Friday, June 30, 2006

Who sang the song " un madhama, en madhama, andavan endha madham" from Raman Abdulla?

Nagoor hanifa

another interesting trivia : the movie was originally titled " Abdul Raman" But group of muslims protested saying it meant " slave of Raman" so Balu mahendra changed the title

Why was the movie " Success" named so? ( this had nothing to do woth the storyline)

Success was Dushyant's debut movie. Dushyant as you know happen to be Shivaji's grandson.

The first dialogue ever spoken on screen by Shivaji was " Success ! Sucess "

In rajini's first ever screen appearance ( in apoorva ragangal) he passes a note to Srividya thru a girl. Who was the girl?

Chitra. ( of idhayam nallennai fame)

So she can theoritically be called Rajini's first ever female costar.

The french film "Prete Moi Ta Main" (Lend Me Your Hand) has 100 seconds of clipping from a tamil movie. Which one?


Raghavendra was rajini's 100th film, if you include movies from all languages. What is his 100th Tamil film?


Who is the female voice in the song " Kodambakkam Area" from Sivakasi?

Shoba chandrasekharan, Vijay's mother

Who holds the record for directing the maximum no.of films among women in the world?

Vijaya nirmala. ( Yes. yester year's vamp)

any idea who holds the record among men?

As a struggling actor, he used to seek assignments under the name 'Kamalkanth'. Who?

Sarath Kumar

Singer SN Surender was more famous as the voice of actor ____________

Mohan. SN Surender is also actor Vijay's uncle.

Which actor played the first double role in Tamil films?

P. U. Chinnappa. The double role was for the movie, Uthama Puthiran.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Name the only Tamil film with a Japanese movie title.


Her surname was initially Rathod. She has a dog by the name Bacardi. And she's a relative of Raveena Tandon. Who?

Kiran Tandon

Who gave the voice for Ajit in his very first movie 'amaravathi'?


My dear maarthandan starring Prabhu was a shamless copy of a hollywood hit. Name the indian director and the hollywood source

Director: Pratabh Bothan
Source: Coming to America

Y.V.Rao was a actor director, who directed MKT for many memorable hits, including chinthamani. Name his daughter and grand daughter

Lakshmi and shanthameena (aishwarya)

the first multiplex in tanjore had just two theatres ( so do we call it a duplex?). Name both.

Shanthi, Kamala

daughter and wife of Shivaji Ganesan, who was the owner.

How do we better know Alli nagaram Chinnasamy?

Bharathi Raja

which is the first ever tamil movie to be shot in Petra, Jordan?


the song sequence "thottutae. thottutae"

Petra was famous to international audience by the movie "india jones and the last crusade"

why is the 'Chinthamani' theatre in Madurai named so?

It was built using the profits from the Movie 'chinthamani' starring MKT

since its incorporation, all Balachandar's movies have been produced by Kavithalaya. Name the only exception.

Azhagan - produced by Kovai Chezhian

What was the original title of the Satyaraj starrer 'Maaran' and why did they change it?


They changed it because Shivaji Ganesan's family objected to it. May be they wanted it reserved for a Rajini movie :)

How did A. Jagannathan (director of a few hits in the early 80s) reply when someone asked how many kids he had?


This is probably the most used phrase in Tamil films.

'...chee pOnga. Ithellaam kalyaanathukku appuram!'

Malathi, the 'Manmatha Rasa' singer, is happily married. Give me the name of her husband and her daughter.

Lakshman & Shruthi. The music orchestra Lakshman-Shruthi, is named after her husband & daughter.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Two Tamil heroes made their debut with 'Parasakthi'. One was Sivaji. Who was the other?

SS Rajendran

Sithoor Seenivasan was the stand out actor in the play 'Kal Manam'. What role did he play? And what sobriquet did this role earn Seenivasan?

Seenivasan played the role of a coconut vendor. And his performance was so good that Thangavelu referred to him as 'Thengai' Seenivasan! Source: Dinakaran.

She's Sivaranjani in Tollywood & Gauri in Mollywood. What is she called in Kollywood?


Shivaji Ganesan's first film in Malayalam.

thachoLi ambu

Krishna was the hero. Radha, the heroine. Bharathiraja directed this telugu movie. The film was dubbed in Tamil as

naarkali kanavugal

Dr.Rajasekar, the popular hero of tollywood made his debut in a tamil film by Bharathiraja. Name ?

AVM's Puthumai peN

She was supposed to act in VIP instead of Simran. Later she went to telegu films and came back to tamil with a bang. Name her


Suman ( former hero ) made is debut in

Neechal kulam

Anand ( thiruda thiruda fame) is the younger brother of a TN cricketer. Name him

Bharat Arun

Shreya of SS Music is the daughter of a popular cricketer. Name him

Bharat Reddy

vijayakanth's role in AVM's sivappu malli was originally offered to

kamal hassan

IV Sasi's eenadu was remade in tamil as this and it had dialogues written by Mu.Karunanithi. Name of the film?

ithu engga naadu

Who is the managing director of Ocher Studios?

Soundarya Rajnikant.

he did a small but a memorable role ( rickshawalla) in Mahendran's Nandu. He became popular hero in telugu later. Name him

Rajendra prasad

Mammooty starrer vaarththa was remade in tamil as

palaivana rojakkal

the super hit thriller vellai roja was a remade from a malayalam film starring prem nazir. Name the film

post mortem

AS lent his voice for Sharuk khan in tamil version of Dil Se. AS?

Arvind Swamy

before venturing in to films, director charan was

a cartoonist with ananda vikatan

Lyric for the innovative mannil intha kathalandri was actually written by X and not paavalar varadarajan. X ?

gangai amaran

Sivachandran made his debut in

anna pooraNi

kaththirukka neramillai, a karthik starrer was written by

Ganesh Muthuraman ( karthik's brother)

She made her debut with Pandiarajan in chinna chinna aasaigal.Her name was rasika then. Later she became a super star in Kannada. Name her.


The only film, in which MGR & Gemini Ganesh acted together..


This early 80's Tamil film title made you wonder if it was a remake of the Hollywood flick 'First Blood'. Which one?

'Raamaayi vayasukku vanthuttaa' (Believe me guys, there's a film with this very name!)

If the hero's name is Raja and heroine's name Radha, who is likely to be the Producer?

K.Balaji. For some sentimental reasons, in all his movies his hero is named Raja and the heroine is named Radha

who wrote the lyrics for the immortal song "Kaatrinilae varum geetham" sung by MS?


He sang 'gummango gummango' in 'machchi'. But his second song made him a household name. who?

Gana Ulaganathan. the second song is ofcourse " vaala meenukkum vilangu meenukkum" from 'chitiram paesuthadi'

Kaamna the heroine of 'idhaya thirudan', is the grand daughter of a famous lawyer/politician. Name.

Ram Jethmalani

In the 80's it was a fad to use actors' commentary in the audiotapes. Which movie had the commentary by Kamal hassan?

Kaadhal parisu

Rajini did it for Maaveran. Satyaraj for madhira punnagai. Shalini for sirai paravai. Bharathiraja did it for all his movies. readers can refresh my memory about the others

What was novel about the sound track of 'Rhythm' directed by vasanth?

Each song was dedicated one natural element and the lyrics reflected that.

Nadhiyae - water
Aiyo pathikichu - fire
Katrae en vaasal - Wind
Thaniyae - land
Anbae - Sky

'Seva sadhanam' was the debut movie of MS Subbulakshmi. Who wrote the story on which the movie was based on?


'Chandrodhayam' starring MGR and the more recent 'kaadal rojavae' were inspired by a hollywood blockbuster. Which one?

It happenned one night

Who acted as lord muruga in the movie 'thiruvilaiyadal'?

Sridevi - This should be the only movie where she has acted topless :)

Who plays the male lead in the forthcoming movie 'Anbu thozhi'?

Thol.Thirumavalavan ( wonder if it will ever get released )

Chiyan was the most recent from kollywood to win the national award in the 'best actor' category. Who was the first?

MGR for Rickshawkaran.

His actual name was Veerappan. He changed it to a fictional character's name when someone suggested he is as witty and flirty as that character. Who?

Vasanth. Named after the character created by Sujatha.

What are the names of prashanth in the movie 'Jeans'?

Vishwanathan Ramamurthy

Who was the lead singer for the song 'Naatu Sarakku Nachunu Thaan Irukku' in the film 'Pudukottayil Irunthu Saravanan'?


Who wrote the screenplay for the film 'Natpu'?

Vairamuthu. And this was his debut film as a screenplay writer.

Who used to run a restaurant called 'Diner's Tamasha' in Greams Road?

S. Ve. Shekar

Palanisamy by birth, he has more than 50 paintings to his credit. Who?

Actor Sivakumar

Connect Arokkiyachami, Paarvathinaathan, Vanangaamudi, Kamakkapriyaa & Kaaraimuthu Pulavar.

All pen names of Kannadasan.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Prior to entering films, this director was working in the AGS office and introduced someone who was working in the U.S Consultate?

K. Balachander and Srikanth!

Who was the screenplay writer & director of the movie, 'Villathi Villain'?


Who wrote a collection of short stories titled 'Attagari Kathalu' (Mother-in-law's stories)?

Actress Banumathi

Who played Narada in the AVM production 'Bhakta Prahalada'?

Singer Bala Murali Krishna

Complete the list: Vishwa Thulasi, Sentamizh Paatu & __________

Mella Thirandathu Kadhavu. Illayaraja & MS Viswanathan jointly scored music for these films.

Born Gopi Shantha. In her drama days, she was called 'Pallathur Pappa'. Who?


Which was the first Tamil cowboy film?

Mullai Vanam

Rama Iyer later became famous as ____________

Papanasam Sivan

Monday, June 26, 2006

In the movie 'Pathini Deivam', who played the hero & who acted as the villain? Get ready for a surprise...

Veerapa was the hero. And Gemini Ganesan played the villain!

Name the only Sci-fi movie that featured MGR.

Kalai Arasi. If I am not wrong, in this flick the aliens kidnap the most beautiful woman on Earth. And guess who that is? Bhanumathi!!

They were called Regal & Maharaja once upon a time. What are these theaters known as, now?

Padmanabha & Pandyan.

Which was the first air conditioned movie hall in Chennai?


Who gave the voice for Lord Vinayaka in the 1945 film 'Shri Valli'?

AV Meyyappan aka AVM. He was also the director of the film.

This 13-year old made her debut in 'Maalayitta Mangai', a film produced by Kannadasan. How do we know her, today?


Which was the first Tamil movie to have a slow motion sequence?

Vasantha Maaligai

What's odd about the songs of 'Oru Thalai Raagam' and 'Karpagam'?

The songs of Oru Thalai Raagam are sung only by male voices while that of Karpagam are sung only by female voices.

'ithu eppadi irukku' starring Jaishankar and Sridevi was based on a novel by Sujatha. Which novel?

anitha iLam manaivi

this hindi actress appeared as the mother of Mohanlal in 'Iruvar'. Name her.

kalpana iyer

the original title for Mani Saar's Iruvar was


Mu.Karunanithi was one of the producer. MGR was the hero. Murasoli Maran was the director. Name the movie.

engaL thangam

Mazhalai Pattalam was loosely based on

Khatta Meeta ( Hindi)

veteran actress Anjali Devi married this famous music composer.Name him

Athi Narayana Rao

(late) K Rajasekhar made his debut in this film. Name it

kanneer Pookkal

Radha bai, Girija's screen paatti in Mani Saar's Gitanjali is the mother of...

Kutty Padmini

You have seen him as junior vijayakanth in Kshatriyan. Now he is popular director. Who is he?

Vinshuvardhan ( of arindhum ariyamalum )

rajinikanth's screen name was rajinikanth in this movie. Name it

aadu puli aatam

Goundamani shared the frame with Sivaji Ganesan in a film, before he acted in 16 vayathinile. His role was that of a bus driver. Name the film

raman eththanai ramanadi

'Unaru' was Maniratnam's one & only film in Malayalam to date. Mohanlal was the hero. heroine?

sabitha anand

Azagam Perumal's directorial debut. Lead : Arvindswamy, Karishma Kapoor. Producer : AG Subramaniam of AGS International. The film was shelved. Name?

muthan muthalaga

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Which movie had the syruppy tagline 'Victory of Love'?

Jayam. As in the Jayam in Jayam Ravi.

I couldn't resist this gem. In the movie 'Karate Kamala' who played Karate Kamala?


What did Gajalakshmi do for a filmi makeover?

She shortened her name to Gajala.

Which Rajnikant film was inspired by the plot of the novel, 'Brewster's Millions'?


Madhuri Dixit was supposed to act in a Tamil film with Arvind Swami. It's been shelved for some reason. Just gimme the movie title.


Who wrote the screenplay for 'Ayiram Thalai Vaangiya Aburva Sinthamani'?

Bharathidasan! My Tamil lit fundaes are totally gol. I believe the movie was based on a tamil novel. Can someone tell me the name of the author?

'Man run over by electric train' is a common news item. Name the famous playback singer who met his end that way?

A.M. Raja

Kannada brahmin, born in Darapuram, worked in Railways, nicknamed Gundu Rao, married Regina. He made us laugh, he made us cry. Who's this genius?

The one and only Nagesh! (His original name is Nageswaran)

Neer Kumizhi, K Balachander's first movie has this rather slow number "Aadi adangum vazhkai ada" sung by Seerkazhi Govindarajan. Who composed it?

Although music for this movie is credited to V Kumar, this song was apparently composed by A.R.Rahman's father K A Shekhar
Source : Rahman in an interview

While his colonial cousin has sung plenty of tamil numbers, Leslie Lewis has only one to his credit. Which one?

Kannum Kannum Nokia from Anniyan

PC's 'Vaanam Vasappadum' was based on a Sujatha novel. Which novel?

Irul Varum Neram

Who played Subramania Bharathi in the film 'Bharathi'?

Sayaji Shinde

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mansoor Ali Khan directed this flick. The only reason why people may remember this film is it had the longest ever title in tamil history. Name it.

Rajaadhi Rajaa Raja Kulothunga Raja Maarthanda Raja Gambeera Kaathavaraaya Krishna Kaamarajan. Source: Film News Anandan's ultimate reference book for Tamil films.

Film News Anandan, his son & his grandson made an appearance in this Parthiban movie. Which one?

Sugamaana Sumaigal

'Billa' was inspired by 'Don'. 'Maveeran' by 'Mard'. What was the inspiration for Rajini's 'Panakkaaran'?

Amitabh's Laawaris.

Mithunda's 'Disco Dancer' was remade in Tamil as _________________

Paadum Vaanampadi. Nagesh's son Anand Babu played Mithun's role.

Prabhu's debut movie was 'Sangili'. Which Hindi film was 'Sangili' based on?


This 3-in-1 film had 3 directors and 3 music directors. The dialogues were by Kannadasan. Which film am I talking about?

Deiva Thirumanangal. It had 3 stories - Meenakshi Kalyanam, Valli Thirumanam & Shrinivasa Kalyanam. The 3 directors were: P. Neelakantan, K. Kameshwar Rao & K. Shankar. The 3 music directors were: KV Mahadevan, GK Venkatesh & MSV.

The credits of 'Oru Thalai Raagam' mentioned T. Rajendar as the music director. Who composed the background music?

AA Raja aka Aakula Appala Raju.

Perhaps the first Tamil movie to have used 5 music directors. Name it.

Kannil Theriyum Kadhaigal produced by MN Rajam & AL Ragahvan. The 5 music directors were Illayaraja, Shankar Ganesh, GK Venkatesh, KV Mahadevan & Agathiyar. Thanks to Satheesh for alerting me about this fact. (Satheesh saar, I beat you to it.)

A mechanical engineer from REC Trichy, he started off his film career by assisting Rajeev Menon with 'Minsara Kanavu'. Who?

Gautam Menon

This Tiruchi Loganthan number was penned by Kannadasan on the silver foil of a cigarette packet as he could not find a piece of paper. Which one?

Aasayae alaipole naamellam malai mele. I picked this trivia from a fascinating article by Mahendra Raj in that great site TFM.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Which 1953 film was based on the life of yellow journalist Lakshmi Kanthan?

Minmini. For those who dunno, MK Thyagaraja Bhagavathar & NS Krishnan were convicted (and later acquitted) for the murder of Lakshmi Kanthan.

Which great Hindi composer made his debut as a music director with a tamil film titled 'Jayakkodi'?

C. Ramachandra! He was credited as Ram Chitalkar.

Kothamangalam Subbu wrote X first as a serialised novel in Ananda Vikatan using the pseudonym Kalai Mani. Identify X.

Thillaana Mohanambal

Connect 'Delhi' Kumar & Arvind Swami.

'Delhi' Kumar of Mettioli fame is the biological dad of Arvind Swami, who was given in adoption to VD Swami.

How is Suhasini Rajaram better known to us?


Two men share the same name - Srirangam Rangarajan - yet chose different paths to fame. Who are we are talking about?

Writer Sujatha and Kavingyar Vaali!

Rajnikant: Bloodstone :: Senthil : ?

Paris Paris

Shamshuddin Ibrahim chose to enter Kollywood as...

Actor Shaam

What's common to Vijay, Vikram, Dharani & Surya?

All Loyola College Alumni.

Complete the list: Juliana, Alamelu, Pushpavalli & ___________

Savithri. The connection is all these ladies were wives of Kaadhal Mannan Gemini Ganesan.

He co-directed this movie with the editor of the 'Vasuki' magazine. Who? And which movie?

Gemini Ganesan co-directed Idhaya Malar.

How can we better explain 'KB and JKB'?

Sindhu Bhairavi ! (KB, of course is K. Balachander and JKB was Sivakumar's name in the film)

Asha Kelunni. Who?

Actress Revathi!

'Amar Akbar Antony' was remade in Telugu and then dubbed into Tamil. What was the dubbed version called?

Ram Robert Rahim & not Shankar Salim Simon.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Who made his debut as a director with 'Motor Sundaram Pillai'?

SS Balan, son of SS Vasan. Most sites on the Internet, somehow stupidly say that Balu Mahendra directed this flick. I haven't seen this film. But in TFM, I noticed a film buff mention that 'Thoopariyum Sambu' makes a brief appearance in this film. True or false?

Swetha Konnur is more famous as _________


This film was initally titled, 'Viduthalai Puligal'. The name was dropped when the Sri Lankan officials raised a stink. What was it released as?

Idhu Enga Bhoomi starring Vijaykant.

Who directed the Mohan starrer, "Shanthi Muhurtham"?

Actress Sri Priya! She's also directed Naane Varuven & Enga Ooru Aatukaaran. Some one told me Naane Vaurven is a sequel to her snake film Neeya. Can anyone confirm this?

The background score for Balu Mahendra's film 'Veedu' was scored even before the film was made? How come?

Balu Mahendra just used Ilayaraja's album 'How to name it' as the film's background score!

When 'Kalkandu' reviwed Tamil films, it ended the review with a single word that descirbed the film better. How did it review Kamalahasan's 'Sattam'?

Mattam !

He scripted the film 'Koyil Pura'. But we know him better as a character actor.

Vinu Chakravarthi ! (He has scripted a few more too. Can anyone recall and add to the list)

Radhika, Revathi, Radha, Rekha, Rohini, Ranjani.....What's got to do with the 'R' factor?

They were all heroines rechristened with these new names by Bharathiraja when he introduced them in his films. (He was sentimental about the word 'R')

What is music composer G.K. Venkatesh's biggest contribution to Tamil music?

It's got to do with his one time assistant......the magnificent maestro Ilayaraja!

What was significant about the Independence day of 1975?

Doordarshan started its service in Chennai!

4 siblings made an appearance in the same movie in 1982. The movie was 'Manal Kayiru'. And Visu was the most famous sibling. Name the others.

Kishmu, Rajamani & Kuriakose Ranga. Can anyone check if Kuriakose Ranga is a sibling or brother-in-law of Visu?

Who owns the sound studio 'Rohit Recordings'?

Singer Jolly Abraham (famed for 'Adiyanai Paaramma Pidivaatham Yenamma' from the film Vanakathukuriya Kaadhaliye). He has named the studio after his son Rohit.

What's common to 'Alexander', 'Aravinthan' & 'Mitr'?

Karthik Raja, Yuvan Shankar Raja & Bhavatharini made their respective debuts as music composers with these films.

They made their first 'guest appearance' as music composers for Nagesh in the film 'Kaadhalika Neram Illai'. They who?


She sang 'Maahi Ve' in 'Kal Ho Na Ho' under the name Sujata Bhattacharya. What name does she use for Tamil songs?

Madhushree. Actually Sujata Bhattacharya is her real name. She opted for Madhushree when she began her singing career but switched to Sujata Bhattacharya because of pressure from dad. Now she's decided once for all, that she will stick to Madhushree. Source: Screen.

K. Balachander, inspired by this U.S-returned social activist/writer used the title of his book and his name as his film's title and hero's name?

The social activist/worker was M.S. Udayamurthy and the title of his writings was 'Unnaal Mudiyum Thambi' (that appeared as a serial in Ananda Vikatan in the mid 80's)

Son of yesteryear filmmaker Venus krishnamoorthy, started his career as an assistant to manirantam. He made a film and vanished. Name him and his film

Balu Krishnamoorthy and May Maadham

Name the only movie directed by K.Balachander in Which Shivaji Ganesan was the hero?


play back singer Unni Menon made his debut with Ilayaraja, but in a different name. Which film and what name?

Vijay, Oru kaithiyin dairy

'Poikal Kudhirai' was based on a play by crazy mohan. What was it?

Marriage Made in Saloon

Gangai Amaran made this movie with his son venkat prabhu as hero. The film never released. Name the movie


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Alavanthan was based on a serial written by Kamalhasan in mid 80's. Name the serial and the magazine

Dhayam, Idhayam PesukiRathu

What's the name of Sridevi's dog in the movie, 'Moondraam Pirai'?


Who plays Madhavi's grandfather in Kamal's 'Raja Paarvai'?

LV Prasad of Prasad Labs fame.

Who dubbed for Jayapradha in the film 'Ninaithaaley Inikkum'?

Actress Saritha.

In 'Kodi Parakudhu', who gave the dubbing voice for actor Manivannan?

Director Bharathiraja

Kumaresan's first film was 'Pudha Nellu Pudhu Naaththu'. How do we know him better?


What did Sundar C create using pieces from Andaz Apna Apna and Sabash Meena?

Ullathai Alli Tha.

Her first film 'Rojulu Marayi' was released in Tamil as 'Kaalam Maaripochu'. Whose?

Hindi actress Waheeda Rehman.

Who wrote the story for the 1968 movie, 'Kanavan'?

Marudur Gopalamenon Ramachandran aka MGR. Source: Dinakaran.

Mammootty made his Tamil debut in __________________

Mounam Sammatham

The Government of Tamil Nadu was a co-producer for 'Bala', a documentary on Balasaraswathy, a renowned bharatanayam dancer. Who was the director?

Satyajit Ray

The dubbed version in Hindi was called 'Priyanka'. What was the original's title?

Indra directed by Suhasini Mani Rathnam.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Who sang 'Netru Indha Neram Aathangarai Oram' in 'Tik Tik Tik'?

Latha Rajnikant.

She bought Midland theater and named it after herself. Who?

Actress Jayaprada

What was Roxy theater called before it was renamed as Roxy?

Globe Theater.

Director Suresh Krishna's sister made her debut as an actress in __________

Panneer Pushpangal

He was part of two bands - 'Moby Dick' & 'Hell City'. His debut album was titled 'Soona Soona'. Who's this man with a gifted voice?

Jassie Gift, the Lajjavatiye chap.

Many a Tamil film director has lifted from English films. Name a famous director who lifted the entire story from a Tamil film itself?

Our own Mani Rathnam. The story outline of his 'Mouna Raagam' was a straight lift from Mahendran's 'Nenjathai Killaathey'!

What is common between the films 'Saamanthi Poo' and 'Thudikkum Karangal'?

Both had popular playback singers as their music directors: Malaysia Vasudevan and S.P. Balasubramanian respectively. (I know K.J. Yesudas scored music for a Tamil film but the name evades my memory. Someone help please....)

Noted hindi music director Ravindra Jain (he is blind) said if he regained eyesight the first person he would like to see was this playback singer?

K.J. Yesudas!

What was special about the movie 'Sirikkathey' released in 1939?

Sirikkathey was a 5-in-1 film. As in, it was a compilation of 5 short stories - Adangapidari, Maalaikannan, Poli Saamiyaar, Puli Vettai & Yama Vaadanai. Source: Film News Anandan's super tome, Saadhanigal Padaitha Tamizh Thiraipada Varalaru.

Who wrote the dialogues for 'Andha Naal'?

Jaavar Seetharaman

Twentieth Century Fox bought the telecast rights of this tamil classic in the late sixties. Which Sivaji movie are we talking about?

Thillana Mohanambal

Monday, June 19, 2006

'There is a rainbow in the distant sky' was the first English song composed for a Tamil film. Who was the composer?

Salil Chowdhury. The film was Doorathu Idimuzhakkam. Those of you who wish to hear the song, can download it here.

What's common to 'Oli Vilakku', 'Navarathri', 'Raja Parvai' & 'Shri Raghavendra'?

All the above were hundredth films of superstars. MGR's was Oli Vilakku. Shivaji's was Navarathri. Kamal's was Raja Parvai. And Rajini's was Shri Raghavendra.

This part of Chennai housed 5 movie studios in the 1930s. And it was the hub of film making in South India much before Kodambakkam. Name the area.

Kilpauk. Randor Guy says Kilpauk was the home for Srinivasa Cinetone, Kubera Studios, Citadel Studios, National Movietone & Newtone Studio.

Which was the first Tamil film to be based on a Shakespeare play?

Shylock made in 1940.

Who wrote and directed the film 'Thattungal Thirakkapadum'?

Comedian Chandrababu.

Whose production outfit was called 'Bharani Pictures'?

Actress Banumathi. She named it after her son.

SB Kanthan, the stage actor, made his debut in the film 'Jerry'. Who is his more famous sibling?


In the movie 'Mumbai Xpress', what is Avinashi's nickname?

Mumbai Xpress

'The Boss' is the tagline for the movie 'Shivaji'. What was the tagline for 'Boys'?

For gals. And for 'Jeans' it was '0% cotton. 100% love.'

Who owns the music label 'Tharangini'?

Kattassery Joseph Yesudas aka KJ Yesudas.

Who gave Deva his sobriquet, 'Thenisai Thenral'?

MS Viswanathan

Visu's 'Manal Kayiru' was an adaptation of his play titled __________

Modi Mastaan

'The Perfumed Garden' aka 'The Tales of Kama Sutra' was directed by Jagmohan Mundhra. Who wrote the story?

Randor Guy

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Naam Iruvar was a patriotic film released in 1947. Who was the director?


Translate into tamil : Athaikku Yammudu Ammaikku Mogudu

Maapillai. Apparently Chiranjeevi, who guest fights in one sequence, starred in the telugu original and produced the tamil one.

Who scored the music for 'Azhiyada Kolangal' & 'Doorathu Idi Muzhakkam'?

Salil Chowdary. Remember Poo vannam Pola nenjam?

Which was the first Tamil film with an English title?

Danger Signal released in 1937. Madras Mail (1936) & Miss Kamala (1936) came close.

Which is the highest rated Indian movie on IMDB?

Pushpak. It stands tall with a score of 9.6 (a rating given by 225 film buffs). Dunno if it deserves that score. Because the highest scoring English movie has a score of 8.8 (a rating given by 1.75 lakh film buffs).

The first tamil film magazine was __________

Cinema Ulagam. It was launched by PS Chettiar in 1935.

Before making it big in films, Charanraj was

a singer with nightclubs in bangalore

47 nAtkal by K Balachandar was based on a novel by...


in Ranuvaveeran, this actor dubbed for Chiranjeevi. Who is he

Heron Ramasami

Insaaf ka Taraazu was remade in tamil as

needhi devan mayakkam

story for Bharathiraja's Nizhalgal was written by


Parthiban's role in Bharathi Kannamma was originally offered to


Suhasini directed a serial for SUN tv based a novel by writer sujatha. VR made his debut as a music composer in that serial. Who is VR?

Vignesh Ramanan ( s/o AV Ramanan)

He died while directing his debut film. His father,a noted telugu actor has instituted an award in his name. Name the father and the son.

Gollapudi Maruthi Rao is the father.
Gollapudi Srinivas is the son.

Shobana made her debut as an actress in

baktha dhuruva markandeya ( directed by Bhanumathi Ramakrishna)

Kamal was the editor for this magazine run on behalf of his fan club. Name the magazine


Chinthamani paired opposite Pandiarajan in 'Manaivi Ready". Now, she is better known as

debashree roy

Which celebrity was the supposed to play Yugi Sethu's role in 'Panchathanthram'?

Krishnamachari Srikkanth, the cricketer.

Divya Gopi Kumar made her debut as a child artiste in Adoor Gopalakrishnan's 'Katha Purushan'. How do we know her now?

Abirami, the lady who played Annalakshmi in Virumandi.

Which singer cum actress wrote the award winning short story, 'The Runaway Peppercorn'?

Suchitra Ramadurai aka Mirchi Suchi.

Immanuel Vasanth Dinakaran is better known as ________

D. Imaan

He worked as a waiter in Taj Coromandel before he took his plunge into films. Who?


Who wrote the dialogues for 'Anbe Sivam'?

Cartoonist Madan. Quite a decent one for a first script!

Savitha Reddy - how do we know her better?

The voice of Jyotika.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Vidyasagar's first film as music composer?


Agosh, the trio, composed music for few tamil and hindi films. Expand Agosh

Agosh = Anand + Gopal Rao + Shaleen

Goundamani's only hit as a hero ' paNam patthum seyyum' was based on a popular play. Name it.


AV Ramanan was the hero of this film released in early 80s. Name the film

Kaadhal kaadhal kaadhal

Before he entered tamil films, R.Parthiban was a small time actor in the drama troupe run by a former villain actor. Name him.

SV Ramadoss

MN Rajam married this playback singer. Who is he?

AL Raghavan

Sanjeev Kumar's Koshish was remade in tamil as


Which English movie was the inspiration for Shanthi Nilayam?

Sound of Music

What was the last film by Muthuraman

Aayiram mutthanggaL

Ramya Krishnan is a close relative of a multi faceted celebrity based in Chennai. Name him.

Cho Ramaswamy

This was Jayakanthan's last film. The film never got released. Name the film.

puthu cheruppu kadikkum

Which Roald Dahl story bears a striking resemblance to the 'Toyota Car' bet sequence in 'Ninaithaaley Inikkum'?

Man from the South aka The Smoker. If you haven't read it yet, catch it here.

Guitar Prasanna is an alumnus of

IIT Powai ( Mumbai) [ senior to me in School :-) ]

Thangavelu died in the midway while he was acting in Periyamaruthu. His talkie portion was dubbed by..

Thenkachi Ko. Swaminathan ( of thinam oru thakaval fame)

Who wrote the lyrics for the song 'Orunaalum unai maravatha' in the film 'Ejamaan'?

Director RV Udaya Kumar.

If you were watching a tamil movie with four lead characters named Anand, Bharathi, Chandra & Divya; what would you be watching?

The movie ABCD.

Who wrote the lyrics for the 'Pettai Rap' song, in the movie 'Kaadhalan'?

Director Shankar!

The rather slow song "Neeyum Bommai Naanum Bommai" was his first song in tamil. Who?

K J Yesudas

Which was the first Tamil film to get the Adults Only certification?

Marmayogi, an MGR film. Source: Film News Anandan.

If MS Subbalaksmi played 'Shakuntala' who played Dushyanta?

Carnatic great G. N. Balasubramaniam.

Vikram's 'Dhil' was remade as Vivek Oberoi's ________


Sarath Kumar's movie 'Dhosth' was a straight lift of which Hollywood flick?

Double Jeopardy

The 'Kanney Kalaimaaney' song in 'Monndraam Pirai' was his last song. Whose?


"Athaan odu ippadi irundhu ethanai naalaachu' was his first ever song in Tamil. He sang it for the movie, 'Hotel Ramba'. Who?

SP Balasubramaniam. It seems the film 'Hotel Ramba' never saw the light of the day.

This radio jockey & television compere from Malaysia, is now a leading producer of low budget Tamil movies. Who?

'Punnagai Poo' Geetha, the producer of Pattiyal, Arindhum Ariyamalum & Kundakka Mundakka.

Which legendary carnatic musician's name gets a mention in the song 'Puducheri Kutchery' in the movie 'Singaravelan'?

Tiger Varadachari

Who produced & co-directed the film, 'Unakkaga Mattum'?

Chinni Jayanth.

Which MGR movie was a rip-off of the Hitchcock flick, 'Vertigo'?

Kalangarai Vilakkam

Hindi actor Govinda appeared in a dance sequence in...

Three Roses

Who's the author of the book titled 'Vaakapatta Bhoomi'?

Susi Ganesan, director of Thiruttu Payale.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Baghyaraj was the hero and the director. Amala was the heroine.Songs became popular. But the project never took off. Name the film

Kavadi chinthu

Shivaji's role in Andha nAL was originally offered to

Calcutta Viswanathan

before becoming an actor, Poornam vishwanathan was

a newsreader in akashvani

the screenplay for RGV's kshanak kshanam was written by

Mani Ratnam

perarasu started as an assistant to


Rajeev Menon has done a small but key role in a Fazil's malayalam film. Name?


Kareena Kapoor has done an item number in this film. Name it

kOtIswaran ( not released)

Rajeev Menon's first film as Cinematographer was supposed to be this. Kulothungan was the Director. Karthik was the actor. But the film never took off

Agni Puthiran

He started as an assistant to PC Sreeram. He applied greasepaint for a crucial role in kurudhi punal. He is a popular cinematographer now. Name him

Arvind Krishna

Anand, who composed music for KT Kunjumon's Shakti, is an alumnus of ...

Roorkee University ( now IIT Roorkee)

VK Ramaswamy partnered with this director and floated Sri Lakshmi Productions and made few films including vadikukku valaikappu. Name the director

AP Nagarajan

When offered, he rejected the role, that was played by thiagarajan later, in the film payum puli. Who was that?


in MGR, M & G stands for

Maruthoor Gopalan

Karthika, a Kerala import, was in the news recently for bagging the role of the heroine in a prestige project. Karthika who?

Karthika is the real name of actress Bhavana, who has been chosen by Bala for his Naan Kadavul.

Who wrote the screenplay for the 1945 Tamil film 'Miss Malini'?

RK Narayan

“Roja” was supposed to be adapted from a novella written by Sujatha. Name it.

14 nAtkal
Note: Please select the above line for the answer.

Which was Lucky Ali's first tamil film song?

Saaregame in Boys. Adnan Sami's first was Boom Boom.

Which music director made his acting debut in the film 'Kovai Brothers'?

D. Imaan.

Who scored the music for the Tamil film 'Relax'?

Sandeep Chowta.

Grace, the 'Seena Thaana Doi' singer is married to a popular comedian named...


'Ni Anniyan' was the dubbed version. What was the original called?

Gangs of New York

We all know ‘Crazy’ Mohan penned the dialogue for “MMKR”. What was his other contribution (not quite noticeable though) in the masterpiece?

He stood in the position of one of the Kamal Haasans in scenes involving two Kamal Haasans in the same shot (filmed using masking technique).
Note: Please select the above blank lines for the answer.

Who wrote the dialogue for “Thillu Mullu”? What was his other (noticeable) contribution in the film?

Visu. He also dubbed for one of the interviewees in the interview scene.
Note: Please select the above blank lines for the answer.

AVM's Sababathi was based on a play written by...

Pammal Sammanda Mudaliyar

In 80's kumudam ran a serial by Indumathy.It carried photos of models instead of usual illustration.He was one of the model but a super star now. Who?

Vikram ( name of the serial is ' kaN simittum min minigaL')

The lead actor in yuhi sethu's 'Kavithai pAda nEramillai' was Shanawaz. He is the son of a Malayalam Superstar. Who?

prem nazir

Mouli had this memorable role in Nizhal NijamakiRathu. He had a funny screen name in that movie. what was it?

manmatha naidu

Madhavi made her debut in

Puthiya ThOraNgaL

The Story for Alaipayuthe was written by

R.Selvaraj & Maniratnam

Media Dreams Pvt Ltd, floated by writer sujatha and his associates was taken over by this multimedia major. Name it

Pentafour Group

LR Eswari is a


SA Rajkumar is a


Name the Tamil movie directed by Puttana Kanagal

Raaja Nagam

In which tamil movie, did PMK founder Dr.Ramadoss made a special appearance?


He was poor man's Shivaji Ganesan in overacting department. An ardent devotee of Karumariamman but later embraced christianity and preached. who?

AVM Rajan

The first film, in which we saw kamalhassan without a moustache is...

Not nayagan, kalaththur kannamma :-)

The first film, in which we saw rajinikanth without a moustache is...

Thillu Mullu

In which Tamil movie did writer sujatha made an special appearance?

Thai Pongal

Which former actor runs an ad film outfit called 'Green Apple'?

Prathap Pothan. Incidentally Prathap was a copywriter before he got into films.

Jamshad did his Engineering from Crescent Engineering College. Then he changed his name at the instance of director Jeeva. What did he change it too?


In the song 'Kaasumela Kaasuvandhu' Delhi Ganesh shouts out the names of characters played by Kamalahassan & Prabhu Deva. Gimme their names.

Ramalingam & Sundaralingam.

How many vegetables get a mention in the 'Athi Kaai' song by Kannadasan?

To my knowledge six - Athi Kaai, Alang Kaai, Kovakkaai, Paavakkaai, Avaraikaai & Madulangkaai. Correct me if I am wrong.

At the end of X, a caption appeared that Y will return with the movie 'Kizhakku Africavil Raju'. Identify X & Y.

X was Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban. And Y was MGR.

Connect a 1961 KSG film starring SSR, a 1963 Krishnan Panju film starring Sivaji & a 1996 Balachander film starring Raghumaan.

The titles of all 3 films are the names of famous Tamil Magazines. The 1961 KS Gopalakrishnan film was Kumudham. The 1963 Krishnan Panju flick was Kungumam. And the 1996 K Balachander movie was Kalki!

Who sang the 'Vethala Potta Shokkula' gana song in the movie 'Amaran'?

Actor Karthik

Which was the first Tamil film song to weave the word 'Bemani' into its lyrics?

Freeya vudu maamey from Aaru. Lyricist Na. Muthukumar managed to squeeze this in somehow.

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Anuradha Paudwal's daughter Kavita has one Tamil song to her credit. Which one?

Bombay, Madras, Delhi in Rakshakan. AR Rehman was the generous composer.

Moving onto another Athipatti, the movie 'Thaneer Thaneer' was based on a play by __________

Komal Swaminathan

In the film 'Citizen', which village vanishes from the map of Tamil Nadu, thanks to corrupt bureaucrats?


Music critic Subbudu's only film appearance to date has been that of a music critic in the movie ______

Ivan by Parthiban.

In 1993, Richard Breyer, a Syracuse University Professor, made a 30-minute documentary on a 'South Indian Film Star'. Which star?

Actress Kasthuri aka quizzer Shanmathi.

His relatives called him Rajamani. And his college mates, Lakshmi Narasimhan. How do we know him better?

RS Manohar. The lead role in the play Manohara earned him his screen name.

Who plays the bass guitar for the contemporary folk band 'Oikyotaan'?

Paul Jacob aka Paul J, the music director of Sarath Kumar's 100th film Thalaimagan.

Rajinikant was the villain. NTR was the hero. Name this telugu movie.


Name of the malayalam movie directed by Balumahendra, which had amol palekar and poornima jayaram in the lead roles?


Former Union Minister Su.Thirunavukkarasar ( BJP) acted as the hero in this movie. Name the movie.

agni pArvai

Namak Halal was remade in tamil as


Namak Haram ( Hindi) was remade in tamil as

unakkAga nAn

A popular tamil writer penned the dialogues for Rudraiya's 'AvaL appadiththan'. Name him.


Ravichandran's role in Kadhalikka Neramillai was originally offered to..

Sivakumar ( was rejected b'coz, he looked too young)

AVM Studios moved from here to Vadapalani. From where?

Devakotttai Rastha, Karaikudi

S.Balachandar and Actress Jayshree are Close relatives. How are they related?

S.Balachandar's elder sister S. Jayalakshmi ( an actress in the silent film era ) is the grand mother of Jayshree

Who sang 'Madane Un Thanaiyaal Maha Mohanam' in the 1935 Tamil film 'Devadas'?

K. L. Saigal. He also sang Tudhiyai Paduvai Komala Killiye in the same film. Apparently, singer CS Jayaraman helped him with the pronunciation. Saigal buffs can download these songs here.

Complete the name. Manaiyangathu Subramanian ______________

Manaiyangathu Subramanian Viswanathan. In short, MS Viswanathan.

Who sang the KB Sunderambal bit, 'Gyaanap Pazhathaip Pizhinthu', in the 'Vaarayo Thozhi' song in the film 'Jeans'?

Kovai Kamala

Who was the director & scriptwriter for the movie 'Thambathiyam Pudhira Punidhama'?

Psychiatrist Dr. Mathrubootham!

After quitting the DMK, Kannadasan helped found a political party along with EVK Sampath. Which one?

Tamil Desiya Katchi.

G.Venkateswaran ( Late ) married Sujatha, daughter of a popular film producer. Name him.

Muktha Ramaswamy

Former Health Secy Girija Vaidyanathan, IAS hails from a filmy family. Explain.

Vaidyanathan, in Girija Vaidyanathan is S.Ve.Sekar's sibling.

After quitting cinema, Arvind SWamy ventured in to BPO business. Name the company

Prolease ( not anymore)

Jeppiar was the hero of this movie. Which Movie?

nallathai nAdu kEtkum

Before venturing into films, Rajesh was

a teacher ( in Wesley School, Royapettah)

This Movie by mukta films was almost an ensemble of amateur drama actors of that period. Name the movie

Simla Special

Before venturing into films, Delhi Ganesh was...

an officer in Indian Air Force

Before venturing in to films, Srikanth was

...working in American Consulate

The film was made by collecting money from public. It bagged the national award in the best film category but never made it to the theatres. Movie?

Agraharathil Kazhuthai ( directed by John Abraham)

Playback singer Jolly abraham has acted in a tamil movie. Name the movie.


The role performed by Deepa in meendum kokila was originally offered to..

Rekha ( Hindi Actress)

The 1950 Nagaiah movie 'Ezhai Padum Paadu' was based on which classic novel?

Victor Hugo's Les Miserables.

Who wrote the screenplay & story for Rajini's film 'Valli'?

Rajinikant himself.

Who produced the film 'Unnai Charan Adaindhane'?

SPB Charan, son of SP Balasubramaniam.

She launched her career as GB Rajayee. After a couple of flops, she changed it to _________

TR Rajakumari. The erstwhile Rajakumari theatre in Pondy Bazaar was hers.

Director Cheran used 4 cinematographers to make 'Autograph'. 3 of them are Ravi Varman, Vijay Milton, Dwarakanath. Who's the fourth?

Shanki Mahendra, son of Balu Mahendra.

X was made by 14 directors using 14 heroes and 10 heroines. Identify X.

Swayamvaram, the tamil film that was made in 24 hours. Dunno if it ran for more than 24 hours :-)

JS Films is a leading ad film company in Chennai. Who's the S in JS?

PC Sreeram

Rajinikant has sung only one song in his long movie career. Name the song.

Adikuthu Kuluru in Mannan.

Vijayshanthi's first Tamil film was __________________

Kallukul Eeram. Actress Aruna also made her debut in this movie.

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Who played Kamal's white skinned girl friend in the film 'Sattam En Kaiyil'?


Singer Harish Raghavendra made his acting debut in ?

Arun Pandian's Vikatan. I wonder if Kumudam would have ever given a charitable review to Vikatan :-)

Mr. Jerry tweaked 'Urban Legend' into a Tamil movie in 2003. What did he call it?

Whistle, the 'Azhagiya Asura' movie.

Name the director of yesteryear, who never forgets to suffix his academic degree, BE, to his name, in the credits.

TR Sundaram of Modern Theatres.

Which Tamil actor starred in the Bengali movie 'Kabita'?

Kamal Hassan

Before venturing in to tamil films, Kanchana was... airhostess

T.R.Mahalingam married this actress. Name her.


Jayabadhuri's Guddi was remade in tamil as...

...Cinema paithiyam

Erich Segal's 'Love Story' was the inspiration for this movie made in the year 1973. Name it

Manjal Kugumam

He's directed movies on Sankaracharya, Madhavacharya & Ramanujacharya. Who?

GV Iyer. Adi Shankaracharya was the first Sanskrit movie. Madhavacharya was shot in Kannnada. While Ramanujacharya was made in Tamil. Ramanujacharya was screened only on TV. GV Iyer also has made movies on Swami Vivekananda & Bhagavad Gita.

Ramachandra Babu was a famous Cinemaographer in late 70's. His younger brother is popular cinematographer now. who is he?

Ravi K Chandran

Which was the last film by Savithri?


Which was the last film by Jayalalitha?

Nathiyai thEdi vantha Kadal

Which is the first full length film made by tharamani film institute students and who directed the movie?

Thaagam directed by Babu Nadhankot

She died just after completing the film. The said film carried a footage of her funeral. Which film? and who is she?

Samanthipoo, Shoba

Rajinikant was the Hero. Bhimsingh was the Director. Name this tamil movie

iRaivan kodutha varam

Bharathiraja worked an assistant to a popular kannada film maker, before he ventured on his own. who is he?

S R Puttanna Kanagal

Before taking a plunge in to tamil filmdom, Director J,Mahendran was...

...a journalist with Thuglak, tamil weekly

TNEB building in Annasalai is called NPKRR Maaligai. The abbreviation stands for the name of an actor. Who is the actor?

Nadippisai Pulavar K R Ramasami. ( for the uniniatied, KR Ramasami was a super star before Nadikar thilakam and Puratchi thalaivar came in to existence).

In the film 'Major Chandrakant', what are the names of the two sons of Major Chandrakant? And what's so special about their names?

Srikanth & Rajinikanth. Balachander ended up using these two names for two new actors he launched later - SV Venkataraman and Sivaji Rao Gaekwad.

Which was the first colour feature film in Tamil?

Kaathalika Neram Illai

What's special about Illayaraja's score for 'Thankikaatu Raaja' ?

This was the first film in which a song was recorded in 6 track stereo. First in India!

Which was the first Tamil film to be shot in Eastman colour?

Alibabavum 40 Thirudargalum

How is S.V. Venkataraman better known to us?

Actor Srikanth of Sila Nerangalil, Sila Manidargal fame. Incidentally Srikanth's daughter runs an ad agency in Chennai by the name Rubecon.

In which Tamil Movie, Cricketer Kapil Dev made an special appearance? ( clue : the movie was loosely based on Eddie Murphy's 'Trading Places')

unnidaththil naan

Visu penned the script for this tamil movie and it flopped. few years later, Visu remade the movie as 'thirumathi oru vegumathi'. Name the original


This film's launch was announced with a newspaper pullout that carried spoofs of famous print ads. Which comedy?

Maja. Vikram, the former copywriter had a field day, spoofing many popular ads. For example, the Thums-up spoof featured a picture of Vikram and Asin with coconuts and the line read: Taste the tender! Unfortunately, the movie Maja was not that funny.

The pooja invitation card of which film was an FIR report?


The pooja invitation card for Rajapaarvai, had an intriguing caption in English. It more or less conveyed the whole story. What was the caption?

'My Days are Darker than your Nights'

The movie bagged the national award in that year for dealing with issues related to reservation. Name the movie and the director

Ore oru gramathilE , Jothi pandian.

Who wrote the screenplay for sivakavi?

Kirubanantha vaariyar

In which tamil movie, noted Hindi Actor Ashok Kumar, did a cameo?

Annavin Aasai

Who played Jesus Christ in the 'Deiva Maindhan Poginraan' song sequence for the movie, 'Annai Velankanni'?

Kamal Hassan!

The B in B. Lenin stands for __________

Bhim Singh. Lenin, a fine editor & national award winner for directing Oorukku Nooru Paer, is the son of Bhim Singh. His brother B. Kannan is a well known cinematographer. Kannan & Lenin. Doesn't gel. So is Lenin a screen name of sorts? Can anyone out there shed some light?

The initial hum in 'Kaadhal Vanduruchu Aasaiyil Odivandane' bears a striking resemblance to the hum in which Uriah Heep chartbuster?

Lady in Black

Translate the following into tamil : Mrs.Doubtfire, What about Bob, Nine to Five

Avvai Shanmughi, Thenali and Magalir Mattum

Who was the music director for the Aabavanan movie, 'Karuppu Roja'?

MSV Raja, the son of MS Viswanathan.

Who was the director cum composer cum screenplaywriter for the Vijay Kant movie 'Pudu Padagan'?

Kalaipuli S. Thaanu. And guess who produced it? Thaanu himself.

The Hindi blockbuster 'Mr. India' was remade in Tamil with Bhagyaraj & Meenakshi Sheshadri as the lead actors. Name the movie for me.

En Rathathin Rathame. Sounds very MGRish. The film was a huge flop, it seems. Source: Film News Anandan.

What's the P in P. Leela?

Porayathu Leela. Read about this gifted singer in Filmalaya.

Who scored the music for the 1989 Tamil film, 'Mouna Porattam'?

S. Janaki

'Manmatha Leelaiyai', 'Krishna Mukunda Murare' and 'Yaaradee Nee Mohini' are 3 great numbers composed by ____________

G. Ramanathan

GV called it Good Luck. What does Priyadarshan call it?

Four Frames. For those who are not clued in, GV's Good Luck Preview Theater was auctioned recently by the IT department. It was bought, refurbished and relaunched in a new name, by director Priyadarshan.

Which Tamil actor won the Andipatti assembly seat in 1980 representing ADMK?

Not MGR. It was SSR (SS Rajendran).

What's the collective name for Krishna, Kumar, Bob Galy, Juju & Munnna?

Boys. They are the 5 members of the band 'Boys' in the movie Boys.

A B.Com from Kirorimal College, Delhi. And an MBA from SP Jain, Mumbai. This Tamil actor is now a sought after star in Tolly & Bollywood. Who?


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Connect Sowcar Janaki and the 1965 Tamil movie 'Enga Veetu Penn'.

Sankaramanchi Janaki made her debut in the Telugu film Sowcar. This earned her the sobriquet 'Sowcar' Janaki. Sowcar was remade in 1965 as Enga Veetu Penn. Incidentally, Sowcar was also NT Rama Rao's first film as a hero. Go to Idlebrain for more on this movie.

Contrary to general belief, Santosh Sivan's first movie as a director was not 'Malli'. What was it then?


This singer owns two sound studios - 'Alaap' in Kochi & 'The Sound of Music' in Chennai. Who?

Unni Menon

Which Nicholas Cage starrer uses the 'Bombay' theme for one of its more memorable scenes?

Lord of War

Who was the first woman to pen lyrics for a tamil film song?

It was Roshanara Begum. She wrote for the film Kudiyirutha Koil. Best remembered for Kunguma Pottin Mangalam.

Which Balachandar's movie was based on the English film 'To Sir With Love'?

Noothukku Nooru

Raj Kapoor's personal physician married a leading tamil actress on March 10, 1968. Whom did he marry?

Vyjayanti Mala. The man was Dr. CL Bali.

Which was the first Tamil movie sequel?

Jappanil Kalyanaraman.

The code name of LTTE's intelligence chief is the same as the title of actress Roja's 100th movie. Gimme the name.

Pottu Amman

In Karumathur near Madurai, Vishnu is worshipped as Mayandi & Shiva is worshipped as Peyandi. What is Brahma worshipped as?

Virumandi! Source: Manra Mayyam.

Which Tamil film was remade into Hindi as 'Aakhri Raasta'?

Oru Kaithiyin Diary

Who was the music director for the feature film 'Todi Ragam'?

Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan. He also acted in the film, if I am not mistaken. Correction: He did not act. Musician Seshagopalan did. Thanks to Srini & Satheesh for pointing this out.

John Kennedy was a copywriter in Lintas in the Eighties. How do we know him better?

Chiyaan Vikram

The publicity poster of the 1955 movie Town Bus featured nearly all the stars of Kollywood. What was the catch?

The poster carried a line saying, 'this movie doesn't feature any of these stars'.

What was odd about the Tamil classic 'Andha Naal' released in 1954?

It was the first songless Tamil film.

In the film 'Mazhalai Pattaalam', what's the lady pseudonym used by the character played by Vishnuvardhan?

Gowri Manohari

How is Philip Brewtman Das better known to us?

The one-legged-dancer Kutty in the film Dancer.

In the movie 'Chandramukhi' Rajnikant claims he's a shishya of the world famous psychiatrist __________

Dr. Bradley

Connect 'The Idiot' and 'Chithiram Pesudadi'.

The chief protagonist of the Fyodor Dostoevsky classic The Idiot is Prince Myshkin. Chithiram Pesuthadi's director was named after that character.

In the film 'Iruvar', Nasser plays the role of _________

Anna Durai

Which was the first Tamil movie to be made in Cinemascope?

Raja Raja Cholan

Which was the first Indian owned cinema house in South India?

Gaeity. It was built by R. Venkiah in the year 1914. Also did you know that first movie hall in South India was the Electric Theater! It was built on Anna Salai by one Major Warwick in 1900. Source: India Film.

Crazy Mohan's play 'Marriage Made in Saloon' was converted into a movie by K Balachander. Give me the name of the movie.

Poi Kaal Kudhirai

Who runs an ad film making outfit called 'Gossip Films'?

Parthiban. Some say the name was suggested by his daughter Keerthana (the girl who acted in Kannathil Muthamittaal).

'Kaadu', a 1952 Tamil & English film starring Rod Cameron & MN Nambiar holds a rare distinction in Indian cinema. What distinction?

Kaadu aka The Jungle was the first Sci-Fi film to be made in India. Source - The Hindu.

She has two dogs - Minx & Cadbury. Who?

Trisha Krishnan

Hindi actress Priyanka Chopra made her debut in a Tamil movie. Can you name the same for me?


Who played Kamaraj in the film, 'Kamaraj'?

Actor Richard Mathuram.

Who directed & scored the music for the 1983 film, 'Bhakta Dhurva Markandeya'?


Which was K. Balachandar's first movie as director?

Not Server Sundaram. SS was directed by Krishnam-Panju. Neer Kumuzhi was KB's first film as director.

The Malayalam film 'Lekhayude Maranam - Oru Flashback' was based on the life and death of which Tamil actress?


Gopalarathnam earned his sobriquet for his popular role in T. S. Seshadri's stage play, "Nenjae Nee Vazhga." What was the sobriquet?

Typist Gopu. Source: The Hindu.

X was an adaptation of Jyotish Banerjee's Bengali comedy 'Manmoyee Girls School'. X was also remade in Hindi as 'Miss Mary'. Identify X.

Missiyamma. Source: Idle Brain.

Monday, June 12, 2006

What's special about the film 'Miss Kamala' released in 1936?

It was the first Tamil film to be directed by a woman. The lady was TP Rajalakshmi, who some say was also the first Tamil heroine. Source: Film News Anandan.

An XLRI grad, he won a national award for for his first feature film score. Who?

Mahesh Mahadevan, perhaps the most qualified music director in Tamil Film Industry. He won the award for Best Music for the film Nammavar. Mahesh passed away in 2002 after battling cancer for 13 years. He is still remembered for his ad jingle 'Sottu Neelam Doi' created for Regaul.

Which cricketer's namesake made his debut in the movie 'Roja Kootam'?

Krishnamachari Srikanth.

In the film 'Kannannoru Kai Kuzhandai' his name appeared twice in the credits. Once as 'Aluvula Nirvagam - SN Rangaraj B.Sc'. And the second time as ?

Satyaraj, under the list of actors. Source: India4u

How did Gemini Studios get its name?

Read this fascinating nugget dug out by the Madras Musings man for the answer.

This great poet's real name was Muthiah. His first film song was 'Kalangaadhiru Manamey'. Who?

Kaviarasu Kannadasan. Thanks to Raj for helping me correct a glaring mistake.

What was the name of the aadu in 'Aatukaara Alamelu'?


Which two heroes have used each other's names for their characters in their respective films?

Sivaji Ganesan and Rajinikanth. Sivaji's character in Gouravam was named Rajinikanth. And Rajini, of course, is doing Sivaji.

Kamal Hassan's flick 'Kuruthipunaal' was based on Govind Nihalini's 'Drohkaal'. Who was the director of 'Kuruthipunaal'?

PC Sreeram. I used to think this was his first film as a director. Alert Arun points out that PC wielded the megaphone first in Meera.

What is special about the credits sequence of Rajaparvai?

It was the first -- and only -- time the names of all the people (including the actors) who made the movie were listed in a running scroll, without saying who did what.

Which was the first song sung by Kamal Hassan?

Gnayiru Oli Mazhayil, from the film Andharangam. Music by G Devarajan.

The short story 'Agni Pravesam' was expanded into a Sahitya Academy winning novel. It was also made into a movie by Bhim Singh. Name the movie.

'Sila Nerangalil Sila Mandidargal' written by Jayakanthan. Trivia tip-off by Baradwaj Rangan. Read his wonderful review of the movie here.

Which was the first song sung by TM Soundarrajan for MGR?

'Eththanaik kaalamthaan aemaatruvaar intha naattilae' in the movie 'Malaikkallan'. Source - Lakshman Sruthi.

Who scored the music for the 2004 flick 'Machi'?

AR Rehana, sister of AR Rehman.

Vijaykanth's production company is called Andal Azhagar Cine Combines. Why Andal Azhagar?

Named it after his mom & dad - Aandaal & Azhagarswami.

In the movie 'M. Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi' what's the name of Kumaran's dad?


Who was credited as the director of the movie 'Thulluvatho Illamai'?

Not Selvaraghavan. His dad Kasthuri Raja was stated as the director in the credits.

What's the real name of Nayantara?

Diana Kurien

Which was Kamal Hassan's first screenplay?

Raja Parvai

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Vridhachalam is Vijaykanth's constituency. It's also the real name of a great lyricist. Who?

Pudumai Pithan

Who makes a guest appearance as Madhavan's friend in the film 'Piriyamana Thozhi'?

Krishnamachari Srikkanth

Who played the role of Bheem Boy (Madan's bodyguard) in the film 'Michael Madana Kamarajan'?

Praveen Kumar, the same chap who played Bheema in BR Chopra's megaserial 'Mahabharatha'.

Prakash Raj's production outfit is called Duet Films. Why the name Duet Films?

Prakash Raj made his tamil debut with the Balachandar film 'Duet'.

What was the name of Silk Smitha in the movie 'Vandi Chakram'?

Silukku. She added the Silk to her name, after this movie.

Ak was Ayutha Ezhuthu's working title. What was Kannathil Muthamittal's?


What was the name of the bootham in 'Pattinathil Bootham'?

Jee Boom Ba

Comlete the list. Daniel Basheer. Daniel Amar Singh & Daniel _________

Rasaiah. Daniel Rasaiah was the name of Illayraja before he became Illayaraja.

What is the screen name of Venkat Prabhu?


Which was the first Tam movie to be dubbed in Hindi?

Kaadhalan. It was called 'Hum Se Hai Muqabla'.

Which Tamil movie borrows heavily from the flick ''Bangkok Dangerous'?


The 3-in-1 Kannada film 'Katha Sangama' was the debut flick of which Tamil actor?


When this film won the national award, director X sent his mom to receive the award because he had named the movie after her. Identify X.

Bharathiraja. The movie was of course, Karuththamma.

How is Meera Chopra better known to us?

Actress Nila. The name was given to her by SJ Suryah.

What's special about the recently released flick 'Naagariga Komali'?

The two lead actors in the film, Jai Sakthi & NSK Rajan, are the grandsons of legendary comedians Suruli Rajan & NS Krishnan.

VZ Durai's new film has been curiously titled as 'Hindu Nesan'. Why was 'Hindu Nesan' in the news on November 8, 1944?

Hindu Nesan was a yellow journal that dished out the dirt on many celebs. On November 8th in 1944, its key columnist - CN Lakshmikanthan, was murdered. Actors NS Krishnan & MK Thyagaraja Bhagavathar were unfortunately implicated in this case. They had to undergo a 30-month sentence for the same.

Who directed the movie 'Mazhalai Pattaalam'?

Actress Lakshmi

Mary his her middle name. Thottumkal is her last name. She's known by her first name. Who?


She was christened as Harini by Shankar. But now she's chosen to use her real name. Who?

Genelia D'Souza

His first movie was named 'Iravum Pagalum'. Ironically, his last flick also bore the same title. Who am I talking about?

Jaishankar. (Source - Wikipedia)

What's the name of the villain in the film 'Thotti Jaya'?

Seena Thaana

Who wrote the script for the film 'Meera' that starred MS Subalakshmi?

Kalki (pen name of Kalyani Krishnamurthi).

Which was the first movie to be dubbed into Tamil?

The Kannada movie Harischandra. (Source: Film news Anandan)

A renowned film historian, his famous pseudonym is some kinda anagram of his real name Rangadurai. Who?

Randor Guy

TS Baliah made his debut in the film 'Sati Leelavati'. Which other legend made his debut in the same movie?

MG Ramachandran. (Source: Film News Anandan)

Whose name appeared as RG in the credits in the movie 'Miss Malini'?

Gemini Ganesan aka R. Ganesan. And that was his debut movie!

This film ran for 110 weeks non-stop in Chennai's Broadway Theater. Which one?

Haridas starring MK Thyagaraja Bhagavathar & TR Rajakumari.

What was the name of RS Manohar's drama outfit?

National Theaters

Who gave Illayaraja his 'Isai Gnani' title?

M. Karunanidhi

Which was the only tamil film starring MGR & Sivaji?


What was the name of Nagesh's movie company in the film 'Kaadhalika Neram Illai'?

Oho productions

Who was the Telugu Desam candidate for the 2004 Assembly elections in a constituency called Nagari in Andhra Pradesh?

Actress Roja

Kovai Sarala, Oorvasi & Roja play 3 sisters in the film 'Tirupati Ezhumalai Venkatesa'. Can you tell me their names in the movie?

Lalitha, Padmini & Ragini.

What does the NS stand for in NS Krishnan?

Nagerkoyil Sudalaimuthu

How was PG Krishnaveni better known to us?


Whose autobiography was titled 'Vaazhkai Padagu'?

Gemini Ganesan's

What was the name of the political party founded by Sivaji Ganesan?

Tamizhaga Munnetra Munnani

What's the PB in PB Srinivas?

Prativadha Bhayankara

What's common to S.V, Koothan, Nandhan, Oozhiyan, Kabhali and Sukraachari?

Pseudonyms used by Pudumaipithan.

Which director had a production company by the name Buddha Pictures?

A. Bhimsingh

Veena Balachander played the role of twins in this film. Which one?

Idhu Nijama

What is the screen name of S. Justin Selvaraj?

SJ Suryah

Thirupathi was AVM's 167th movie. Can you name their first flick?

Alli Arjuna

Which Kamalhassan film shares the same name as the founder of Suguna Vilas Sabha?

'Pammal Sambhandam' Mudaliar

What was the name of Kamalhassan's dog in the movie 'Anbe Sivam'?


Which was the first silent movie to be made in South India?

R. Nataraja Mudaliar's 'Keechaka Vadham'

What's actress Rambha's real name?


Viluppuram Chinnaiah Ganesan became?

Sivaji Ganesan

Which Tamil film was inspired by the Stephen King novel 'Misery'?

Julie Ganapathy

How is Thirutharaipoondi Subramania Srinivasan better known to us?

SS Vasan, founder of Gemini Studio & Ananda Vikatan.

Which famous lyricist played the role of the judge in the film 'Parasakthi'?


What is the full name of Ghantasala?

Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao

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What's the PU in PU Chinnappa?

Pudukottai Ulaganathan