Thursday, November 23, 2006

Trivia Collection of K Viswanathan

- In Alaipayuthey, the montage shots that come in "kaadhal sadugudu" song has the meanings from the lines of "Snehidhane".

- In "BOMBAY", the hindu and muslim characters are played in the reverse, as in Kitty plays the Muslim while Nasser plays the Hindu.

- The TV Serial guy MS Bhaskar comes in the beginning scene of Makkal en pakkam.

- "Avvai Shanmugi" Kamalhassan always has an itchy feeling in the mid chest when is not in the avvai makeup to keep the consequences of female costumes.

- The film which Kamalhassan choregraphed MGR. "Naan en pirandhen" - He was an assistant to dance master Thangappan in that movie.

- The foremost song [ slightly ] to the one-breathe song "mannil indha kaadhal" was "kanmaniye kaadhal enbadhu".

- AVM Saravanan told in an interview he was amazed by a narration of a film for 2 hrs with interval of 5 mins and he never came across a narration like that - The narration was "Mundhanai mudichu" by Bhagyaraj. The interval was for Bhagyaraj to smoke :)

- In uthiri pookall - azhagiya kanne song, one of the stanza has violin bit where a flock of sheep is shown as visual - After the group of violins, one solo violin has a bit and in parallel a single sheep jumps out in sync with the music. B Lenin was describing that piece of sync was appreciated in his editing.

- A similar master sync was the song "poongatru" from moondram pirai and the train sequence matches the violin music. Amazing.

- All the "Agni Natchathiram" songs miss one regular instrument - Tabala.

- Two technicians who never worked as assistants and have great chemistry - Mani Sir and PC Sriram.

- What was PC Sriram's first film - "Meendum oru kadhal kadhai" by Prathap pothan.