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'It's not only his height' is the tagline of which tamil flick?


4 ppl are joining hands again in the upcoming S J Suryah starrer Thirumagan after Kizhakku Cheemaiyile. ARR, Thanu, Rathnakumar, _______

S J Suryah himself. He had an inconsequential part to play in one scene in Kizhakku Cheemaiyile.

Disco Dancer, the film that shot Mithun to instant national fame, was remade in Tamil as a launchpad for this actor. Who?

Anand Babu. Paadum Vaanambaadi was the film and it failed to create any of the magic that the original did. The songs composed by Bappi Lihiri, which were a rage then, were faithfully reproduced by Shankar-Ganesh duo.

Clarify: Was this Anand Babu's very first film, considering all sorts of roles?

In whose direction did Vikram make his debut?

Sridhar ( thanthuvitten ennai in 1991)

oru thalai rAgam was written and directed by

E.M.Ibrahim ( as per the title card)

It was the first film for Sunil Shetty and Moon Moon sen in tamil. Which film?


Who was called the "Shirley Temple of India"?

baby saroja ( who acted in thyaga bhoomi)

What was PU Chinnappa's last film?


When she acted as mohanabAl in thillana mohananbaL, padmini was

38 years old

Bharathiraja narrated sivappu rojakkaL to X before he settled for Kamal. X refused coz, he felt his image wouldnt suit the role of a psycopath.X?


In the soundtrack of Guna, Ilaiyaraaja refers to a song which, according to him, Kamal had sung better than SPB! Which song was it, probably?

The absolutely fantastic song "Megam Kottattum" in Enakkul Oruvan.
While the SPB version is what is widely known and immensely popular, the version sung by Kamal Haasan is available at Raaga.

In the Guna soundtrack, there were some conversations between Kamal Haasan, Santhana Bharathi and Ilaiyaraaja, supposed to have been recorded by Gangai Amaran, along with the songs from the film.
Raaja says in one of those conversations, "Neenga paadneenga paarunga enakku, ennoda music'la, namma Kavithaalayam padathula, andha alavukku Balu kooda paadala!"
Kamal goes, "Ayyuyyo!"

How many times did Ilaiyaraaja win a National Award for a Tamil film?

Only once, for his great music score in Sindhu Bhairavi (which was his overall second).

He won three in total, the other two being awarded for his great works in Saagara Sangamam and Rudra Veena, which were, as we all know, dubbed as Salangai Oli and remade as Unnal Mudiyum Thambi, respectively, in Tamil.

This commercial complex coming up at North Usman road is an exclusive Gold and Jewellery Mall . Who is the building named after ?

Prashanth Real Gold Tower - named after prashanth as the project is promoted by Thyagarajan and Real value. Earlier the location was home to thyagarajan's office.

Which building in chennai is a lucky mascot for director shankar?

Temple Towers.

Almost in all the movies of shankar, this building appears somewhere prominently.

Another of Shankar trademarks is the TV channel QTV. whenever a TV channel is featured in the story, it is called QTV.

In Kuruthippunal, the line “Ovvoru Manushanukkum oru Breaking point irukku!” is homage to a great film. Name the film.

Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now.

General Corman says the same line in the film describing Kurtz’s state:
[...] Therein, man has got a breaking point. You and I have. Walter Kurtz has reached his. And very obviously, he has gone insane.” [Link]

Note: Apocalypse Now itself was based on Joseph Conrad’s novella Heart of Darnkess, from which the film faithfully took the line. But, since Kamal Haasan is a big fan of Coppola, that line should rather be homage to the film.

Vikram worked in one of Kamal Haasan’s films. Name the film.

Kuruthippunal. He dubbed for the character Narasimhan (Sabjaan), the lieutenant of Badri (Nasser), in the film.

In Michael Madana Kamarajan, before Kamal shaves his moustache, they show photos of all people known for their mousches.Name the painter in that list

Salvadore Dali.

One of the most famous and most eccentric painters of 20th century. Imsai Arasan's mousche may have been inspired by other characters. But I feel those other character may have drawn inspiration from dali.

For those who are not familiar with dali, here is a mugshot

He dropped out of his IT Engineering course in the University of Tasmania to pursue a career in films. Who?

Prithviraj. Dropped out in the second year.

Shades of Gulliver's Travels + Prithviraj + Mallika Kapoor + 400 Dwarfs = ?

Arputha Theevu, a film by Mallu director Vinayan.

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Reel No. 15 was announced as the title first. Now what's the name of the movie?


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

List of movies with names of music directors

To address Raj's request, here is my list of movies with names of music directors. i can update it based on your comment inputs

Deliberate references :

Vishwanathan Ramamurthy
Shankar Ganesh ( Yes there is a movie by that name. It is a dubbed movie starring Krishna I think)

The following titles are a coincidence
Raja ( A.M.Raja)
Jerry ( as in Phil & Jerry)
Jaisurya ( movie starring arjun and music director by that name scored music for Rathna - movie starring murali)

tamil movies with names of MDs from other languages

Who owns Tastebuds, a restaurant in Dubai?

Mohanlal. In fact, the restaurant is called Mohanlal's Tastebuds. He also owns a pickle brand by the same name.

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some questions with no answers

these are some questions. That I would like to know the answers. Netizens please help out.

1 Which is the first tamil movie to use
a) flash back
b) Slow motion
c) animation

2. Which is the first movie to run for a) 100 days b) 25 weeks

I know the first to run 365 days was chinthamani

3. Ambika used to write a thodarkathai in Kumudham. Forgot the name

4. the first movie to be dubbed was harischandra. But this was from Kannada into tamil. Which was the first tamil movie to be dubbed into another language?

5. Who were the first real couple to act together on screen as well?

identify both the actors

Surya and Karthi

sons of Sivakumar

The title of which forthcoming tamil movie is based on a mahavakya from upanishad ?

Naan Kadavul.

The mahavakya is "Aham Brahmasmi" and Naan kadavul is the tamil equivalent

Incidentally Naan kadavul's baseline is "Aham Brahmasmi"

What does the TL in T.L.Mahadevan stand for?

Trichy Loganathan

One of the finest singers of yester years. Now both his sons are singers of repute- TL Mahadevan and Deepan chakravarthy.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Who owns Saffron Films, a company that acquires & distributes world cinema in India?

Sathyam Cinemas (the multiplex in Chennai).

Saturday, August 26, 2006

That Four Letter Word is a film directed by...

The Hindu journalist, Sudish Kamath. Initially Abbas was acting in the film and perhaps funding it, he dropped out of the project due to some differences with the director.

"Azhagiya Asura" from Whistle was sung by Anita Chandrasekar (Now Anita Udeep). Name the business group started by her father Chandrasekar

Pentafour. (Incidentally whistle was produced by dreamworks promoted by pentafour)

Anita subsequently directed a movie called "Knock Knock I am looking to marry"

The music director of the 1960 movie "Kannadi Maaligai" was Padmanabhan. His son became a more successful music director. Name the son


Incidentally Padmanabhan was given a break by M.R.Radha. DHina got his break in Chitthi produced by Raadhika. Some family bonding.

Anyone knows dhina's full name?

Who was originally slated to play the female lead in 'alaigal oivadhillai"?

Ambika. She had already acted in few movies by then.

After she was booked, she casually showed her family photo to Bharathiraja and thus created competition for herself

Avinash, the villain in Tirumalai ( jo's dad) is married to an actresses who is more popular in TV. Name her.

Malavika of Anni and rajarajeshwari serials. She also acts in Akka characters in big screen.

Who owns the smoothie bar chain, Squash'd?

Anu Hasan. It's not a chain yet. She plans to open 10 more bars in Chennai.

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His dog Caesar was brutally hacked to death. Whose?


Sindhi mother, Malayalee father, born in Andhra, brought up in Tamilnadu.Who is this Mr.India?

Ultimate star Ajit Kumar

Which tamil actor's telegu screen name is 'murali'?


Parvathi, who made her debut in thyagarajan's 'poovukkul poogambam' is married to ______?


Kamal's directorial debut was chachi 420. he had to fill in as the originally signed director dropped out midway. Name him.

Shantanu Sheroy

Name the production house that produced 'Raaja parvai"?

Haasan brothers

How do we better know Amar choudhry?


Tamilians may not know Kannada actor Shakti prasad. But we do know his son. Who?


Here is a painting by a leading oriyan artist. Below the painting is the photo of the painter himself. Name the painter and his actress daughter.

the painter is jatin das and his daughter is nandita das

when actor arjun directed vedam, he was working as an assistant director. Later he became an actor. Who ?


who directed the telegu movies Bandhavyalu (1968) and Chadarangam (1967)?

S.V.Ranga Rao

who is the Chairman and managing director of the company Talent Maximus?

Arvind swamy

Thats the company he started after he was thrown out of InterPro.

After her first 5 films , about which actress was it commented "Success was her only failure"?

Sonia aggarwal

'Success' was the movie acted with dushyant. All her other movies were hits. This may not hold good anymore.

Her real name is revathy. Her malayalam debut was "Alice in wonderland". Who am I referring to?

Kaadhal Sandhya

connect Nivea, Electrolux, Clinic Plus, Clinic Hair Oil, Nescafe, VIP Luggage, Borosoft?

all products endorsed by Reema sen before making it in movies.

It was 'jalakanta' in telegu. What was it in Tamil?

Thotti Jaya

what is common to the national award for the best female playbacksinger in the years 1993 and 1998?

the tune.

1993 - Janaki won it for singing Inji Iduppazhagi
1998 - Chitra won it for singing Payalein Chun chun

Which actor was working in the American Consulate before joining the tamil filmdom?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Which singer's first name is Mangalampalli?


Actual name Divya Subramaniam. Screen name in Kannada:Shravanthi. Screen name in Tamil:--------?


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

When he acts in Telugu movies, he uses the name Sriram. How do we know him in Tam movies?

Actor Srikanth.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Which tamil actor was a telephone inspector with Madras Telephones before entering filmdom?

Major Sundararajan

Jay Jay, Unnai paartha naal mudhal, enakku 20 enakku 18 were released in short interval and they were all inspired by the same film. which one?


Before navarathiri happened, an actor did 9 roles in a film. Identify the actor and the film.

M.N.Nambiar in the film Digambara Samiyar

similar to NSK-TA Mathuram duo, there existed a pair before them, which did more than 50 films. Name it

Kali.N.Rathnam- CT Rajakantham Duo

Kamal acted in kalathur kannamma mainly becoz, AVM was reluctant to sign X whose parents demanded a huge sum for that role.Identify X.

daisy rani ( a super star in those days)

T.R.Ramachandran was hailed as X of India, where X is the popular Hollywood comedian during 1920s & 30s. Identify X.

Eddie Cantor

In which film, M.N.Nambiar made is debut?

bhakta ramadas

expand MS in MS Subbulakshmi

Madurai Shanmugavadivu

X, a veteran comedian was instrumental in getting a key role for MGR in sathi leelavathi, his first film. Who?

kali.N.Rathnam ( remember sababthi ?)

Manorama made her debut in tamil films as heroine. Name the film

konjum kumari

the old man who acts as Nagma's grandpa in Kadhalan, is a veteran telugu actor & is related to Chiranjeevi. Who is he & how both are related?

He is Allu Ramalingayya and he is the father-in-law of Chiranjeevi

When MGR remade ANR starrer pularangadu, as en annan, He offered Muthuraman's role originally to X. Identify X


In 50's & 60's, a popular actor and a relative of Mu.Ka, refused to be a part of films made by DK affiliates. Reason : He was a congress man. Who?


T.R.Mahalingam was the most sought after actor those days for his voice was similar to that of a popular singer-actor. Who?


Who played the 'major' in the play, Major Chandrakant, in first few shows?


Kamal's kalyanaraman was loosely based on a thriller made by S.Balachander. Name the film

ithu nijama

Actor Muthuraman died while he was shooting for a Vivekananda Pictures' film. Name it.

aayiram muthangaL

In Carnatic Music, Kamalhassan is the disciple of


Name the first woman who directed a tamil film

S.D.Subbulakshmi TP Rajalakshmi

what was MR.Radha's last film?

panja bhootham ( in 1979)

After becoming a hero in rajakumari, MGR acted as a full fledged villain in a film. Name the film


MGR never died on screen except two occasions. Name them.

Madurai Veeran & Paasam

kumari kamala, a dancer who featured in most of AVM's films in 40's, became kamala latchumaNan post marriage. Who is this chap latchumanan?

none other than R.K.Laxman

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What's unique about the flick, By 2?

By 2 is the first tamil flick to feature just two actors. The director of this offbeat film is Dwarki Raghavan. And the two lucky actors are Abhay & Sunitha Verma.

In Lingusamy’s debut Anandham, Vijayakumar played a big shot who was called Bhavani. This is a reference to

Ram Gopal Varma’s debut Shiva (Udhayam in Tamil) in which the lead villain (played by Raghuvaran) has the same name.
Lingusamy is a big fan of Udhayam, and some influence of the film can be seen in almost all his films, Ji being the most obvious.

1. The first time I noticed the influence of Shiva was in Lingusamy’s Run, in the subway shutter sequence, which was quite oblique. But, I was proven right when he mentioned it later in an interview.
2. I might be wrong with this Anandham trivia, as I am not really sure if it was Vijayakumar’s name. (I just heard somebody refer to him as Bhavani in the film when it was telecasted this weekend.) Some kind soul, please confirm.

Which actress had the shortest name?

Sree. AVM Rajan's daughter who made her debut in RaniTheni.

Cant think of any other person with a single letter name.

She subsequently changed it back to her original name "Mahalakshmi" I think

Whose production house is called Nadhammal Film Factory?

Satyaraj. Nadhammal is his mothers name.

Incidentally one more addition to list of single letter movies. NFF's first film is called "Lee"

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Who has dubbed for Mohanlal in the movie "aran"?


Raja, the popular speaker in Solomon paapaiah's Pattimanrams is making his film debut. Name the movie.

Sivjai starring an upcoming actor called rajinikant :)

He is acting as Shreya's father i.e Rajini's mama

Connect - Vettaveli thanil kotti kidakkuthu,Paal nila Paathai,Vazhithunai,Gnagna Ganga,Unmaikku Thirai Yethu?,En Narambu Veenai

All poetry collections by Ilayaraaja

Connect Sahana the sequel to Sindhubhairavi and the movie Amirtham directed by vedham pudhidhu Kannan.

Anuradha Krishnamoorthy, Played Sindhu in the teleserial. She also acted as Navya Nair's mother in "Amirtham"

Kannadasan is known to make subtle references in his lyrics to persons offscreen. Who does he refer to in " Andha sivakami maganidam sedhi solladi"?


Kamraj's mother's name is Sivakami.

Also note the song " Rajamani enum annai mugathil milirum mangala kungumam" Rajamani is the mother of Sivaji Ganesan.

the climax of the movie " MandiriKumari" including the song " vaarai nee vaarai" is inspired by which ancient tamil classic?

Kundala kesi - one of the five Kaapiams.

Kundalakesi is a princess who gets married to a crook. In the climax he takes her to the top of a mountain, claiming they are going to pray to his deity. On reaching the destination, he reveals she is going to kill her and take away her jewels.

She requests she will go around him to pay her final respect. While doing so, she pushes him down the hill.

Watch Mandiri kumari to see the similarity.

Connect 16 Vayadhiniley & the Tamil version of Kannada film, Jogi.

The Tamil version of Jogi has been titled, Parattai alias Azhagu Sundaram. Dhanush will play a don named Parattai in the movie. His father-in-law Rajnikant's name in 16 Vayadhiniley was Parattai.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Who is the director of the forthcoming film "Muni" starring Rajkiran and produced by Saran

Lawrence Raghavendra

Who used to write poems under the pseudonymn "Akalya"?

Pattukottai "A.Kalya"nasundaram

Connect - Thirumagal, Medhavi, Thirai Oli, Sandamaarutham

All magazines edited by Kannadasan

Which director has launched a production company called " Tirupathi brothers"? Why that name?

Lingu samy

His first movie is "Aanandham" which is about the four brothers , the eldest (mammooty) being Tirupathi

Who plays the role of Chinna Karuppu in the film, Thimiru?

Footballer IM Vijayan. This was his debut tamil film. And it was a decent performance.

How does Reema Sen's name appear in the credits nowadays?


Friday, August 18, 2006

Identify this ship, which is part of chennai legend and is part of the title of a forthcoming movie.

This is SMS Emden, which almost bombed Madras and the movie is "Emden magan" directed by Metti oli thirumurugan.

Complete the list Sangaraparam, Ek Duje Keliye, Sagara Sangamam, Rudraveena, Ganasgaraganayogi & ...

Minsara Kanavu

These are the films that won SPB national awards for the best male playback singer

The 100 day celebration poster for this movie contained the mother's names of all the artists and technicians in the movie?

M.Kumaran s/o Mahalakshmi

It had all the artists names with s/o and their mother's name next to their name.

neat idea

The movie "Kannodu Kaanpathellam" saw the debut of an actor called Susindhar. Who is his mother?

Vyjayanthimala Bali.

Continuing on the 100 theme, whose 100th film is "Mannavaru Chinnavaru"?


Didn't I tell you what happens to all the 100th movies?

100th film is usually jinxed. Even MGR's and shivaji's 100th films were flops. Who are the only two heros to have their 100th film go for 25 weeks?

Sivakumar - rosapoo ravikkaikari
Vijaykant - Captain Prabhakaran

We know the fate of movies like Olivilakku, Navarathiri,Rajaparvai, Sri raghavendra,Vaathiyar veetu pillai, rajakumaran, Kaathirukka naeramillai.

We will wait and see what happens to Thalaimagan

Whose 100th film is "thalaimagan"?

Sarath Kumar. Believe he is going to direct it as well

The earlier name of chennai-600028 is now its baseline. What is it?

Enga area ulla varathae

Who was the original music director for "Hey Ram" ?


He dropped out midway, may be due to the controversy about Gandhi. Kamal's best friend IR filled the gap..and How!

Who is the music director for the Kamal movie "dasavatharam"?

Himesh Reshmiyaa

Thursday, August 17, 2006

At the young age of 14, she used to run a company that sold hospital equipment. Who?


Who, during her prime, was the highest paid actress in the Indian film industry, demanding a sum next only to Chiranjeevi?


What was Prabhu Deva's first movie as choreographer?

Vetri Vizha

She was named 50th best looking female in India by Men's Spices Magazine. Who?


Whose debut movie was the Kannada movie, Shanti Shanti Shanti?

Madhavan again!

What are Saaya, Sea Hawks, Banegi Apni Baat and Ghar Jamai?

Hindi serials featuring Madhavan before he entered films.

Kalaipuli.S.Dhanu, supposedly pissed off with Kamal (for the Aaalavandan debacle), did something in the next movie he produced. What?

The movie was, 'Punnagai Poove'. He had Sarika (ex)Kamalhaasan do an item song in it.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Who's written the Hindi dialogues for Ritupurno Ghosh's new film, Sunglass?

Tamil actor Madhavan!

Music for National award winner DikkatRa pArvathi was composed by

veena mastero Chittibabu

MGR's sirithu vAzha vEndum was directed by

S.S.Balan ( S.S. Vasan's son)

under which banner did KR Vijaya produced films?

deivanayaki films

Bharathan's first tamil movie ( in 80s) was banned. Reason : a section of brahmins raised objection, for it affected their sentiments.Name the film


Lyricist Arivumathi worked with X, a popular film maker, as an assistant director. Identify X.

Balu Mahendra

the signature tune of a popular TV programme of those days, vayalum vazvhum was inspired by one of IR's composition. Identify

naane naane, yarO thaana from azhage unnai aarathikkiREn

She made her entry in tamil films as a double to Divyabharathi following her untimely demise. Now she is a popular heroine. name her


Anu Prabhakar, the popular south indian actress is the daughter in law of a veteran tamil actress.Name her,

Jayanthi ( KB's aasthana nadigai those days)

Who composed music for Shoba Chandrashekar's directorial debut, naNbargaL

Nikhil Vinay

When, SA Chandraskehar remade sattam oru iruttaRai in telugu, Who played vijayakanth's role

Chiranjeevi ( Chettaniki Kallu Levu is the film )

before making his debut, kasthooriraja was an assistant to....


Natpukkaga, a sarathkumar starrer was first of it kind. In what way?

the story for that film was penned by a 16 year old boy, Jothikirishna ( AM Ratnam's Son)

nan adimai illai was produced by

popular kannada comdedian dwarakish

Connect Leena Chandarvarkar, Sumalatha, Nagma

they reportedly had affairs with cricket captains of their time, namely , Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev and Sourav Ganguly

Kodandabani Audio Labs located in Arcot Road, Vadapalani belongs to

S.P Balasubramaniam

Before making her debut in tere mere sapne, Simran compered a popular TV show for DD National Network. Name the programme

superhit muqabala

Actor Vivek is an alumnus of

American College, Madurai

Along with writer prabanjan, X wrote the dialogues for rudraiya's aval appadithan. Identify X

director rajeshwar ( of Amaran fame)

Solomon Pappaiah made his first ever cameo in this film. Can you name it?

pudhu varusham

which was the first movie produced by actor vijayakumar and what is special about it?

nenjangaL . Meena made her debut in this film as a child artiste

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Connect Vedant, Khushi, Rahul & Rudra.

All star children. Vedant is Madhavan's son. Khushi is Sridevi's daughter. Rahul is Sarath Kumar's son & Rudra is Arvind Swami's.

Monday, August 14, 2006

If the talk show by Lakshmi was 'Kadhai alla nijam', what is the program anchored by actress Rohini called?

Kaelvigal Ayiram

Thats right

This is the 1000th question in Triviapettai

disco shanthi and lalitha kumari are the daughters of an yester year action star. Name him

C.L. Anandan

who sang the song " Trinka trinkale" in the movie amaran?


This was an item song picturised on disco shanthi. Wonder how MLV wouldhave reacted had she been alive

kannan en kadhalan, un kannil neer vazhindhal, engirundho vandhan, kannathil muthamittal, manadhil urudhi vaendum, kanavu meipada vaendum... connect

all titles based on Bharathiyar songs

in the '80s nadia hairstyle was popular among young girls. Who did nadia model her hairstyle upon?

Sonia Gandhi.

i read it in one of her interviews

His only Hindi film till date is Zakhmee. Who?

Vijayakanth. It seems he played a character named Vijaykant in that movie!

How is Sadhana Ghanekar better known to us?

Sadhana Sargam, the singer.

She was the 162nd girl to audition for this Balachander film. Who?

Saritha. The film was Marocharitra.

Nawal, Sadanah & Saran are surnames of some leading tamil actresses. Gimme their famous first names.

Simran, Jyothika & Shreya.

When business magnate Arvind Morarjee passed away, his family issued an obituary notice. One name in the notice read Nandita. Who's that?

Actress Nagma.

Actress Meena played Meena in the film...


In the Hindi film Sasuraal, what was the name of the character essayed by Saroja Devi?

Saroja Devi!

Jyothika has two actress sisters. The more famous sibling is Nagma. Who is the other one?

Roshni. She acted in Thulli Thiridha Kaalam.

Actor Jeyaram was a mimic artist in the mimicry troupe named __________

Kalabhavan. 'Kalabhavan' Mani gets his name from the same troupe!

Parthiban's film 'Tata Birla' was released as...

We Are Not Tata Birla.

How many cities & towns does Vikram allude to in the Sami song, Thirunelveli Alwa Da?

Tirunelveli, Tiruchi, Tirupati, Palayamkottai, Kanchipuram, Pondichery, Kumbakonam, Uthukuli, Tiruchendur, Chennai & Dindigul. 11 in all.

Which tamil film was dubbed into hindi as Zulm Ka Badshah?

Guru Shishyan

Who won the National Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1988?

Manorama. For Pudiya Paadhai

He holds a bachelor's degree in botany and came first in the Student Editor Competition held by Ananda Vikatan during his final year at college. Who?


Haridas is said to have played for 768 days. Which Eighties Tamil Flick ran for 526 days?

Payanangal Mudivadhillai. Can you believe it?

His grandfather was the Asthana Vidwan for the King of Vijayanagaram Bobbili. His dad was a musician who could play 8 instruments. He who?


23rd Pulikesi is the ruler of _______


Identify her. Hint: Her brother is a tamil film legend.

That's SP Shailaja. She played Jayaprada's daughter in Salangai Oli. And she was also a popular singer in the late seventies.

Who was the music director of the film, Nethiyadi?


The best outgoing student award in the Church Park convent is named after...

J. Jayalalitha.

In Nizhalgal, Chandrasekar gets to score music for a film that never gets made. Gimme the title of the film.

Nijangalin Dharisanam

Mahendran's Mullum Malarum was an adaptation of the novel by the same name. Who was the author?

Uma Chandran. Another related trivia. TFM says Uma Chandran is Poornam Vishwanathan's bro.

Complete the list: Vimochanam, Purandaradasar & __________

Snehidiye. The connection is all these 3 films were 'only actresses' flicks.

Kaatukku Oru Thottakaran was the working title. What was it released as?

Kadamai Ganniyam Kattupadu

Which singer was the first Asthana Vidwaan of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam?

'Ghantasala' Venkateswara Rao.

Name the only two tamil films to be banned by the Britishers.

Thyaga Bhoomi & Miss Suguna. Information courtesy: Theodore Bhaskaran.

Who was the lyricist for this song?


Bhaskaradas was the first Tamil Film...


Bharathiraja : 16 Vayadhinile :: Shridhar : ?

Kalyana Parisu

______ was the first Tamil film entered for the Oscar Awards.

Deiva Magan.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Trimurti, God & Gun, Aadmi & Pyaar Hua Chori Chori are hindi movies featuring which tamil actress?


It was released in Hindi as Dil Hi Dil Mein. Which movie?

Kadhalar Dinam

Comedian X died at the age of 47. Comedian Y passed away when he was 42. Identify X & Y.

NSK & Chandra Babu.

Connect a writer named Tyagarajan and Dhanush.

Tyagarajan uses the pseudonym Ashoka Mitran. Dhanush is acting in a film titled Ashoka Mitran.

Name the only Tamil film to incorporate a chemical element in its title.

Mercury Pookal.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Mantralaya Productions made a movie in 1989 starring Arjun & Seetha. What's odd about the title of this movie?

It was titled Vettaiadu Villaiyadu. Strange ain't it. Dunno why Kamal prefers old titles for most of his flicks.

Only one music director has a street named after him in Chennai. Who?

Papanasam Sivam. Palace Road in Santhome was renamed as Papanasam Sivam Salai. Some say the credit for this goes to VN Janaki (MGR's wife who also happened to be Papanasam Sivbam's niece).

Ismat Chugtai's urdu novel will now be brought to the big screen by a Tamil movie director. Who?

Mani Ratnam. He's tied up with Bobby Bedi to make the novel Lajjo into a Hindi movie.

Sudarshan Chit Fund is run by X's husband. Identify X.

Actress KR Vijaya.

Identify the male singer & the composer of this song.

Picked this gem from dhool dot com. Dharapuram Sundarajan is the composer. And Saibaba is the singer. Saibaba apparently is the son of TS Baliah. The song is ofcourse a lift of the Abba number 'Honey Honey'.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

X's subsidiary Gramaphone & Talkies Ltd. produced a film called Vishnu Leela in the year 1939. Identify X.

P. Orr & Sons.

Which tamil film personality was the sub editor of Ananda Vikatan between 1986 and 1987?

Crazy Mohan

How is PK Nagalingam of Pudukottai, better known to us?

Raja Sandow. Apparently the name was given to him by Ardeshir Irani, the pioneer of Hindi films.

How many Tamil films have been named after districts in Tamil Nadu?

Four to my knowledge - Madura, Sivagangai Seemai, Thoothukudi & Dharmapuri. I won't count Coimbatore Mappillai in this list.

Shivaji Ganesan did 3 Nath movies. Pilot Premnath was one. Name the other two.

Justice Gopinath & Hitler Umanath.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

An alumnus of the Guindy Engineering College, his first play was The Great Bank Robbery. Who?

Crazy Mohan.

SP Charan has made a movie titled Chennai 600028. Which area in Chennai has this pincode?

RA Puram.

Who owns the music label KM Music?

AR Rahman. That's his new company floated ostensibly to promote new talent. My gut feel is KM stands for Kwaja Moinuddin.

Identify the bloke in the picture. Hint: His name might remind you of a dreaded percentage in the IITs & IIMs.

The name's Arjun Singh. The reason why he's in triviapettai is his dad is actor Govinda. And he's made his debut in a tamil film titled 'Boys & Girls'.

The working title was Nila Nila Odi Vaa. What was the film released as?

Kaadhal Kottai

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

TR's oru thaayin sabatham was a remake of a anil kapoor starrer. Name the hindi film

meri jung

Name the only film in which Mu.Ka. Stalin has acted

orE ratham

After kan sivanthal man sivakkum sridhar rajan made a masala movie with satyaraj and left the film industry for ever. Name the movie.

iravu pookaL

wich was the first film by shivaji in Malayalam?

thachoLi ambu

Balachandra Menon, a malayalam film maker made his first tamil film with shivaji. Name the film

thaaikku oru thaalattu

what was poornima jayaram's last movie in tamil?

raaja nee vaazga ( with prabhu)

Sidhalingayya, father of actor murali, directed him in a tamil movie, Name the movie


Before he settled for arvindswamy, manisaar considered Mr.X for that role. Name X

Suresh ( of panneer pushpangaL fame ) . Source : his own words in an interview in Vijay TV, few days back

Thyagararajan made a tamil film titled after a famous role he did in a malayalam film starring mammootty. Name it

salem vishnu

name the only movie in which kamalhassan & vijaykanth acted together?

manakaNakku ( kamal did a guest role in this film)

When khoobsurat was remade in tamil who did ashokkumar's & rekha's role?

Shivaji Ganesan & Revathi ( the film is lakshmi vandhachu)

Suman made his debut in

neechal kuLam

kumaripennin uLLathiLe, a dabba film starring bhagyaraj & radhika was directed by X, who did an unforgettable role in a mani saar's film.Name him.

Ra.Shankaran ( yes, the same chandramoulee... of mounaragam)

Ramana, an upcoming hero, ( meesai madhavan) is the son of a tamil actor. Name him

vijaybabu ( He acted as thalaivar's younger brother in padikkathavan)

nangooram, a muthuraman starrer, is an indo-overseas collaborative venture. Which is the other country?


Ramgopal Varma is academically qualified to be a

civil engineer ( from osmania university)

avan avaL athu was based on a novel by sivasankari. Name the novel

oru singam muyalagiRathu

X has MGR in a full length comedy role. Identify X

sabaash maappiLe

KSG , recyled his own movie as padikkatha paNNaiyar 20 years later. Name the original

kaN kaNda theivam

nenjil or alayam was remade in kannada with rajinikanth in kalyankumar's role. The kannada film was dubbed in tamil later. Can you name it?

kurinji malar

He feared that his name might remind people of a popular actor. So he attached a suffix to differentiate himself. Who?

Simbudevan, director of Imsai Arasan.

Devi Sri Prasad, the 20-something music director is the disciple of...

Mandolin U. Srinivas.

If Muthu was billed as The Dancing Maharaja in Japan, which Rajini films were plugged as Dancing Maharaja 2 & Return of the Dancing Maharaja?

Yejaman & Padayappa.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Kuralarasan & Illakiya are siblings of _______

Silambarasan aka Simbu.

Director Vasanthabalan wanted to name it 'Paalya Nadhi'. Shankar shot it down saying it's too profound. What did Vasanthabalan end up choosing?

The title Veyil for his forthcoming film.

Identify the singer of this song?

Actor Prashanth

Who produced the Gemini Ganesan movie Naan Avan Illai?

Gemini Ganesan

Identify the not-so-well-known faces in this photograph.

LtoR: Dr Revathi Swaminathan, Narayani Ganesan, Dr Kamala Selvaraj, Rekha, Vijaya Chamundeswari and Dr Jaya Shreedhar. Six of seven daughters of Gemini Ganesan! The only one missing is Rekha's sis Radha. The lady standing to the right of Rekha is the daughter of actress Savitri! She has a brother named Satheesh Kumar (the only son of virile Gemini).

Picture courtesy:

The great grandson of MG Chakrapani (MGR's bro) caught the public eye with the film Kana Kandein. Who am I talking about?

Actor Prithviraj.

Who played Chintamani in the film, '1000 Thalai Vaangiya Aboorva Chintamani'?

VN Janaki aka Janaki MGR.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Which was the first tamil film with an alphanumeric title?

Alibaabaavum 40 Thirudargalum (1941)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

What are the sweet items mentioned in the Kalyana Samayal Saadham song in the film Maya Bazaar?

Sojji, Theni Laddu & Cheeni Puttu.

Tirupathi Brothers is the production company of...

Director Linguswamy

The 'Maarugo Maarugo' song from Sati Leelavathi is a medley of many Illayaraja numbers. How many and from which films?

A medley of 14 songs from 9 films. They are as follows:

1. Maarugo maaurgo Maarugazhi (Vetri Vizha)
2. Aaha vandiruchu Aasaiyal odivandane (Kalyanamaraman)
3. Vaadi en kappa kazhangu (Alaigal Oivadhillai)
4. Neethu raathri thookam pochudi (Sakalakala Vallavan)
5. Inji Idupazhaga (Thevar Magan)
6. Sundari neeyum Sundaran nyaanum (Michael Madana Kamarajan)
7. Illamai Idho Idho (Sakalakala Vallavan)
8. Nila kayudhae (Sakalakala Vallavan)
9. Ennadi meenatchi (Illamai Oonjal Aaduthu)
10. Kanneer Karuthuduchu (Illamai Oonjal Aaduthu)
11. Poattu vecha kaadhal thittam (Singara Vela)
12. Raja Kaiyavacha (Apoorva Sagodharargal)
13. Ram Bam Bam Aarambam (Michael Madana Kamarajan)
14. Ponmanee urugudey (Moondram Pirai)

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

He has 2 dogs named Simba & Princess and a parrot called Ashley. Who?

Actor Madhavan

Vaazhkai Chakkaram was the first movie in which ________ was allowed the freedom to use his own voice.

Actor Manivannan.

K. Balachander has made a cameo appearance in only one of his films. Which one?

Kalki. Some say, he may make an appearance again in Poi.

Who was supposed to score music for the MGR film, Naan Unnai Vida Maatane?

Illayaraja. The film was scrapped for some reason.

Connect this song with the images below.

All movies named after areas in Chennai. The song is from Anna Nagar Mudhal Theru. Image-1 is from the movie Pudupettai. And Image-2 is from Kodambakkam.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Who wrote the lyrics for the 'Puthiya Kaalai Unathu' song for the film, Sasanam?

Former Assembly Speaker & AIADMK strongman Kalimuthu.

Which husband and wife team used to run a company named Telephoto Films?

Revathy & Suresh Menon.

Connect this guy to 7G Rainbow Colony.

The guy in the picture is director Kadhir. The lead character in 7G Rainbow Colony is named Kadhir.

3 friends have jointly floated a film production company called White Elephants. Who are the 3?

Selvaraghavan, Yuvan Shankar Raja & Arvind Krishna (cinematographer).

Ram Gopal Verma's flop film Gaayab was remade in Tamil as...

Jithan. And surprisingly it made money in tamil.

Before she opted for Rambha, Vijayalakshmi used the screen name __________ for a short while.


Who wrote the story, Mitr - My Friend?

V. Priya (director, Kanda Naal Mudhal).

Which lead characters share the same names in Ayutha Ezhuthu & Yuva?

Michael (Ajay Devgan & Surya), Arjun (Vivek Oberoi & Siddharth), Sasi (Rani Mukherjee & Meera Jasmine) & Meera (Kareena & Trisha).

Thursday, August 03, 2006

In Mallu films he used the name Sunil. What did he change it to when he entered the tamil film industry?

Narain (Chithiram Pesuthadi's hero).

The soon-to-be released 'Nothing But Life' is X's first English film. Identify X.

Actor Madhavan

Standard Fireworks sponsored the movie Sivakasi. Which film was backed recently by competitor Seval Mark pattasu?


The Kalyanaraman song 'Kaadhal Vandiruchu' has been recycled in the movie...


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Identify this gentleman. Hint: He's perhaps the only music director with a raga as his name.

Keeravani aka Maragathamani aka MM Kreem.

Which singer made his acting debut with the film, Power of Women?


Que Sera Sera was repackaged in tamil as Vennilaa Nila. Who was the copycat music director?

G. Ramanthan. The song was featured in the movie, 'Aravalli'.

JP Chandrababu was supposed to produce a film with MGR as a hero. The film was shelved halfway through. Can you name the film?

maadi veettu ezhai

initially panju arunachalam discouraged the idea of making nallavanukku nallavan, coz, the storyline was similar to flop film by sivaji. which film?

hitler umanath

When did you last see Mu.Ka.Muthu on screen?

In veeran vEluthambi, a Rama Narayanan film

Recall Kutty Anand of anjali. When did you last see him on screen as a child artiste?

in virumbugiRen, as Prashant's screen brother.

Name the only film in which Rajeev acted in a dual role.

vEdikkai manitharGal (he was a hero then)

Who wrote the script for shathriyan directed by K Subash?

Mani saar

There is something odd about an information connecting Raghuvaran and Kamalhassan. What is that?

They never acted together.

"Lekhayude Maranam", a malayalam film was based on actress Shoba's real life. Who played Shoba in that film?


MGR wanted KA thangavelu to do the role of Sarojadevi's father in Anbe Vaa. AVM refused to budge. Who did that role eventually?

TR Ramachandran

veerapandia kattabomman is an

utter flop film

Before making into films , Rekha ( tamil) was

a nurse in a pvt hospital in conoor

Name the only tamil film, that was entirely shot in a ship


Bharathiraaja rechristened his name as karthik. What is his original name?


Jeppair of satyabhama eductional trust, has acted in a film as a hero. Can you name the film?

nallathai naadu kEtkum

RN Nambiar was a famous stunt master in 1960's. His son, also stunt master, died recently. Who ?

vikram dharma

Thangar Bachchan made his debut as cinematographer in...


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The K in Pammal K Sambandham is the short form for ________


Who penned the lyrics for this song from Virumandi?

Kamal Hassan

What does the AL stand for in singer AL Raghavan's name?

Ayyampettai Lakshmanan

AR Rehman's 'Bombay' theme music was used in a French TV commercial featuring Zidane. What was the commercial for?

Volvic mineral water. To catch the spot, go to youtube.