Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This person was originally slated to be christened Mary after her grandmother- How do we better know this unblemished pure soul?

Asin was going to be called by another name - Mary. Asin Thottumkal's father was keen to name her Mary, after her grandmother. But then finally called her Asin, a name that means 'pure' or 'blemishless'.

Talking about names... interestingly a dam next to her house is called Asin dam. Now which was inspired by which is yet to be known.

Contributed by Avinash Mudaliar.

Who made her debut as a heroine in the successful Kannada film Goadalli CID 999 with Dr. Rajkumar in the late sixties(69)?

Rekha. Note: She played a child actress in a telugu flick earlier.

Contributed by Avinash Mudaliar.

Who made a guest appearance in a Bengali film titled ‘Bhagyadevta’ that was released in 1995?

Thalaivar Rajinikanth - The movie was directed by Raguram.

Contributed by Avinash Mudaliar.