Saturday, September 23, 2006

Connect the lyrics of the song "jism dhamatka" sung by nusrat fateh ali khan to 'Yaakai thiri' from 'ayutha ezhuthu'.

Jism dhamatka from the album Sangam (lyricist - Javed akhtar) is unique in the fact that doesn't use any verb throughout the song. It is set in the pattern of a list pairing the 'Uvamai' and 'Uvameyam'

Vairamuthu came the closest to this in "Yaakai Thiri" - which also is set in the same pattern - Uvamai and Uvameyam. I am saying closest because the main song doesnot contain verbs, the interluding hummings has verbs. I dont know why vairamuthu let this slip through. May be he didn't realise that the pallavi and the saranam were unique.

This is my own observation: If you know of some other songs that doesnot use verbs at all, please let me know.


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