Monday, July 31, 2006

Which artist played the nadaswaram in the song 'Singara Velane Deva' in the film Konjum Salangai?

Karakurichi Arunachalam. Thanks Arun for correcting me...Did Karakirichi play for Thillana Mohanambal? Can anyone find out?

In the 1952 film, Panam, NS Krishnan surreptitiously plugged DMK with a song titled Theena Moona Kaana. How did this song escape censorship?

In those days, the censor board didn't allow direct plugging of political parties. So NSK, igeniously explained away Theena Moona Kaana as Thirukkural Munnani Kazhagam in his song!

Which PU Chinappa starrer was based on the life of Rasputin?

Krishna Bhakthi. Source: Randor Guy.

Who played the role of Bhashyam Iyengar in the movie, Hey Ram?

Kavignar Vaali. You must give it to Kamal, he has this knack of packing interest value even with his fringe characters!

When kavignar Vaali was felicitated for authoring over 10,000 songs, actor X gifted him a portrait. Identify X.

Sivakumar. His portrait of Gemini Ganesan is a prized possesion of the Gemini family, today.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

He was a budget assistant with the Tata Company before he entered films. He's played Ravana, Kamsa, Keechaka, Hiranyakashpu & Duryodhana. Who?

Samarla Venkata Ranga Rao aka SV Ranga Rao. Aside: I've always had this feeling that Rajnikant apes Ranga Rao's dialogue delivery. What do you say?

Radio Mirchi Suchi played Radio Mirchi Suchi in her first cameo appearance. Identify the movie.

Jay Jay (the remake of Serendipity).

Sadaf Mohammed Syed is better known to us as _____

Actress Sada

Who wrote the lyrics for the 'Orambo Orambo' song that was banned by All India Radio?

Gangai Amaran. Gangai also wrote the lyrics for Anne Anne Sippai Anne & Vaadi en keppakazhangu. Before you dismiss his stuff as trashy also remember that the same guy wrote songs such as En iniya pon nilave & Oru Iniya manadhu isaiyai azhaithu chellum.

This director has just finished writing a novel titled 'Eman'. Who?

Thankar Bachchan

Saturday, July 29, 2006

What's odd about MGR's character's name in the film Thaikku Thalaimagan?

He was called Maradhur. MGR is Maradhur Gopalamenon Ramachandran!

Connect Nayanthara, Hrithik Roshan, Meena Kumari & Gary Sobers.

All polydactyls (more than usual number of digits in their hands).

Name the only Tamil movie starring Rajinikant & Aamir Khan.

Aandavan (dubbed version of the Hindi flick Aatank Hi Aatank).

Which Tamil actor was offered the role played by Suniel Shetty in the movie Main Hoon Na?

Kamal Hassan. Rumour has it that Shah Rukh Khan didn't like this one bit. 'Coz he had willingly agreed to act in Hey Ram for peanuts.

Born Sowmya, she passed away at the age of 32 in in northern Bangalore. Who?

Actress Soundarya.

what was sivakumar's 100th film?

rosappu ravikkaikari

Now , we call it screenplay. What was it called in 1950s?


Peethambaram was the 'aasthana' makeup man for most of MGR's films. His son ventured into films and is a popular director now. Who is he?


Which was the only film directed by the popular film maker dasari narayana rao?


In which film, did actor Bhanuchandar made his debut?

muyalukku mooNu kaal, a film by VC Guganathan

Jayabharathi, of kudisai fame, directed a movie with Bhagyaraj as the hero. writer prabanjan wrote the screenplay. Name the movie

oomai janangaL

Which was mouli's debut movie as a director?

ivargal viththiyasamanavargaL

when 16 vayathinilE was remade in hindi as solva saavan, who played kamal's role?

amol palekar

Who dubbed for K Bhagyaraj in puthiya vArppukkaL?

gangai amaran

kizhakku malai, a film starring anand, was the debut for X as the director. X is the son of a famous film maker of yesteryear. Name him

Ganesh Ramanna ( s/o TR Ramanna )

She was introduced by Sridhar as a heroine in o manju. She is kuppai kottifying as a character actor these days. whom am i speaking about?


He acted as a musician and mohan's father in mella thiranthathu kathavu. He is a music director in real life too. Who is he?


In which film did vijayakumar made his debut?

ponnukku thanga manasu

When RKN's Mr.Sampath was adapted for a tamil film, who played the chief protagonist in that film?

Cho Ramaswamy

nee varuvaay ena naan irunthen, a song from the film sujatha was sung by

kalyani menon

In which film did TMS made his debut as an actor?

kallum kaniyAgum

who composed the popular song Gopala..en saar, enga pOra, kadaikku pORen....

a guy called Ramanujam

The story for vandichakkaram was written by

vinu chakkaravarthi

Popular Dubbing Artist Durga, who gave voices for Nadiya, Ambika, and other popular heroines of eighties, married a tamil director. Who?


Rajinikant's only film in Bengali was directed by

Raghuram ( Dance master in tamil films)

This noted danseuse refused to enter film industry, So the role which she was supposed to do went to Shobana.The film is Dalapathi Who is she?

Srinithi ( Rangarajan then, Chidambaram now)

Friday, July 28, 2006



The word BOSS

Shivaji's baseline is 'the boss'
Bruce Springsteen's nickname is BOSS
What may miss the trivia buffs who are not into Biz Quiz is this - the military uniform for the Nazi SS was designed by Hugo Boss

Ashokamitran has written a book of memoirs called "My years with the Boss". Who is the Boss?


Ashokamitran used to work for Gemini Studios

If Mambatiyan was from malaiyur, Karuvayan was from Karimedu, Pandi was from Seevalaperi, where was Hiranyan from?


The movie starring Murali was originally named Vaatakudi Iranyan. But Censor board objected saying it reminds of the real life gangster ( as if the other names didn't) So the producers dropped the Vaatakudi part.

In the southern districts the term refers to the red ant. In Chennai, it refers to an energitic small boy. Which term?


Gopal Ratnam set up X. M Somasundaram & SK Mohideen created Y. Subrahmanyam founded Z. Identify X, Y & Z.

X - Venus Pictures. Y - Neptune Studios. Z - Jupiter Pictures.

Saraswathi Amma named her 3 daughters as Lalitha, Padmini & Ragini. What did Lalitha call her three daughters?

Lakshmi, Parvathi & Saraswathi.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

It is said that MR Radha shot MGR because MGR was endlessly delaying the completion of the film titled __________

Petraaldhaan Pillaya?

Which Tamil playback singer created a raga called 'Navaneetha Suma Sudha'?

PB Srinivas

Which artist made her Tamil film debut with the song, 'Life is a flower' in Mel Naatu Marumagal?

Usha Uthup

Who wrote the story for the 1968 film, Kanavan?

MGR. Another interesting fact to note is MGR & Jayalalitha did nearly 8 movies together in 1968.

His maternal grand father set up the first photo studio in Kozhikode. His uncle was Aloysius Vincent, the legendary cameraman. Who am I talking about?

Sabu Cyril.

Who played Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in Hey Ram?

Naseerudin Shah (that's his only tamil movie, till date).

You may not know him. But you know his wife. Guess who?

Manoj K. Jayan (actress Urvashi's hubby).

Which promising art director was the sound re-recording engineer for Chachi 420?

M. Prabhakar, the man who created the very believable sets for Virumaandi.

Megala Pictures was a joint venture between _______ & _______

MGR & Karunanidhi.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Name the three famous TV anchors who were used in the process of narrating the character of Abbas in the movie "kandukonden kandukonden"?

Varadharajan and Uma Padmanaban in Vanakkam Thamizagam - This is the scene in which the character of Abbas is being introduced.

Subashree Thanigachalam in Sun News - She explains about the failure of one more finance institution in Tamil Nadu by mentioning the company being run by Abbas

Who lent their voices to Tabu and Abbas in "Kandukonden Kandukonden" ?

Revathi for Tabu.
Vikarm for Abbas.

Ajith has reached the zenith of copying. The below picture is a literal morphing of his face on top of one of the most famous photographs from a movie. Which one?

Al Pacino in Godfather. Click Here to see the original.

What was the last Rajini movie before Chandramukhi, which had a female-name as the title?


Connect an interior designer, a creative consultant, a computer engineer, a fashion designer and a monk from Japan.

All were persons who travelled all the way from Japan to watch the first-day-first-show of Chandramukhi in Chennai. Don't know their names though. (Courtesy: NDTV)

Although Rajini and Sridevi were the main 'stars' of this movie, they were not paired together on-screen, but were both paired with lesser-knowns. Probably the first instance of something like this in Tamil Cinema. Name the movie.


Having a 'theme music' as part of the OST of the movie is not new these days. What is the earliest known instance of this in Tamil movies?

Payanangal Mudivathillai. This had a piece of 'the maestro's ' genius.

Please enlighten me if you know of earlier known instances.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

_________ is launching his son Shakti with the film Thottaal Poo Malarum.

P. Vasu

There exists one common thing in between "Naan avan illai" and "M.M.K.R". What is that?

Both the movies have a song fully written in Malayalam.
Manthara malare -> Naan avan illai
Sundari neeyum -> M.M.K.R

X was the mother of Y in "Kadhalukku Mariyathai".But in "Alai Payuthe" X was the mother-in-law of Y.Find out X and Y.

X -> K.A.C.Lalitha
Y -> Shalini Ajith Kumar

Which actress of yesteryears built a Panduranga temple in Kodambakkam?

Pandari Bai.

Who wrote the book, Siraisalai Sindanaigal?

MR Radha

In which tamil film are you likely to find a Jerry Lewis photograph on actor Nagesh's desk?

Kaadhalikka Neramillai. For those who dunno, Nagesh was a huge fan of Jerry Lewis. Trivia contributed by Sajan.

Monday, July 24, 2006

If you were to leaf through a book titled 'Sirithu Vaazha Vendum', chances are you'd read the memoirs of ________


How many different types of fish get a mention in the Gana Ulaganathan song in Chithiram Pesuthadi?

13 in all to my limited vegetarian knowledge:

1) Vazhai Meen
2) Vilangu Meen
3) Thenakuni
4) Asara Kodi
5) Vajira Meen
6) Paarai Meen
7) Ulavu Meen
8) Sura Meen
9) Era Meen
10) Nethili
11) Kaduma
12) Santhana Meen
13) Thirukamalu

Correct me if I am wrong.

Lordhumary Rajeswari is known better as...

LR Eswari

Which music composer's real name was Sivasankaran?

TR Paappa. TFM's Manisekaran mentions in an article that Sivasankaran was born in a family full of boys. His parents used to dress him up as a girl and hence the name Paappa.

In the film Sampoorna Ramayanam, Shivaji played Bharatan. Who played Mandodari?

Sandhya (Jayalalitha's mom).

That's Satyaraj spoofing Jyothika's Chandramukhi. Identify the movie.


Which playback singer had a car with the registration number MSV 7749?

LR Eswari

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Krishnakumari, the yesteryear heroine of telugu films, is the younger sister of a popular tamil heroine of 60's. Name her.

Sowcar Janaki

This music director was present in the scene during Rajiv Gandhi's Assasination. He was one of the many witnesses in that case. Name him

Ganesh ( of Shankar Ganesh)

In vikram what was Kamal Hassan's screen name?

Arun Kumar Vikram

Before taking a plunge into tamil films, Sarathkumar was

working in the circulation dept of Dinakaran,bangalore edition

Pasupathy, the leading character actor was introduced in

mAyan , a film directed by nasser

Song with the second longest pallavi...

pournami nEram
pAvai oruththi
minnal pOlE
munnAl pOnAL
pinnal kandu
pinnAl sendru
ponnu oorukku
pudhusO endrEn
kAlil ullathu
pudhusu endraal
o mElE kEtkAthE

from palaivanacholai

(song with longest pallavi is here)

TP Gajendran, the director is the son (adopted?) of a famous yesteryear actress. Name her.

TP Muthulakshmi

Shankars' Veyil is being directed by Vasantha Balan. What was his previous film?


Ananda Kuttan is the cinematographer for most of Fazil's tamil films, with one exception. Who filmed his poove poochudava

PC Sreeram

chappathi chappathi than, rotti rotti than. In which film did you hear this famous oneliner ?

nawaab naarkaali

When Gemini mama first appeared in a film (samsaaram), how old was he?


karuppu rOja, a film by aabavaanan, was produced by a famous tamil writer. Who?


Who gave the voice for Revathi in punnagai mannan


ithu sathiyam was based on a novella written by

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The make up for the role of Kambar, in the movie Ambikapathi starring MKT, was deliberately done to resemble a national leader.Who?

Rabindranath Tagore.

The director ( I think it was Y.V.Rao) was a fan of Tagore. So he insisted that kambar- played by Perugalathur Sama - was given a long hair and flowing beard.The fact that nobody knows how Kambar looked like did help.

Connect Minnal, Oviyum & Engiruntho.

All albums by Suresh Peters.

What does the SG stand for in SG Kittappa?

Sengottai Gangadhara Kittappa.

X requested Y for a chance as a singer. Y felt X's voice was not upto the mark. So Y politely sent X away with 2 rupees & a shirt. Identify X & Y.

X - MS Viswanathan. Y - KV Mahadevan. This delightful piece of trivia is from TFM.

TM Soundarrajan has been the voice of MG Ramachandran for so many songs. Which was the first number belted out by TMS for MGR?

Ethanai Kaalamthan Ematruvar Intha Naattile in Malaikkallan.

AR Rehman's 'Chaiya Chaiya' has been used as the opening song for which Spike Lee movie?

Inside Man

Thursday, July 20, 2006

MGR & PU Chinnappa honed their acting craft in the same drama company. Name it.

Madurai Original Boys Company

Who invented a raga named Panchamukhi?


Connect the 'Kaadhal Vaanile' song in Rasaiah with Dil To Pagal Hai?

The connection is Uttam Singh. Uttam composed the music for DTPH & his daughter Preeti sang the song Kaadhal Vaanile in Rasaiah.

He wrote & composed an English song called 'Man to Moon, Moon to God' and sent the record to Neil Armstrong himself. Who?

PB Srinivas

Lalitha, Padmini & Ragini made their first celluloid appearance together in the film ______________

Thooku Thooki

What was the name of the scientist (played by Manivannan) in the movie, New?


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Connect Aakhri Raasta, Mr. Bechara & Papa the Great.

All Hindi films directed by Bhagyaraj.

"She would blossom into a good actress. Her eyes are attractive. Her lips communicate without making any verbal articulation." Said who about whom?

Gemini Ganesan (the casting assistant of Gemini Studios) about Savitri, the aspiring actress.

Legendary composer G Ramanathan had two sons. What were the names he chose for them?

Sai & Baba! Our man was a huge Sai Baba devotee.

MGR & MKT have acted together in only two movies. Which ones?

Ashok Kumar & Raja Mukthi.

Who was credited as the story writer for the 1936 film 'Aboorva Sagodarargal'?

Alexander Dumas. The film was an adaptation of the Dumas story - Corsican Brothers.

Apparently, Kamal Haasan was not the first to remake a Govind Nihalani film in Tamil. Which was the first film?

Gasp! A film no less than Ardh Satya was remade in Tamil as Kaval (காவல்), an all-out B-movie embellished with item song(s), starring Thyagarajan. (I wonder if Nihalani was credited.)

1. K TV, for telecasting this film on their esteemed morning show, a few minutes of which I caught. I spent a couple of hours on the net, in vain, looking for the film’s title.
2. The Indian Cinema Database. (Thanks to which I was finally redeemed a few minutes ago.)

Which was Srinivas' first song in films?

Sorgam enbathu namakku” in Nammavar. Not Mr. Romeo, Minsara Kanavu or Ratchagan. (At different times, I used to think one of them was.)

connect the hindi movies - Kasat, Dayavan,vansh, yaad rakhegi duniya, saatiya

remakes of Mani saar's films - mouna raagam,Nayakan,agni nakshatram, Gitanjali, Alai Payudhae

When asked in an interview why he doesnot remake his movies, he answered " i cant eat my own puke" Thats why he resorts to simultaneous filmings

Who played the main character of a revolutionary in the movie "Karuppu Panam"?


In the movie nizhalgal, who makes a cameo appearance as a cop, just before interval?

Isaignani Ilayaraja

Who plays the guitar interludes in the song "Malargalae" from Love birds?

Guitar Prasanna.

He has played guitar in couple of other songs as well. But this is very prominent. Also, I think it is prasanna's composition and not ARR's because I have heard a song by Shakuni and the birds of Prey - a group where prasanna plays lead guitar- which uses the same interlude

When gandhi was dubbed in Tamil who gave the voice for Ben Kingsley?

Director Vasanth.

For the younger gandhi, Vikram gave the voice.

The list of films in which Kamal Haasan played himself.

Pasi, Thillu Mullu, Agni Sakshi, Poikkal Kudhirai, Paarthale Paravasam, Nala Damayanthi.
(Please add more. I am sure I must have missed quite many.)

Identify the singer & the movie.

Ramya Krishnan. Song: Thaazham Poove vaada. Movie: Kanavu Meipada Vendum. Composer: Mahesh. Courtesy:

Madras Rajagopala Radhakrishnan was his real name. What was his reel name?

MR Radha

MGR's first film 'Sati Leelavati' was directed by an American. Name him.

Ellis R. Duncan. IMDB says he also directed movies like Manthiri Kumari, Meera, Valmiki, Daasi Penn, Kalamegham, Shakuntala, Ambikapathy & Iru Sahodarargal. Here's a nice article on the man by S. Muthiah.

______ Chevvaanam, ________ Pirandaachu, _________ Velli, ___ Pirandhal Vazhi Pirakkum, ________ Deepam. Fill in the blanks. And gimme the connect.

Chittirai Chevvaanam, Vaikasi Pirandaachu, Aadi Velli, Thai Pirandhal Vazhi Pirakkum & Karthigai Deepam. All movies with tamil month names. Credit for this trivia goes to: V. Ellango author of Suvaiyana Cinema Thunukkugal.

An actress named KR Selvam will be remembered by posterity for what?

KR Selvam will be remembered for being the first tamil actress to appear in a skimpily clad outfit. She did this daring act way back in 1938 in a Tarzan kinda movie titled Vanaraja Kaarsan.

In 1949, he put out an ad in Film India offering his services as an actor. Who?

Playback singer AM Raja!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Connect the following movies:- (may not be exhaustive)
Nool Veli, Paarthaale Paravasam, Agni Sakshi, Poikaal Kuthirai, Arangetram, Aval Oru Thodarkathai, Solla Thaan Ninaikkiraen

Kamalhaasan's cameo!

In Pandiarajan's debut movie as Director 'Aan Paavam', what is unique about each character's name?

Their character names were all their own names!

V.K.Ramasamy - Ramasamy
Paandian - Periya Paandi
Paandiarajan - Chinna Paandi
'Poornam' Viswanathan - Viswanathan 'Vaadiyar'
Janakaraj - Kanakaraj
Seetha and Revathi were Seetha and Revathi

Who is the only Tamil actor who has been directed by (the only) two National Award winning directors in Tamil cinema?

It’s strange, but he played the lead roles in B. Lenin’s Solla Thudikkudhu Manasu and Agathiyan’s Gokulathil Seethai. (B. Lenin and Agathiyan won the Swarna Kamal Award for Oorukku Nooru Per and Kaadhal Kottai respectively.)
I confess that I didn’t notice this myself. It was a crazy Karthik fan in one of those online forums.

Sukhwinder Singh shot to fame with the chartbuster “Chaiyya chaiyya”. What was his first song in Tamil?

Lucky lucky” from Ratchagan. Irony is that, in that song, he did the playback for S.P.B.!
(While S.P.B. himself did the playback for Nagarjun.)

Prabhu acted in an unqualified remake of his father’s superhit Manohara. Name the film.

Soorakkottai Singakutty.
It was telecasted in K TV today morning and I was surprised and very amused to see the climax (Prabhu chained, and his mother, played by Vijayakumari, crying out à la Kannambal) being flicked directly from Manohara. This film, produced by the AVM (its banner was shown at the end of the film), is supposed to be a modern adaptation of the original film, but looks like an out-and-out B-film.
It seems the film was directed by Rama Narayanan (Source. It also mentions that the film was produced by AVM Kumaran after he moved out of the AVM banner.)
The only redeeming factor is the beautiful song “Kalidasan Kannadasan” sung by Jayachandran and P. Susheela.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Only one Tamil actor has refused the Padmashree award. Who?


Who gave the voice for the hero Mukkamala Krishnamurthy (a telugu actor) for the 1951 film Niraparathi?

Sivaji Ganesan. Remember Parasakthi was released in 1952!

Who directed actress Laila's debut film?

Hindi comedian Mehmood. The film was Dushman Duniya Ka. Lucky Ali played hero. And guess what his character was called? Lucky.

Why was the movie 123 called 123?

123 starred the three brothers - Prabhu Deva, Raju Sundaram & Nagendra Prasad! Incidentally Prabhu was named Tirupathi, Raju as Pazhani & Nagendra as Chidambaram in the flick.

It was titled as 'Rama Shama Bhama' in Kannada. What was the original called in Tamil?

Sati Leelavathi

_______ was MGR's only Hindi film.

Ek Tha Raja

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ganapati Bhat was her first husband. Who was her second?

MGR. We're talking of VN Janaki. For those who dunno, Janaki was MGR's third wife. It will be great if one of you tells me the names of the other two.

Which was the first Tamil movie to win the Filmfare award?

The SSR-Vijayakumari starrer Naanum Oru Penn. Best remembered for the song Kanna Karumai Niram Kanna.

Connect Poopparilla Varugirom, Thodarum & Sivagami.

All last films of Kollywood superstars. Poopparikka Varugirom - Sivaji Ganesan's. Thodarum - Gemini Ganesan's. Sivagami - MK Thyagraja Bhagavathar's.

MGR sported his famous white kulla for the first time in a song sequence in Kavalkaran. Which song?

Ninaithen Vanthaai Nooru Vayathu

MS Viswanthan was bestowed the Kalaimamani award for music direction in the year 1970. Who was the recipient in 1990?

TK Ramamurthi. Strange, considering that the duo did their best work together.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

In the famous 'Andhi Mazhai' song from Rajapaarvai, who renders the 'aaahhhhhh' alaap?

The renowned Carnatic vocalist-mridangist T.V. Gopalakrishnan, whom Ilayaraja considers as one of his gurus

In Thiruvilaiyadal, who plays Nakkheeran?

The film's director, A.P. Nagarajan

In Gajini, Surya plays the role of Sanjay Ramasamy, a business tycoon who heads a cellphone company named _____________

Air Voice

Who sang the Kothavalchavadi Lady song in Kannedhirae Thondrinal?

Sabesh of Sabesh-Murali, the music director duo who composed the music for Thavamai Thavamirundhu & Imsai Arasan.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Which Tamil film's name will come to your mind when you see this famous poster?

Vaidheeswaran starring Sarath Kumar & Meghna Naidu.

What's the prisoner number of 23rd Pulikesi when he's jailed in the gold mine by his twin brother?


In Imsai Arasan, there's a spoof segment on Pepsi & Coca-Cola. What are the mock names used for the two MNC drinks?

Gapsi & Akka Mala

baby's day out has some similarities with this Sivakumar Sujatha starrer released in 1979. Which movie?


Parthiban's directorial debut was supposed to be this. The film never took off and later he found his break in puthiya pAthai. Name the film.


kAthal mannan, the Charan's film was co directed by

torture actor vivek

ThinanthOrum, a murali , suvalakshmi starrer, was produced by Lavanya. Who is this lavanya?

She is the daugter of Chitramahal Krishnamoorthy

X became Parthiban after he joined Bhagyaraj.What is X?


Munthanai Mudichchu was originally titled as

chinna veedu ( Info Source : AVM 60 years, a book by AVM Saravanan)

Who was MGR's pair in marutha naattu iLavarasi?


the music for Nethi Adi, a film by R.Pandiarajan was composed by

R.Pandiarajan himself

ithu namma Alu was directed by

Balakumaran ( not Bhagyaraj)

Hrishikesh Mukherjee's satyakam was remade by KB as


You have seen her as thalaivar's sis in Thillumullu. In real life , her elder sister is a popular actress.Who?


What was the screen name of the barber rajinikanth in Jhonny


Kamal was popular for his item nos in mid & late 70's. When did we see him first in such an item song?

in maanavan ( along with kutty padmini)

Priyadarshan intended to make Devar Magan in Hindi with X in Sivaji's role. The role eventually went to Amrish puri after X's refusal. Name X

Dilip Kumar ( It is said , Dilip Saab refused the role becauze, it was not meaty enough )

Who gave the voice for Genelia ( Harini) in Boyz?

rathi ( who acted with cheran in solla marantha kathai)

screen play & dialogues for uthama puthiran (1958) was written by


MGR booked Ilaiyaraja for one of his movies. The film never took off. Name it

unnai vida mattEn

puthiya paravai was a straight lift from this english movie. Name the movie

Chase a Crooked Shadow

Which is the first tamil movie released with 'Adults only' certification?


Who wrote the dialogues for Mani saar's first movie, pagal nilavu

AL Narayanan

the story for nalla thambi starring NSK and written by Anna was lifted from this english movie. Name the movie.

Mr Deed Goes Town ( directed by Frank Capra)

Sridevi in viswaroopam, Meena in Muthu - whats common?

They were paired opposite a hero to whom they have acted as daughter in earlier films

Sridevi was sivaji's daughter in pilot premnath ( and son in thiruvilayadal)
Meena was Rajini's daughter in Engaeyo kaetta Kural.

Kannadam - Katha Sangama, Telugu - Anthuleni Katha, Bengali - Baghya Devatha, Tamil - ???

Aboorva raagangal

these are rajini's debuts in various langauges

Hindi - Andha Kanoon
English - Blood Stone
Malayalam - Alaudinum Arpudha villakkum

Surya is the hero in Goutham Menon's next film "Silandhi". Who is going to be the villain?

Milind Soman.

The role was offered to Mithun, then to Sarath Kumar. Both refused, as the roll called for shaving their head. Who got the role finally?

Prakash Raj.

The movie is Iruvar.

Connect the movies "Kalamegam" and "Thillana Mohanambal"

T.N.Rajaratnam acted as the hero in Kalamegam.

All the mannerisms of Shivaji in Thillana Mohanambal were based on TNR.

Vasundhara Devi, the heroine of "Mangamma Sabadham" ( the old one-not the one with Kamal) is the mother of...?

Vyjayanthi mala.

Name the first song of Shankar Mahadevan in Tamil.

It is not"Varaha nathik karaiyoram" from Sangamam as many people think.
But "Chittu parakkuthu kutralathil..." from Nilave mugam kattu.

Who scored the music for Kalangarai vilakkam and what was odd about it?

MSV. This was his first movie as a solo composer after splitting with TK Ramamurthy

Name the first movie in which Vivek has played the role of the hero ?

Rama.Narayanan's sendhoora devi. The movie also featured Kanaka and baby shamilie. It was a rip off of kuzandhaiyum deivaumum.

We all know Puthumaipithan's short story 'Sittrannai' better as...

Uthiripookkal. (Mahendran adapted the short story into this film. Though the film was completely different from the short story, he still gave credit and money to Puthumaipithan since he felt the short story inspired him to do the film)

He began his career as a freelance photographer. His key clients were India Today & Kalki. Who?

Cinematographer & recently turned director KV Anand.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Who was the co-director of the Balu Mahendra film Sadma?

Hrishikesh Mukherjee

Mahesh Bhat's Arth served as the inspiration for which Balu Mahendra flick?

Marupadiyum. Incidentally many of Balu's films are remakes.

Identify the singer of this golden oldie.

Thangappan Subash Chandra Bose aka music director Chandra Bose. The song is from Aaru Pushpangal. The music for this film was scored by MSV. Trivia courtesy:

If you cut and paste the malayalam film 'Nadodi Kaathu' and change the font to Tamil, the script is likely to be that of ____________

Pandiarajan's Kathanayagan. I don't know if Mukta Srinivasan bought the rights for this film. I used to think the Dubai joke was conjured up by Crazy Mohan till I was reminded by my mull friend, that an actor/director named Srinivasan deserves the full credit for it.

Who wrote the screenplay and dialogues of KB's 'Thillu Mullu'?


Connect 'Udal, Porul, Anandhi', 'Pattanathil Bootham', 'Andha Naal'.

'Jaavar' Seetharaman.

'Udal, Porul, Anandhi' was his novel later televised as a serial in DD.
In 'Pattanathil Bootham', he plays the bootham.
He co-wrote 'Andha Naal' with Veenai Balachander.

He has been director Bala's close associate for a long time. Bala produced his debut directorial venture and also had his protege, Surya, act in it. Who and what movie?

Singampuli. The movie was 'Mayavi'

The movie didnt do well, but Surya had great words of praise for Singampuli's histrionic skills. He even credited him for his great acting in Pithamagan.

What was the last song sung by Shahul Hameed(Usilampatti penkutti fame)?

"vaaraayo thozi" from Jeans and the movie got released much after his death.This is the first tamil song sung by Sonu Nigam.

Who wrote the story for Manohara?

Pammal Sambanda Mudaliar

Shivaji Ganesan played the role of Socrates in ______________

A drama within the film Raja Rani.

Who scored the music for Saadhu Mirandaal and what was odd about it?

TK Ramamurthy. This was his first movie as a solo composer after splitting with MSV.

Who wrote dialogues for athE kaNkaL

TN Balu

What is star of the east?

First ever full fledged studio in south india, established in the year 1919. ( behind roxy theatre , purasawalkam)

Arjun's role in Gentleman was originally offered to

sarath kumar

Who was the first film artist to enter the Tamil Nadu Legislature?

KB Sunderambal. She was nominated to the Madras Legislative Council in the year 1951.

Before he settled for vikram, bala planned to make sethu with X under a different title. Name X and the title

Vignesh. The title was akhilan

ponvayal released in 1954 was based on a famous novella by kalki. Which one?

poiman karadu

Victor Hugo's les miserables was scripted and made in to a tamil movie by K.Ramnoth. Name the movie

Ezhai padum pAdu

iruvar uLLam was adapted from 'penmanam', a novel by a popular writer lakshmi. Who wrote the dialogues?

kalainjar mu.karuNanithi

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A short story titled 'Kalvettu' was made into a Tamil film. What was the name of the film?

Azhagi. The short story was by Thankar Bachchan.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Which Tamil film's title comes to your mind when you see this Pamela Hanson pix?

Jilendru Oru Kaadhal. Click here to know why.

Trivia tip-off by Sajan.

Who wrote the story & dialogues for Thanga Padakkam?

Director Mahendran!

The Telugu version was named Sivakasi. What was the Tamil original called?


He planned to call the English version, Confessions of the Assassin. Who & what am I talking about?

Kamal Hassan & Hey Ram. Kamal keeps talking about making English versions of his films. Just like he can never stop talking about Marudhunayakam.

Which film's publicity poster was a straight lift of this Levi's ad?

SJ Suryah's Kalvanin Kaadhali. Go here to see a thumbnail of the copycat.

The movie "Yugaa" is directed by a "famous" (if you can call him that) horror movie director. He has been in a long hibernation after the movie that shot him to fame. Name him.
'Yaar' Kannan.
Poor guy learnt that horror movies are not to be made the way he did, but how RGV does today...Still can be appreciated for his attempt a long time back.

The first Tamil film with a kissing scene....

Sattam En Kayil. Kamalahasan (who else!) kissing some white female.

The film with the shortest title...

Thee. (Are there other one letter titles?)

The song with no lyrics....

Yayannyaa En Bommukkutti Ammaavukku (Composed by Raja Anna, and sung by him and Chitra). Guys let me know if there are any other songs that don't have any words but just humming as this one had. Can we term them songs then?

The song with the longest pallavi.....

Vaanengum thanga vinmeengal....from Moondram Pirai.

How do we better know Naggarth Khan, who was a child artist in Laawaris?


director of vijay starrer 'Sachein' is the son of a legend in kollywood. Name the legend.


( Vaathiyar pillai Makku. Vaithiyar Pillai Seekku)

Monday, July 10, 2006

In Mahanadhi, what are the names of the characters played by Kamal Hassan, Sukanya, Shobana & Dinesh?

Krishna, Yamuna, Kaveri & Barani - all names of rivers.

Which Tamil film was based on K. Kannan's play Jaadigal Illaiyadi Pappa?

Vedham Pudhidhu

Richard, the co-promoter of Cinema Paradiso, the DVD rentals chain, is the sibling of X. Identify X.

Actress Shalini aka wife of Ajith.

Which tamil film was remade as Aaina in Hindi?

Aval Oru Thodarkathai.

Sanchari, a Bangalore based Bharatanatyam school, is run by _________

Vani Ganapathy

Give the names of the Hollywood movies / books that have been "Tamil-ized" by the following movies made by "Padmashree, the know-all" Kamalhaasan...

#)Avvai shanmugi/chachi 420 --> Mrs. Doubt fire (the story is from this) and Tootsie (the characterisation, the make-up and the older man falling in love with the man-in-woman's costume was from this)

#)Raaja Paarvai --> Butterflies Are Free (1972) , Sai parajpaye's SPARSH and the climax scenes from Hoffman's "The Graduate".

#)Sathya --> Dustin Hoffman's Marathon Man (1976), also the Sunny Deol starrer "Arjun"

#)Enakkul Oruvan --> Reincarnation of Peter Proud(1975)

#)Indiran Chandiran --> Richard Dreyfuss Starrer "Moon Over Parador", the characterisation even is an outright rip...

#)Thenali --> Richard Dreyfuss & Bill Murray 's What About Bob

#)Nayagan --> God Father Part 1,2 and 3

#)Vetri vizha --> Was based on the Robert Ludlum book "Bourne Identity"

#)Virumandi --> "The Life of David Gale"...just watched it, OMG...the death-penalty abolition, the jail-interviewing scenes all are rips...

#)Naala Damayanthi --> Green card(1990, Andie MacDowell, Gerard Depardieu)

#)Sathi Leelavathi --> She-Devil (1989, Meryl Streep, Roseanne)

#)Magalir Mattum --> Nine to Five (1980, Jane fonda, Dolly Parton)

#)Nammavar --> To Sir With Love (1967, Sidney Poitier)

#)Anbe Sivam --> Kamal and Madavan combo-part was from Steve Martin's "Planes, Trains & Automobiles", the flashback of Kamal with Nasser and Kiran was from Mel Gibson's "The Man without a Face"

#)GUNA --> Its based on Tie me up Tie me down.

The director Karu Palaniappan's first film's title was an unmentioned dedication to his mentor, under whom he worked as an assistant for several years. The central character in the movie also shares the name with its mentor. Which movie?

Parthiban Kanavu. Karu Palaniappan was Parthiban's assistant for several years.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Who has won the National Award for Best Female Playback Singer, the most number of times?

Chitra. She's won it 6 times. P. Susheela comes second with 5 awards. And S. Janaki comes third with 4 awards. Lata Mangeshkar is at the fourth spot with 3 awards.

Who were the costume designers for Tic Tic Tic & Hey Ram?

Vani Ganapathy & Sarika. I am not sure if Gauthami was credited as 'costume designer' for Virumandi.

Lakshmi, Rajnikant & Prabhu. All 3 have daughters by the name _______


'Thaai Tamil Kalvipani' (a tamil medium school) is the brainchild of __________

Lyricist Thamarai & her husband Thyagu.

Who runs a dance school called Kalalaya?

Dance 'Master' Kala. I read somewhere that Jyothika gifted her a bangle with 88 precious stones for helping her out with the 'Ra Ra' song in Chandramukhi!

She, the vamp of 80's, was the heroine of 'Hemavin Kadhalargal' , directed by the popular malayalam film maker TV Chandran.Who?


Nalini made her debut in

Ranuva Veeran, opposite Chiranjeevi ( and not uyirullavarai usha)

Manivannan's directorial debut..

jothi ( in 1983)

Name the only film in which Revathi acts opposite Ramarajan

gramathu minnal

Love is fine Darling is the english song from sivaji starrer thavaputhalvan.Who wrote the lyrics?

randor guy

In early 80's , vividhbharathi and AIR banned this song for the obscenity in the lyrics.Which popular song am i talking about?

orambo orambo rukkumaNi vaNdi varuthu

K Balachander's oru veedu iru vaasal is based on

a short story by anuradha ramanan

if NTR did the role of Gemini in telugu missiamma, then who did KA Thangavelu's role?

ANR ( Akkineni Nageswara Rao)

He was a popular hero in 80'. He dubbed for Ajit in aasai. Who?

Suresh ( panner pushpangal )

She was supposed to make her debut opposite Srikanth in april madhathil. She was thrown out for poor performance. Now a star in Bollywood.

vidya balan

She acted aong with Vijay in a ad film directed by Rajeev Menon for Coke. She is a popular bollywood star now. Who?

Amrita Rao

Santhana Bharathi is the son of a yester year film actor. Name him


Recently released naaLai has one Ms. Shanthi Srihari as the choreographer. Who is she?

Disco Shanthi

When MKT was in prison, some producers launched another Bhagavathar as an alternative. Who?

Honappa Bhagavathar. Unfortunately his career never took off.

Who inaugurated the Kapali theater in Mylapore?

MK Thyagaraja Bhagavathar

Which legendary music composer used to play the harmonium in MKT's plays?

G. Ramanathan

The Thee Pidikka song by Yuvan features a line from a classic MKT number. Identify that song.

Bhoomiyil Maanida Jenmam from the movie Ashok Kumar. Listen to the song in TFM Page. Trivia courtesy: My mom.

Bharat Dabholkar, the adman best remembered for his Amul hoardings, has made a short appearance in a Rajnikant flick. Which one?


Name the first tamil film with a football player as its chief protagonist.

Dhaas starring Jeyam Ravi.

When Kollywood XI took on Tollywood XI on the cricket field for the Arogya Cup, who captained Kollywood?


"If Birla White can be a success, why not Bhansali's Black," said who?


She spent a day with mentally handicapped kids at 'Shiva Shakti Kaakkum Karangal' as atonement for bouncing a cheque. Who?

Actress Roja. The idea of atonement was not hers. It was an creative verdict delivered by Justice M Karpagavinayagam of the Madras High Court.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The storyline of "you have got mail" and "kaadahl Kottai" are very similar, though Kadhal kottai was the earlier movie. How did this happen?

Long story.

There is this 1950's movie called Shop around the corner.
A telegu author copied this story into a serial in a magazine.
Director R.Balu lifted this story and started to make this movie with Thangar Bachchan as a the cameraman. The movie was stalled for some reason. Thangar lifted the story and told it to Ahathiyan. When the movie was released, Balu threatened legal action. Shivasakthi Pandian,the producer of Kadhal Kottai, gave him another movie as a settlement. the movie was Kaalamellam Kadhal Vaazhga.

Shop around the corner was remade as "You have got mail" with the snailmail being replaced with email.

Long live originality!!

This is "Man at crossroad" painting by Diego Rivera. The background story of this painting was depicted in a tamil movie. Explain.

When rockefeller built the rockefeller centre, he wanted a mural in the lobby. He wanted some modern artist. Rivera was appointed on the recommendation of Mrs.Rockefeller. Rockefeller was a capitalist but Rivera was a communist. So he did a mural where he hid many communist symbols ( can you spot lenin in the picture?) Rockefeller understood this only after the work was complete. He was furious and brought down the mural.

Sounds familiar? watch 'Anbe Sivam' again.

Who wrote the story for the movie "Aishwarya Oru Peralagi"?

Rabindranath Tagore.

Aishwarya Oru Peralgi is the dubbed version of Chokher Bali made in Bengali. The movie is marketed like a C grade porn movie in Tamil. Ash and Rituparno ghosh would be furious.

Wonder if there are other Bengali movies dubbed into tamil.

What raaga is "Kandupudichen kandupidichen" from Guru Shishyan, and what is odd about its usage?

Subha Bandhu Varaali.

It is considered as a very tragic Raaga. But Ilayaraja dared to use it in a very comic setting.

If you want to know how this raaga sounds in a tragic setting listen to Raja again in " Vaikaraiyil.. Vaigai karaiyil" from Payanangal Mudivathillai.

Who is the art director for the movie "Devathai"?

Trotsky maruthu

Tamanna Bhatia, the heroine of the movie K.D was in the news for the wrong reason.What happenned?

Her photo was wrongly circulated as the bar dancer Tarannum Khan, who was involved in the cricketing bet scandal.

The other heroine in K.D is Ilyasa who appears in RMKV ads.

K.D starring Ravi Krishna had a different title originally. What was it?


They had to change it as people belonging to the caste Kallar objected.

Shobha Kalyana Mandapam in Saligramam is owned by ?

Actor Vijay. The mandapam is named after his mom.

The JYM Kalyana Mandapam (opposite Shrine Vailankannni School) on Venkat Narayana Road was once upon a time the home of ___________

MK Thyagaraja Bhagavathar

Which actress owns a kalyana mandapam near the AIADMK head office in Lloyds Road?

Hema Malini

Friday, July 07, 2006

The opening sequence of this movie features suicide scenes from Pookalai Parikatheergal, Punnagai Mannan & Barathi Kannamma. Which movie?


What does the T stand for in T Rajendar?


What was Kamal hassan inspired to do when he saw Jose Ferrer depicting the role of Henri Toulouse Lautrec in Moulin Rouge?

Apoorva Sahodarargal.

Toulouse Lautrec's legs were abnormally short. Ferrer had acted with his legs folded and tied backwards. Kamal had suggested a full length movie based on this to Balachandar. But he gave him only a small scene in Punnagai mannan and told a full length movie will be a flop. The shishya proved the Guru wrong.

Haridas holds the record for the longest running tamil movie. This is inside tamilnadu. Which movie ran longest outside tamilnadu?

Guru in colombo. It ran for two years I think. clarifications are welcome.

Which movie has scored the maximum score in Ananta Vikatan's reviews?

Padhinaru Vayathinilae ( 64 if I am not mistaken)

The producer of the movie "Thirutu Payalae" had earlier promoted a successful I.T company. Name the Company

Software SOlutions Integrated / SSI technologies.

He was born in Sengabalathan kadu in tanjore district. As this is a totally unknown village he prefixed his name with the nearest town. Name the town.


The person is ofcourse is Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram.

Where is the world's largest Lavendar Farm located ? ( what is this trivia doing in triviapettai?)

It is in Tasmania.

The tamil audience will know this place as the place where Siddarth and Genelia keep jumping in Bullet time in the song "thulli kudhithen" from boyz.

The honour for the tallest cut out in chennai is shared by two actors. Name both and the movies.

Sivaji Ganesan for Vananga Mudi
Rajini Kant for Thudikum Karangal

The height was 80 ft. Apparently the producers of Thudikum karangal wanted to erect a cut out taller than 80 ft. But the ever humble super star insisted that it shouldn't be taller than Sivaji's.

Which tamil novel by Indira Parthasarathy won the Sahitya acadmi award in 1977?


No connection to kamal's movie which is based on Govind Nihlani's Droh Kaal. But I think Kamal was inspired enough to use the title

Where was the first ever screening of a movie in Tamilnadu?

Victoria Public Hall - next to central station

who is burried at this place in Sammatipuram, Madurai?

Mohammed Yusuf Khan better known to moviebuffs as "Marudhanayagam"

the male voice in the song "soo mandira kali" from thalai nagaram is that of a DJ. Name him

Funky Shankar from Suriyan FM. He also comperes a show called Blade No.1 in SUN MUSIC

The style of story telling where the same scene is enacted from different view points - as used in virumandi - is named after a world film. Name it

Rashomon directed by Akiro Kurosawa

I think Balachandar was the first to use this technique- in nootrukku nooru .

Readers can enlighten if there are earlier instances in tamil cinema

Which is tamil's first 3D Movie?

annai bhoomi

My dear kutti chathan was dubbed

Who was the hero in the movie "Othai adi pathaiyilae"?

Ganesh as in Shankar Ganesh

Chidambaram Jayaraman got his much needed break thanks to a recommendation from his brother in law who was very popular in kollywood. Name him

Kalaignar Mu Karunanidhi

the old man who appears as the chief of terrorists in "Uyirae/dilse" is an acclaimed painter. Name him

Manjit Bawa

Who sang the Chikunu Irukiyae song in Solli Adippaen?

Actor Vivek.

Which opera's plot bears a striking resemblance to Rajeev Menon's Minsara Kanavu?

Barber of Seville.

Who made a fleeting appearance as Aishwarya Rai's music tutor in the film, Kandukondein Kandukondein?

Kalyani Menon, Rajeev Menon's mom.

Who was the male singer in the song Kichu Kichu Mootiriye in the film Naina?

Cinematographer Rajeev Menon. Here's a link to that song.

Connect Kaadhal Yaanai & Chikku Bukku Chikku Bukku Railay?

Singer GV Prakash is the connection. He's the child voice in Chikku Bukku Chikku Bukku. He's also sang the Kaadhal Yaanai Varugudhu Remo song in Anniyan. GV Prakash is now scoring the music for Veyil. Another interesting tidbit is GV Prakash is the son of AR Rehana (Rehman's sis).

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Time constraints made him drop out from the Tamil film. But found the time to act in its hindi version. Who?

Rajinikanth. Missed out 'Malayoor Mambattiaan. But did 'Gangwaa'.

Who dubbed for Mohanlal in the Tamil version of the Malayalam film, Harikrishnans?

SP Balasubramaniam. Perhaps, this is the only Tamil film starring Juhi Chawla. Am I right, guys?

Pooja Bhatt has starred in one Tamil film. Which one?

Kalluri Vaasal

What are the names of Satyaraj & Sibiraj in the movie, Kovai Brothers?

Ganesh & Vasanth

How does the ventriloquist address his puppet in Avargal?

He calls him Junior.

If Hitchcock were to watch Saavi, he would say, 'It's a clone of ________________'

Dial M for Murder

Krishnamurthy Narayanan. How do we know him better?

Chinni Jayanth

The dubbed version was released as Pyaara Tarana in Hindi. What was the original called?

Ninaithaaley Inikkum

The Hindi film, Yeh Toh Kamaal Ho Gaya is a remake of which tamil film?

Sattam En Kaiyil

The basic plot of 'Panchathanthiram' is lifted from _______________

The 1998 movie Very Bad Things.

Oonche Log is KR Vijaya's only Hindi film till date. Whose play was Oonche Log based on?

K. Balachandar's Major Chandrakanth! Ashok Kumar played Chandra Kanth & KR Vijaya acted as Vimala, the girl who commits suicide.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Who runs an event management company by the name, Ashtalakshmi Creators?

Chinni Jayanth

Who wrote the story for the film, Pathini Penn?

Thilakavathi IPS

Who's the male crooner in the Dailamo song from the movie Dishyum?

Vijay Antony, music director of Dishyum. The lady is of course, Sangeetha Rajeshwaran.

Who was the cinematographer for the English film In the Shadow of the Cobra?

Fowzia Fatima, the Director of Photography for movies like Whistle, Uyir & Mitr.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Premgi, the singer who does Blaaze's job for Yuvan, is the son of ____________

Gangai Amaran

When asked for his real name, he said it was Lakshminarasimha Vijayarajagopalaseshadri Sharmarajeshraman. Who?

Rapper Blaaze

What was the working title of the Cheran movie Thavamaai Thavamirundhu?

Touring Talkies

In the Pattiyal song, 'Namma Kaatila', Yuvan has fused a line from a Hindi film & a Bhangra refrain from a Tamil film. Identify the 2 flicks.

Yun zindagi kay raah mein from Saath Saath. And the Bhangra beats from Kudiyirundha Koil. The Saath Saath line has been sung by Chitra Singh, wife of Jagjit Singh.

He died along with his wife in a fire accident. His son was brought up by Major Sundarrajan and he is now a popular TV actor and compere. Name them.

Sasikumar, the father and Vijaysarathi , his son

MGR referred this Film maker as his maanseega guru. Who is he?


Name the only movie directed by Gemini Ganesh

idhaya malar

She is the present Chairman of Greater Mysore Chamber of Industry. Her hobby is to make films with her hubby as the hero? Name her

Indira Prem ( Prem, of Krodham fame, is her hubby)

What was the last film by the duo, Bharathi-Vasu?

neethiyin nizhal

Before she became an actor, Suhasini was

an assistant with Cinematographer Ashokkumar

jayachitra made her debut in

kuRathi magan

Janaki Sabesh, an ad professional and a charatcter actor in tamil films made her debut...

Minsara kanavu. she acted as one of the nuns

Arunthathi Nag ( Arvindswamy's aunt & mother superior in Minsara kanavu) is also known as...

wife of (late) Shankar Nag

Recollect the reddy brothers of Nayagan. There is something special about them. What is that?

they are brothers in real life too ( RN Rajgopal, RN Jaygopal, RN Sudharshan)

He wrote the story for kalthooN and was called kathoon krishna then. Now, he is better known as

vijay krishnaraj

G Srinivasan is the co-producer of movies made by Madras Talkies. Who is he?

Mani saar's own brother

When Jayalalitha was offered a role to act opposite Rajinikanth, she refused because she thought he looked too young and insignificant. Which film?

naan pOtta savAl

Who paired opposite Jayalalitha in her last film

Sarath Babu

Barrister Rajinikanth, the role played by Shivaji in Gouravam was inspired by a real life character. Who?

Alladi Krishnaswamy Iyer

The only film in which KR Vijaya appears in a bikini...

pattanathil bootham

The story for kakkich chattai was written by

Livingstone and GM Kumar

Rajesh Khanna starrer Aradhana was remade in tamil as

Sivagamiyin selvan

sridhar rejected her after screen test. Later she became a super star in Bollywood. Who is she?


Nakul, one of the singers of Karkha Karkha from Vettayadu Vilayadu is one of the 5 main characters in X and is related to actress Y. Solve for X and Y

X is "Boys" and Y is Devayani who is Nakul's sister

The working title of this movie was 'Koothupattarai'. Which one?

Azhagiya Theeye

Who wrote the story & dialogues for the 2003 flick, 'Idhayamey'?

Actress Nalini.

Who runs a production company called 'Raade Films'?

Actress Devayani. Raade = RAAj Kumaran (her husband) + DEvayani.

Monday, July 03, 2006

What did the who's who of Kollywood study?

MGR – 3rd Standard
Shivaji Ganesan - 3rd Standard
Manorama – 6th Standard
Sridevi – 7th Standard (dropped out midway)
Kannadasan - 8th Standard
Ramya Krishnan - 8th Standard
Ajith - 10th Standard (dropped out midway)
Meena - 10th Standard
Reema Sen - 10th Standard
Vijaykanth - SSLC
Bhavana - 11th Standard
Soundarya - Intermediate
Revathi - +2
Dhanush - BCA (Correspondence)
Simbu - Audio Engineering Diploma
Prashanth - Diploma in Computer Graphics & Multimedia
Director Shankar - Diploma in Engineering
SP Balasubramaniam - Diploma in Engineering (ITI)
PC Sreeram - Diploma in Cinematography (Madras Film Institute)
Nasser – Diploma in Acting (Madras Film Institute)
AR Rehman – Degree in Western Classical Music (Trinity College)
Illayaraja – A course in Classical Guitar (Trinity College)
Rajnikant - Diploma in Acting (Madras Film Institute)
Meera Jasmine - Home Science (1st Year)
Jyothika – BA Psychology (Drop out)
Prasanna – Engineering (Drop out)
Gauthami – Electronics Engineering (Drop out)
Vijay – Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications (Drop out)
Laila – BA
Napoleon – BA (History)
Asin – BA (Literature)
Jai Shankar – BL (Law graduate)
Gemini Ganesan – B.Sc (Chemistry)
Vasundhara Das – Bachelors in Stats (Mount Carmel, Bangalore)
Srikanth – B.Sc (Computer Science) from HIET
Arjun – B.Sc
K Balachandar – B.Sc (Annamalai University)
Madhavan – B.Sc (Electronics)
Sarath Kumar – B.Sc (Maths) New College
SJ Surya – B.Sc (Physics)
Satyaraj – B.Sc (Botany)
Simran – B.Com
Devayani – B.Com
Abbas – B.Com
Surya – B.Com (Loyola)
Trisha – BBA (Ethiraj)
YG Mahendra – B.Tech (Chemical) MBA (Madras University)
Singer Srinivas – Chemical Engineer
Gautam Menon – BE (Mechanical)
Selvaraghavan – BE (Mechanical)
Arya – BE (Computer Science)
Vairamuthu – Post Graduate Degree in Tamil Literature
Pooja – MBA (Mount Carmel)
Arvind Swamy - MBA
Mani Ratnam – MBA from Jamnalal Bajaj
Siddharth – MBA from SP Jain
Vikram – MBA from Loyola

Please feel free to add to this list or even to correct it.

'Andru oru Sivaji. Indru oru Sivaji Rao'. Ananda Vikatan's first line, praising Rajini's performance, while reviewing this film.


song : "sondha kuralil paada" from Amarkalam. Question: whose sondha kural is it?

Shalini Ajitkumar

Geetu mohandas, the heroine of 'Nala damyanthi' made her debut in tamil as a child artiste. Name the movie.

Bommu Kutti Ammavukku

Born Antony. But changed his name to reflect his admiration for Sivaji and MGR. What was his screen name?


Siva (ji) + (Rama) chandran

When 'swathi muthyam' was dubbed as 'sippukkul muthu' Kamal wasn't availabe for dubbing. Then who gave the voice for him?


Abishek - better known as 'bhaskar' in 'kolangal' - made his big screen debut in a much acclaimed 1994 movie. Name the movie

Moha mul

what is common to following kamal movies - Mangamma Sabatham, Sati Leelavathi, Apoorva Sahodarargal, raj tilak

All tribute to movies by S.S.Vasan / gemini studios.

Sati leelavathi : Vasan Wrote the story. The others are names of movies produced by Gemini studios in 50s.

Incidentally Gemini studio's first movie was Madana Kamarajan ( MMKR is kamal's homage)

There is an old movie (50s) called " ellam inba mayam" But this was not by Gemini studios.

Readers can add to the list, if I have left out some.

Nayagan was launched by which production house?

Muktha arts.

It was later transfered to Sujatha films. ( dont know if it was part of the Dowri)

In the movie "Deivam', Thevar used his artistic licence to twist a fact, to accommodate his favourite idol. Explain.

'Deivam' was about the Arupadai veedu of lord Muruga. It had one story for each padaiveedu. Marudhamalai Murugan was thevar's favourite god. But it is not one of the 6 padaiveedus. So he replaced Pazhamudhir Cholai with Marudhamalai.

The baseline for mumbai express was " he knows no fear. he knows no danger. he knows nothing". Straight lift from an 'English' film. Which one?

Johny English *ing Rowan Atkinson

Connect - ahlama feki and wana wana by Hisham abbas, Summer time by Shaggy, Kinna sonatan by Nusrat fateh ali khan, Laung gawacha a punjabi folk tune

The sources for all the songs in the movie Ullathai Allitha

- Ahlama feki - alagiya laila
- Wana wana - I love you love you
- Summer time - adi anarkali
- Kinna sona tan - Mama nee maama
- Laung Gawacha - chittu chittu

Kudos Sirpi. Originality reached a new benchmark with you.

Exceptional considering that C.SUndar has lifted the storyline of the movie from andaz apna apna and few scenes from sabhash meena.

Who is the female voice in the song "ullathai killathae" from 'tamilan'?

Priyanka Chopra

'Ramjilal speaking' in malayalam. "Hera pheri' in Hindi. What is it in Tamil?

Arangetra velai.

The director says he named his movie as a combination of a rajini movie and a vikram movie, as he claims it be an equal success. which movie?

Veera + Saamy by Vijaya.T.Rajenderr

Born Ramakrishnan, he made his debut in 'Raaman Abdhulla'. Who?


Ramya, the heroine in Simbu's 'Kuthu', is the grand daughter of a renowned politician. Who?

Former Chief Minister of Karnataka - SM Krishna. Ramya's real name is Divya Bandhanas.

What's the name of Illayaraja's film production outfit?

Pavalar Creations, named after his elder brother.

Panju Arunachalam recyled his own movie made in 1974 as Vanaja Girija in 1994. Name the original.

Engamma Sabatham

[Napolean = Muthuraman ; Ramki = Sivakumar ; Kushbu = Vidhubala ; Mohini = Jayachitra]

Kamal's ellam inba mayam was a blatant copy of this film released in 1972. Nagesh was the hero. Name the movie

Hello Partner

[Kamalhassan = Nagesh; Jaishankar = MRR Vasu; Madhavi = Vijayalalitha; Suman = Thengai Srinivasan]

Name the only film directed by VK Ramasami

jodi pura

If Rajini is Vijayakanth in the hindi version of Sattam oru iruttarai, ( Antha kanoon) then who is Amitabh?

(Shankar) Ganesh

Name the only movie directed by Nagesh

paartha njabakam illaiyo

Bharathiraja wrote the screenplay. R.Selvaraj was the director . PC Sriram handled the camera. IR was the MD.Name the film

neethana antha kuyil

Manorama produced the film. Her son bhoopathy was the hero. Ashwini was the heroine. Name the film

thoorathu pachchai

KS Gopalakrishan, the king of melodrama, threatened to sue K Bhagyaraj, during the release of Munthanai Muidchu. Do you know why?

KSG accused Bhagyaraj, that munthanai mudichu story was flicked from his 'Karpagam'

Nanda, the upcoming hero is the grandson of a Political leader. Name him.

MDMK leader Mu.Kannappan

the music for 'Melam Kottu Thali Kattu', a ramarajan film was scored by a popular srilankan music composer. Name him.


The duo, Ram-Rahim penned stories for many movies in early eighties.Who is Ram and Rahim?

Ram = Rama.Narayanan
Rahim = MA Khaja

The film was directed by Cheran. A song in this film was directed by Charan. Which film i am talking about?

Desiya Geetham ( the intro song of Rambha )

Srikanth, Sripriya starrer peNNukku yAr kAval was based on

Sujatha's Jannal Malar

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Komal Mahuvakar is better known as


Kanika, who made her debut in five star is an alumnus of

BITS Pilani

Kannada filmstar Vishnuvardhan's first film in tamil

alaigal ( directed by sridhar)

Rajinikanth's English film Blood Stone was originally titled as

Go For Gold

Ambika made her debut in..


We know this is one of the best films ever. But it's also the first film for Editor Lenin, actors Charuhasan and Bhoopathy (Manorama's son).

Mahendran's Uthiripookkal. (I urge film buffs to read Mahendran's book 'Cinemavum Naanum'. A fascinating book just like his films - simple, powerful and very moving)

Who erected the Kattabomman statue in Kayatharu?

Sivaji Ganesan. Kayatharu was the place where Kattabomman was hanged on October 16th, 1799.

The Hindi film 'Bombay to Goa' was a remake of a Tamil movie starring Ravichandran & Kalpana. Which one?

Madras to Pondicherry

Sivaji has acted as many national leaders. But which leader did he want to act as, but never got the chance?


What sivjai couldn't, I believe Satyaraj is going to achieve

------- , Shoba , Suhaasini, Archana. who is the first in the list?


list of Oorvashi award winners ( national award for the best actress)

Modern theatre's 'vallavan varugiraan' has the same story line as a hollywood movie, which was released atleast 10 years after V V. What is the catch?

The hollywood movie is " Live and let die" starring roger moore as james bond.

Modern theatres made the movie based on the novel by Ian fleming. Hollywood was much slower

Which was the first tamil movie to be sent to Oscars as india's nomination?

Deiva magan

when Gandhi was dubbed in Tamil, who gave the voice for Gandhi?

director Vasanth.

the initial scenes where gandhi is young, the voice was by Vikram

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How is Dharan Mandrayar director of "Ele,my Friend" and the unreleased "White Rainbow" related to the tamil film world?

He is Sivaji Ganesan's nephew ( son of V.C.Shanmugham)

Ayyampettai Arivudainambi Kaliaperumal.......end this name.

...Chandran. Rajinikanth's full name in Thillu Mullu!

Gopi was one of the five heros in K Subhash's vAkkumoolam'. He is better know as

Bhanupriya's brother

The original name of this sridhar's film was 'Hero 72'. The film was released only in 1975 and the name was changed.Which movie?

vaira nenjam

SA Chandrasekar's directorial debut..

aval oru pachchai kuzandhai

The only film in which Jayalalitha paired opposite Cho..

vanthALE magarAsi

Its a malyalam film. Pratap Pothen is the director. Kamal hassan, the hero. Name the film


The first movie mike Mohan acted with Shivaji Ganesan

garudA sowkiyamA

Jayabharathi and Prathap Pothen are related to each other. How?

Jayabharathi married Hari Pothen, Prathap's elder brother.

Jayabharati seduces the hero, a teenage boy in rathinirvetham. Now, he is better known as...

singer & actor Krishnachandar

TN Balu, died halfway through while he was directing Shankarlal. Who completed the film?

Kamalhasan ( along with cinematographer N K Viswanathan)

Chandrahasan ( kamal's bro) made his debut in this film as the lead actor. Name the film

Gramathu athiyayam ( incidentally, this was the second and last film of rudraiya)

The plot of which tamil movie was borrowed from 'Sliding doors' starring Gwyneth paltrows?

In 'sliding doors' Gwyneth misses a local train and from that point onwards the movie traces the story of two gwyneths - one who misses the train and the one who caught the train.

Sounds familiar? watch '12B'

Which tamil film reminds us the life of the US president David Rice Atchison?


Atchison was the president of US for just one day.

In its early days, the Anna Nagar tower was referred to as X tower, as it was prominently featured in one of X's movies. Name X.


After his debut in kAthal Oviyam, the hero kannan acted only in one film. Name the second instance.

Meedum oru kaathal kathai ( he acted as Radhika's brother)

what are Kamal's names in the following movies - Nayagan, Sati leelavathi, thevar magan?

Sakthi vel

Wonder why he likes the name so much. Tribute to someone?

Rajeev Menon thanks one Mr.Kenny in the title card of kandukondein kandukondein. Who is Kenny?

Kenny is Vikram. He dubbed for Abbas in that movie [and probably did not take money :-)]

sati leelavathi was not only the debut for MGR and Balaiah but also for the storywriter. Name him


Who was paired opposite Arjun in the movie, 'Saadhu'?

Raveena Tandon

Kushaldass gardens, a building featured in many movies was recently brought down. What was the last movie where it was prominently featured?


It 'acted' as the Vettaikaran aranmanai.

Who played the male lead in Kalki's 'Thyagabhoomi' ?

Papanasam Sivan.

He also scored the music for the film

National awards for the best music director was started in 1965. Who was the first to win?

K.V.Mahadevan for Kandhan Karunai

In the only movie featuring Ganesh & vasanth ( sujatha's characters ) who acted as Ganesh?

Rajini Kanth.

The movie is priya and YG.Mandran acted as Vasanth.

Readers can enlighten if there is any other movie featuring these characters

The person who acted as the male protogonist in Nandanar (1935) was the first in kollywood to charge in 6 digits. Name the person.


Yes. SHE acted as the male lead.

Mani Bharathi was one of the assistant to Mani Saar in Bombay. He is better known as

Manoj ( S/o Bharathiraja)

Pavithran's Chief Assistant Director in vasantha kAla paravaigal...


Sridhar's sumai thAngi was based on a novella written by

Mohanlal's Rajavinte Magan was remade in tamil as 'makkal en pakkam'. It is said the films was inspired from a famous novel by Sidney Sheldon. Name it

Rage of Angels

Manochitra, who made her debut in maathuLai muththukkal is now known as kalavathy. She is the daughter of a yesteryear actor. Name him.


This mohanlal starrer was remade in tamil as manasukkuL maththappoo and in hindi as Kyon Ki.Which malayalam movie ?


Name the only film Jaishankar paired opposite seema

kai varisai

K R Vijaya's 100th film

nathaiyil muthu

Jayalalitha, Muthuraman Starrer suryakanthi was written by