Sunday, February 25, 2007

Connect Pokiri & Aradhana.

The pallavi in 'Nee Mutham Ondru Koduththaal' song in Pokiri is a straight lift from 'Mere Sapnon ki Rani' from Aradhana. Wonder why Mani Sharma did this.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Connect this portrait with Lata Mangeshkar.

This portrait of Sivaji was painted by Usha Mangeshkar (sister of Lata) and given to him as a gift in 1960. This rare piece of art will adorn the wedding invitation of Sivaji's grandson Vikram.

Picture & trivia courtesy: Behindwoods.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Name the movie titles inspired by MGR Songs.

I know this is a long list. I am starting the list with what I remember offhand. Please feel to add

- Vettaiyadu Vilayadu
- Pachchai kili muthucharam
- Thulluvadho ilamai
- Thoongathae thambi thoongathae
- Rajavin paarvai/rajavin paarvaiyilae
- paarvai onrae podhum
- ulagam pirandhadhu enakkaga
- thayillamal naan illai
- anbukku naan adimai
- en kaelvikku enna padhil
- aayiram nilae vaa
- pudhia vaanam
- ninaithaen vandhaai
- azhagiya thamizh magan
- pattikaada pattanama
- sorgathin thirappu vizha
- enakkoru magan pirapaan


The Prisoner of Zenda is a novel by Anthony Hope, first published in 1894, has been made into many films. Which tamil movie was inspired by the novel?

Nadodi Mannan - the one with MGR, not the one with Sarathkumar

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

which production house gets its name from the fact that the producer's family hails from a farming background?

Studio Green, owned by Surya's family ( k.E.Gnanavel is his cousin)

who is the author of the book "Lets kill gandhi" and who launched it in Chennai? whats the significance?

The author is Tushar Gandhi. The book was launched in chennai by Kamalahasan. Incidentally Tushar played a small role in "hey ram"


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The protagonist of K.B.'s Unnal Mudiyum Thambi is named after

Udhayamurthy (Kamal Haasan), the protagonist of the film, was named after M. S. Udhayamurthy, founder of Makkal Sakthi Eiyakkam.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Who has penned the dialogue for the forthcoming film "Evano oruvan"?

Madhavan. he is also the hero in the movie


In the movie 'Pori', who has acted as the NRI who evicts Jeeva from his shop, claiming it as his land?

Director Seeman

How do we better know actress Shweta Konnur?


Naggarth khan to play the role of Gandhimathi. Explain?

Naggarth khan is the real name of khushboo. She is playing the role of Maniyammai, in the movie Periyar. Maniyammai's real name was Gandhimathi. It was changed to Arasiyal mani when she joined DK.

How is footballer Leeladharan better known to us?

Lee. In the tamil movie Lee, Sibiraj plays the lead role of Leeladharan.

which Gemini ganesan starrer is being remade with Jeevan as the lead?

Naan Avanillai

Actress kaveri is married to Telugu director SuryaKiran ( see pic). He was popular tamil in the early 80s under a diff name. Name him

Master Suresh ( remember Daddy Daddy from Mouna geethangal?)

'Unakkul nane' from Pachai Kili Muthucharam is sung by Bombay Jayshree (another version by madhushree). Who wrote the lyrics?

Actress rohini

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The younger generation is familiar with "vasantha mullai" thanks to Pokkiri. Which movie featured it originally?

Saarangathara starring Sivaji Ganesan

which yesteryear's actress is the host of the gameshow Thiruvalar Thirumathi in SUN TV?


incidentally She was the heroine of the film "thirumathi oru vegumathi" by visu

Rajkumar santoshi is making 'Ramayana' in Hindi. Who is playing ravana? who was it originally offered to?

Prakash raj is playing ravana. It was originally offered to ... surprise. surprise.. Rajinikant !

Zaheer Khan won the man of the match today. Well connect him to Billa 2007?

Isha Sherwani, Zaheer's girl friend is making her kollywood debut in Billa 2007 ( Her bollywood debut was Kisna)

Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle are a group of America's top authors in comics. Connect them to a "blockbuster" tamil movie

The four write comics based on superheroes like daredevil, superman, fantastic four etc, for publishers like Marvel comics. their team is called " the Man of Action" This is the baseline for "Veerasamy", a superhero to beat all superheroes.

Fashion trend: I hear the sales of Sherwanis in chennai has fallen drastically in the past two weeks. Any idea why?

One more on the same line. In Agni Nakshatram, Amala tries out a cigarette for the first time with her friends. What song plays at the background?

AXL F theme. This was the theme music of Beverly Hills Cops. In the recent past, the theme has been remixed as the Crazy Frog tune and is now the most downloaded ringtone.

In vettayadu vilayadu, when daniel balaji breaks into Jyotika's house, he jumps on a music system and plays an english song. Which song is it?

In Da Club by 50 cents

Thanks venkatesh for pointing out thats its good enough a fundae for triviapettai

A song sequence from which forthcoming tamil movie, featuere the guggenheim museum, Bilbao?

Sivaji, the boss

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Connect 'Minsara Kanavu' to 'Unnalae Unnalae'

Kajol made her Tamil debut in Minsara Kanavu.
her sister Tanisha is making her debut in Unnalae Unnalae


Monday, February 12, 2007

connect the recently released vattaram to 'yai nee romba azhaga irukae'

Raghav, who acted as arya's sidekick was one of the music directors of "YNRAI".

He also acted in serials like Anni, Alaigal and was the runner up in Jodi No 1.
An engineer from Anna Univ, masters from University of Illinois, A multifacted personality, who is yet to get the credit he deserves.


After DON was remade in Hindi, its tamil equivalent, Billa is also being remade. Who is going to play Billa in billa2007?


What is common to the music directors of Kizhaku Kadarkarai Salai, Coolie (starring sarath kumar) and Roja?

Nemesis Avenue.

It was a chennai based rock band to which all these music directors belonged.

A.R.Rehman (Keyboard), Paul J (Bass guitar) and Suresh Peters (Vocals)


Sunday, February 11, 2007

The trailor music of Thalaimagan is a straight lift from which hollywood OST?

Matrix Revolutions.

Not sure if the same tune is used as the bg score in the movie. I am yet to see it.


Friday, February 09, 2007

Lage raho munnabhai is remade in telegu as 'shankardada zindabad'. Who is the director?

Prabhu deva


which is the first movie in India to have a 3d racing game along with its release?

Oram Po ( earlier called as Auto)

the movie features the night time races conducted among auto unions


Connect these two guys.

That's James Siegel & Gautham Menon. Gautham's Patchai Kili Muthuchcharam is based on James Siegel's novel, Derailed.

Photo courtesy: Joel Markman &

Name the Tamil film songs that feature the word Fevicol.

To my knowledge three:

1. X Machi Y Machi from Ghajini
2. O Maa hi rey from Manmadhan
3. Merury mele from Majnu

If you remember any more songs, add to this list.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Its now fashionable to reuse the titles of past hits. DHanush has launched a new movie with the same title as Rajini's hit. Name it


"Karupaana Kaiyilae " from Thamiraparani is a blatant lift from a devotional song. Which one?

Karpoora Nayagiyae by L.R.Eswari.

( It is so shameful that Ilayaraja's son has to stoop so low)


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dubbing artist Shekhar has dubbed for many actors in the past. but recently we associate his voice with one actor. Who?

Shah rukh Khan. Earlier he dubbed for him in Swades. Now he is dubbing for him in KBC.

Vincent made his debut in "Yei" but was more noticed in the recently released "Pokkiri". Whose son is he?