Monday, January 25, 2010

Which movie was named so because it represents the names of the hero, director and the producer?

Aadhavan means sun. So does Surya, Ravi and Udaya

as noted in an interview by KS Ravikumar


connect olangal, nirakshana, autoraja, kannae kalimanae, ek aur prem kahani, paa.

Listen to the following songs

thumbi vaa - olangal (malayalam)
Aakasham enatidho from Nirakshana (telegu)
Sangathil paadatha kavithai - auto raja(tamil)
Neerveezhchi thee mootuthae - kannae kalaimanae (tamil)
Monday tho - ek aur prem kahani (Hindi)
Gum summ summ - Paa (Hindi)

all of them use the same tune but different lyrics. Whoever complained about ARR recycling tunes?

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