Friday, July 07, 2006

Which tamil novel by Indira Parthasarathy won the Sahitya acadmi award in 1977?


No connection to kamal's movie which is based on Govind Nihlani's Droh Kaal. But I think Kamal was inspired enough to use the title


  • Sure, he was! Kamal Haasan loves making titular references to films/literature/pop-culture.

    By Blogger Zero, at 8:51 PM  

  • Copying would be a more apt term! Be it titles, stories, scenes, techniques... Kamal is a master stealer dealer! (Of course, so are many others).

    By Blogger SatheeshKrishnamurthy, at 10:04 PM  

  • what does kuruthipunal mean though? i know kuruthi is blood but punal

    By Blogger catcharun, at 4:38 AM  

  • river

    By Blogger anantha, at 9:02 AM  

  • stream would be more appropriate for punal

    By Blogger raj, at 5:38 PM  

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