Monday, July 10, 2006

Give the names of the Hollywood movies / books that have been "Tamil-ized" by the following movies made by "Padmashree, the know-all" Kamalhaasan...

#)Avvai shanmugi/chachi 420 --> Mrs. Doubt fire (the story is from this) and Tootsie (the characterisation, the make-up and the older man falling in love with the man-in-woman's costume was from this)

#)Raaja Paarvai --> Butterflies Are Free (1972) , Sai parajpaye's SPARSH and the climax scenes from Hoffman's "The Graduate".

#)Sathya --> Dustin Hoffman's Marathon Man (1976), also the Sunny Deol starrer "Arjun"

#)Enakkul Oruvan --> Reincarnation of Peter Proud(1975)

#)Indiran Chandiran --> Richard Dreyfuss Starrer "Moon Over Parador", the characterisation even is an outright rip...

#)Thenali --> Richard Dreyfuss & Bill Murray 's What About Bob

#)Nayagan --> God Father Part 1,2 and 3

#)Vetri vizha --> Was based on the Robert Ludlum book "Bourne Identity"

#)Virumandi --> "The Life of David Gale"...just watched it, OMG...the death-penalty abolition, the jail-interviewing scenes all are rips...

#)Naala Damayanthi --> Green card(1990, Andie MacDowell, Gerard Depardieu)

#)Sathi Leelavathi --> She-Devil (1989, Meryl Streep, Roseanne)

#)Magalir Mattum --> Nine to Five (1980, Jane fonda, Dolly Parton)

#)Nammavar --> To Sir With Love (1967, Sidney Poitier)

#)Anbe Sivam --> Kamal and Madavan combo-part was from Steve Martin's "Planes, Trains & Automobiles", the flashback of Kamal with Nasser and Kiran was from Mel Gibson's "The Man without a Face"

#)GUNA --> Its based on Tie me up Tie me down.


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