Saturday, August 30, 2008

Identify this oscar winning movie and the tamil movie that is based on this movie.

Tsotsi from south africa which won the academy award in the foreign films category. The Tamil movie is Yogi starring ameer

The movie mentioned in the previous question is inpsired by a Hindi film. Which one?

Khosla ka ghosla


The invitation for the audio launch of which movie had the following 'facts'?

This movie has the biggest production ever…
This movie will be India’s official entry to the Oscars…
This movie has been shot in 16 different languages…
This movie was shot in over 400 locations

"Poi solla Porom"

Nobody can question the validity of the claims as the disclaimer was in the title itself. Good ploy

Thursday, August 28, 2008

In the film "mangayarkarasi" Madhuram, criticizes her son for not being wordlywise. The son's attempt to disprove has become the actor's nickname.Who?

The role was played by a certain Radhakrishnan. In the movie T.A.Madhuram scolds him that he is not streetsmart. She says to become big in life, he should "kaakaa Pidikanum". Radhakrishnan climbs up a tree and literally catches a crow. After the movie he came to be called as Kaka Radhakrishnan.


The flag of Prajarajyam, chiranjeevi's party.

Which popular song is remixed in "Pandhayam" and which movie did it originally appear?

This is "Surangani", which was a rage in the early 80s. Orginally appeared in "Avar enakkae Sondham"

Who is 'playing' the female lead in Sultan the Warrior?

Vijayalakshmi (chennai-28, anjathey)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The song "Siru ponmani Asaiyum" is being heard again thanks to Subramaniapuram. In which movie did it originally appear?

Kallukkul eeram

Shalini's brother entered kollywood as 'Richard'. What is he now?


The Hindi Film "Soldier" is being remade into Tamil. Which one?

Villu starring Ilaya thalapathi


Monday, August 25, 2008

Ajith Starrer "Aegan" is a remake of which Bollywood blockbuster?

Main Hoon Na starring Shah rukh and Sushmita sen ( oomph)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Which director refused an offer to act as a villain in Maniratnam's next venture?


Which is the first ever tamil movie to be shot in Uzbekistan?

Jeyam Kondan

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bhagyaraj's son is makinga debut as hero in "sakkarakatti". Whose son is directing the movie?

Kala prabhu who is the son of Kalaipuli Thanu

"One ordinary day, four ordinary men, one extraordinary occurrence". Which movie's tagline?


The movie is supposed based on "Babel" But the director vehemently denies. We shall wait and watch.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The music Director of 'Subramaniapuram' is a known face to many TV viewers. Name him

James vasanthan of SunTV

Kandasamy was the first tamil film to be shot in Mexico. However most of the scenes are being reshot in India. Why?

In the Airport, boxes containing filmrolls has to be declared, so that the authorities dont scan it. The unit didn't know about it and happily put it through the scanners, which wiped out the film.

Lumiere Film Co is a company promoted by Mukesh and Sreenivasan. Which is the most famous movie, atleast from Kollywood point of view?

Katha Parayumbol, the source for Kuselan

Monday, August 18, 2008

Identify this movie. Why is it in news again?

The still is from the film Marma Yogi (1951) It was the first movie in Tamil to be certified "A" because it featured a Ghost (!) It is in news because, Kamal is reusing the title for his next venture.

connect these two images to a 2008 tamilmovie

The image on the left is a poster for the hollywood movie "Butterfly Effect". The person on the right is Edward Lorenz, the proponent of Chaos Theory. He was also the one who coined the term Butterfly Effect.

The tamil movie is ofcourse - Dasavatharam

On which flag can you see the phrase " Unnaal Mudiyum"?

Vijay's fan club flag.