership changed?

Sathya Studios

List all the Tamil films with a degree in their titles.

1. Sarasa B.A.
2. Tamizh M.A. (under production)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The tax concession carrot has made many change their titles from English to Tamil. What has the movie Sweet become now?

Not Sakkarai! It's 'Ninaithaley...' a play on the KB flick 'Ninaithaley Inikkum'.

What is the new name for the movie "boys & girls" ?

Maanava Maanavigal

Who is the music director of the forthcoming movie "idhu kaadhal varum paruvam"?

Kasthuri raja.

(ivar thollai thaangalai)

which legendary film director started the dance school 'Nrityodhaya'?


father of Padma subramniam
uncle of Baby Saroja
The person who introduced superstars like MKT and M.S.Subbulakshmi

Sivakamiyin Selvan starring Sivaji Ganesan was a musical hit. But the movie is based on a Hindi movie whose music was a even bigger hit. Name it.


Which is the only MGR starrer directed by his brother M.G.Chakkarapani?

arasa kattalai

who is rumoured to have been the cause for fatafat jeyalakshmi's suicide?

MGC Sukumar ( s/o M.G.Chakkarapani, MGR's elder bro)

The story line of indian is similar to a kamal's film released before 29 years. Name the film

naam piRantha maN ( Shivaji Ganesan did the freedom fighter-father character, while kamal played the reckless son )

If GV owned sujatha films pvt ltd, who is the owner of Sujatha Cine Arts?


There is something special about sridhar's nenjirukkum varai. What is that?

all the actors appeared without make-up throughout the film.

K.Balachander remade Suchitra Sen starrer mamta in tamil. What was the film and who acted in Sen's role?

kaviyathalaivi, Sowkar Janaki

Cinematographer Vijayalakshmi is the daughter of a veteran film maker. Name him


bharathan made his thakara as avaaram poo in tamil. Who acted in vineeth's character in the original?

prathap pothen

When did you first see prabhudeva on screen?

in Agninatchathitram ( he appears along with karthik in the song raja, rajaathi raaja)

navarasa nadikar muthuraman was a product of a famous stage group. Which one?

seva stage ( headed by S.V.Sahasharanamam)

even after becoming popular in films, Shivaji continued to run his drama troupe successfully. What is the name of the troupe?

Shivaji Nataka Manram

before making his directorial debut, with whom did R.Sundararajan work as an assistant director?

None ( he was self made like mani saar)

thillana mohanambal was written by kothamangalam subbu in ananda vikatan in a different pseudonym. Name it


kalki ra.krishnamurthy wrote his film reviews under a different pseudonym. What was that?


Sundaribai, a veteran actress married this popular writer-director. Name him

kothamangalam subbu

Gemini mama-Pusphavalli couple had another daughter apart from Hindi actress Rekha. Name her.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Which is the only movie to be released, renamed & re-released?

It happened recently. Thullurua Vayasu was released in Chennai & Madurai. After receiving the audience feedback, the director added a few sequences and is releasing the movie soon under the new title, Ithayam Unakkaga.

Source: Galatta dot com.

What's the ringtone on Kamal's mobile in the film, Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu?

Hello Moto.

In her debut movie, nirosha had used a different name. what was the name? which was the movie and why did they decide to change the name?

The movie was soorasamharam ( yes. thats her first movie not agninakshatram)

She was rechristened as Mythili.

Reason: the director thought people will confuse her name with a condom :)

However, her name was retained in Agninakshatram, where she was more visible and the name nirosha stuck

After the success of Ramayan, doordarshan did a serial on Vishwamitra. Who played vishwamitra and Menaka?

NTR and Bhanupriya respectively

If the 'S' in S films is Shankar, who is the 'B' in B studios?


Monday, September 04, 2006

In Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu, Jyothika says she lifted her suicide technique from a Ben Kingsley movie. Name the flick.

House of Sand and Fog.

What was trisha's first movie?


Yes. she appears as one of Simran's friends.

"ah mudhal akkudhanada" from Githan is a rehash of an MGR song. Which one?

Koduthathellam koduthaan from Padagotti.

I cant call it a tribute. Its more of an insult to the MGR song.

Vijayashanthi's original name is shanthi. Where did the 'vijaya' come from?

from Vijayalalitha, her aunt and an yester year siren.

Wonder where Vijaya T.Rajendar gets his "vijaya" from?

Expand N.S.Krishnan

Nagerkovil Sudalaimuthu Pillai Krishnan

Upendra, a kannada director and actor, recently gave a super hit by remaking a tamil classic. Which film?


Thirisoolam was a remade from a kannada blockbuster starring Rajkumar. Name the film

shankar guru

What is R.Parthiban's original name?


Even before he made his debut in "manikkam', karthik raja became popular for composing a song in a Rajini Starrer. What Song?

pandianyin rajjiyathil uyyalala ( in the film pandian)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Connect Henkel & a character in the movie, 6'2''.

Mr. White is the connection. Mr. White is the name of a detergent owned by Henkel & also the name of Vadivel in the movie, 6'2".

Saturday, September 02, 2006

MSV had a violinist in his troup named Samuel Joseph whom MSV used to refer as 'Sam'. He became a Music director, what name did he assume?

Shyam, as SAM was difficult to write in Tamil

On whose story was R.C.Shakthi's 'Sirai' based on?

Anuradha Ramanan

who acted as narada in the 1941 movie savitri?

the great M.S.Subbulakshmi

The title song of Michael madana Kamarajan, who appears as the bioscope operator?

Singeetham Srinivasa Rao

Apart from Kamal hasan, which other leading actor hails from paramakudi? ( leading actor will not include chaaru hasan)

John Kennedy - better known as Vikram

Friday, September 01, 2006

Bharathiyar's aaduvomae pallu paaduvomae was soulfully sung by DKPattammal in Nam Iruvar. Which new movie features the same song? Who is singing it?

Chadurangam starring srikant and directed by Karu.Palaniappan.

Maanicka Vinayagam has rendered the song.

All the songs in the movie have come out very well. Only the movie hasn't come out for some reason

"cant get enough" by Raghav is the 'inspiration' for which Yuvan Shankar Raja hit?

Theepidikka Theepidikka from Arindhum Ariyamalum has the list of songs copied by YSR. But this song is not featured there. If someone from itwofs visits triviapettai, this can be our contribution

The song "Vaan Meedhilae" from 'ChandiRani' was the inspiration for which laterday hit?

Vaa Vennila from Mella thirandhadhu Kadhavu.

It seems Ilayaraja suggested to MSV that they compose a song 'similar' to 'vaan meedhilae' and this was the result

courtesy" a TV interview by MSV

"Its a wonderful life" was ranked as the #1 Most Powerful Movie of All Time by the American Film Institute. What is its Tamil equivalent?

Mudhal Thedhi starring Sivaji Ganesan

Who wrote the lyrics for "Kaagitha odam Kadal alai maelae" from "Marakka Mudiyumaa"?

The same person who wrote the story and dialogues for the movie - Mr.M.Karunanidhi

Raju Sundaram is directing Dhanush for the remake of the Kannada film, Jogi. What is it called in Tamil?

Parattai Engira Azhagu Sundaram

In the movie 'Thillu Mullu', Sowcar Janaki plays a role of MD. Expand MD.

Meenakshi Duraisamy.